6-10-17 & 6-11-17


-Beach workouts this Saturday, June 10th at 8am and 9am. Then head over to Assemble for brunch after the 9am class.

Workout of the Day for 6-10-17

CrossFit & MissFit:

Community Day/Outdoor WOD

20 min AMRAP:
you go, I go:
100m run
5 burpees
10 broad jumps
remaining length of 50m in bear crawl

Workout of the Day for 6-11-17

CrossFit & MissFit:

20 wall ball (20/14lbs)
25 OH Squat (135/95lbs)
25 wall ball
20 OH Squat
30 wall ball
15 OH Squat

Rx+ 2 fer wall balls
(2 squat, 1 toss)