On the 10th Day of CrossFit…12-16-15

Hey guys! Welcome to the 10th day of the 12 days of CrossFit. We’re in the middle of the home stretch so I hope you guys are getting enough sleep, feeding yourself well, and mobilizing any muscles or joints that need mobilizing.

Since we’re almost done it’s all about maintaining what has gotten you to this point. I also hope you’re having fun! This is a great time of the year to bond with your fellow Hale athletes and celebrate the Holiday season while tackling workouts. It’s been humbling and inspiring to see the whiteboard fill up with so many of the Hale community every day of the challenge. I can’t wait to celebrate all our accomplishments when we finish the 12 days on the 18th!

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Looks like we have another awesome benchmark for you guys to tackle today and that benchmark is “Diane”! hand_stand_push_ups_light_tshirt-460x450

For those who haven’t done it yet, it’s an awesome couplet following the familiar 21-15-9 rep scheme of Deadlifts and Handstand Pushups. The deadlift weight is a weight I consider medium (225lbs Men/155lbs Women) so it’s a weight you should be able to pick up easily and perform at least 10 consecutive reps. Consider that when scaling. If you have your handstand pushup, great. If not, you can scale to pushups or overhead press. Here are some tips for both the movements and the workout in general:

Deadlift: Get your butt tight and belly tight from the top before getting into your setup. From there, you just send your butt back and find your grip before setting up with the bar mid shin. To execute, you set your chest up and shoulders back and push your heels into the ground until you stand up with your hips and knees fully locked out. To continue, just send that butt back and shoulders forward and bring the bar back mid-shin. We’re really looking for flat backs during the deadlifts so don’t be offended if you’re friendly neighborhood coach comes up to you and tells you to lift your chest and pull those shoulders back at the bottom of your deadlift. We’re just trying to make you better and keep you safe.

Handstand pushups: It’s all about getting that butt tight and belly tight at the top of the handstand. If you can kick into a handstand with your back facing the wall, great. If not, then we’ll scale. From the top of the handstand, you’re just going to lower yourself with your elbows pointing away from you until your head touches the ground. Once your head touches the ground, you’re going to push your hands into the ground while keeping your butt and belly tight.

Pacing: It’s all about just moving through the deadlifts as fast as you can. Try doing at least 10 consecutive reps without letting go of the bar. You can always take a nice deep breath at the top before lowering the bar to the ground. For the handstand pushups, break the reps into sets which are manageable according to your ability level. If you know you can do 10 consecutive handstand pushups, maybe perform sets of 7 instead. The key is not burning out on handstand pushups because they’re very hard to get back once you burn out. If you have one handstand pushup, then maybe try a kipping handstand pushup to use your hips and legs.

Above all, have fun with this workout. We all have stressful lives outside of the gym so let’s use this time to forget all that for an hour and just focus on ourselves and making ourselves better as athletes. Hale on!

Handstand push ups

Workout of the day:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand push ups

15 min cut off

Coaches’ notes:
Another classic, you’ll get to try to beat your best time!

Scale to push ups or overhead press as necessary, and scale the deadlift weight to something you can handle for at least 10 reps if necessary

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