400m run
2x perfect stretch/side
10 push ups
1 rope pull from ground

Brief review of all of today’s movements

In teams of 3-5

Every 5 mins for 30 mins, rotate through the following:

max calories on air dyne
max 50m sled pushes
max rope climbs
max bench press (95/65)
max calories on rower
max reps of Margaurita (burpee – push up – jumping jack – sit up – handstand kick up)

Score is number of reps plus number of calories. One person works at a time, and you can switch as often as you like

Coaches’ Notes:
Decide how big you want your team to be and go all out!

One person works at a team through each of the stations, so you’ll want to give it everything you’ve got when your turn comes up.

Lots of fun movements in here.

For the bench press, you can scale the weight down if you absolutely need to (it’s exceeding someones 1rm), but othewise, keep the weight and just have the stronger people do more reps.


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