The 12 Days of Crossfit…A Few Highlights and What to Expect

12Days2014Looking through our “old” photos of the gym has brought up a lot of fond memories… In the past year, we’ve made tons of new friends, seen those friends make strides toward great health, and witnessed some truly awesome accomplishments. For those of you that experienced “Murph” this weekend, I hope you’ll agree there was some magic in the air. Not only did ALL of you push through to the bitter end, but the camaraderie and support was impressive. Without getting too sappy, I’m so impressed and thankful to be a part of such awesomeness.

Ok, that said, I’m actually here to tell you about our next big challenge… the 12 Days of Crossfit!! Starting December 8th, we’ll complete a benchmark workout every day for 12 days, then we’ll wrap it up with our holiday party. The challenge is to show up and give it your all for 12 straight days…Can you do it?


  • Workouts will be every day, including Sunday, from December 8th to December 19th during normal class times. We will be offering an additional Sunday class at 9am, and we encourage everyone on Friday the 19th to show up for the 5:30pm class.
  • Party will be held Friday, December 19th following the completion of our last WOD.
  • If you miss a WOD, you are encouraged to show up to open gym to make it up.

What to expect:

12 Days Board
Holiday twinkles and scores
  • You will complete a benchmark workout each day for 12 days…. but we will NOT be repeating Murph! You’ll see a good variety of the shorter girls, heroes, and old games or open WODs.
  • The 12 Days are great for all levels of fitness and experience. Most of us had been doing Crossfit for only 3 weeks when we began last year. All of the workouts can be scaled, and there is no reason to be intimidated. You WILL get through them.
  • It will be challenging! You will likely be sore, grouchy, and not want to come to class on a few of the days. That’s normal, but get yourself off the couch and do it anyway! Especially on days 6 and 7. Ha! Feel free to buddy up and motivate each other to make it to the gym each day.
  • You will surprise yourself. Whether it’s a PR on a workout you’ve done a number of times, your first “Rx” workout, or slogging through a WOD at a weight that pushes your boundaries…you will accomplish more than you thought possible on at least one occasion.
  • We’ll track all the days on the board so you can see exactly what you have and haven’t done.
  • “We’re in it together.” You’ll always have someone to cheer you through those last reps and plenty of people to commiserate with about whatever’s sore that day.
  • You will feel accomplished! Finishing the 12 Days is a big deal and absolutely something to be proud of.

A few of my personal highlights from last year (yes, there are things to look forward to!!):

David & Nancy
David and Nancy battling for the win

  • Completing “Grace” for the first time after Jay convinced me that I could actually lift that much… 30 times. If it wasn’t written in my notebook, I still wouldn’t believe it
  • Feeling the energy as everyone cheered each other on. Only a month after opening, it was clear that we already had a strong community in the making
  • Nancy beating every last one of us in a pull up bar hanging contest at the holiday party. I wouldn’t dare challenge that lady to a showdown. She has some serious grit.

Looking forward to another great holiday season!

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