On the 12th Day of CrossFit…12-18-15

You’ve made it! Day 12 of 12. Last workout is Fight gone bad in pairs, then party time! Easy day!

What was your favorite? What was the worst? Did you have any PR’s?

A sampling of photos below, but there are also videos if you check out our instagram feed.

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For Friday’s party, here’s the agenda.

5:30pm – class kicks off with the workout everyone is invited (including guests) to throw down on with Fight Gone Bad on day 12.

6:30pm – Party kicks off with a toast and food…it’s a potluck, so bring your favorite dish to share.

7:00pm – Entertainment kicks off with the Hale Players putting on a performance of “Snow White and the OTHER Seven Dwarves” It’s gonna be epic!

7:30 ish – Raffle. For every one of the 12 days you have a chance to win one of 28 prizes!

8:00 – Our first annual Hale awards ceremony, honoring some of you who put in extraordinary effort this year.

The party will carry on until we run out of alcohol, or everyone passes out, or leaves…so even if you’re late, show up and party with us!

Kids are invited, but cannot join in the workout this time, sorry parents.


See you there!

sumo deadlift high pull
wall ball
box jump
push press

Workout of the day:
In pairs
“Fight gone bad”
1 min each of:
wall balls 20/14
sumo deadlift high pull 75/55
box jumps 24/20
push press 75/55
row (cals)

15 mins work

Coaches’ notes:
Doing this in pairs is way more fun than doing it by yourself. We’re wrapping up the 12 days with a fun one.

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