Always Improving: Why We Love This Gymnastics Course

Cullen working on kipping.

CrossFit, the technical definition: constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.

CrossFit, the regular people’s definition: do all the the things!

How do we do all the things? How do we do olympic lifting, running, gymnastics, balance, strongman, jumping, and more?

We have to keep learning.

The intricacies of how to do a movement more efficiently and safely are always evolving and in order to be good CrossFitters, we call on experts in each area to help us move better.

For the past six weeks, over ten of us from CrossFit Hale took a gymnastics course with Mark Freeman. Mark is an elite international gymnast, performer and coach from Manchester, England. He is also an assistant coach for the Cal Men’s Gymnastics team

His program is “a methodology based upon functional movement, injury prevention, gymnastics fundamentals, and acrobatic awareness.” His philosophy is a perfect match with Crossfit. It focuses on helping all of us to learn how to do gymnastics movements better, safer, and with more efficiency. In six weeks, Mark taught us the intricacies of handstands, kipping, muscleups, pushups, and more.

All of us loved the session so much, that Mark is coming back for another six-week session, and we want you to join us!

Why do we love Mark’s class?:

It “[went] back to the basics and made them hard again. Humbling and inspiring at the same time. A reminder that there’s always room for improvement.” – Larry

“I think the gymnastics course was amazing… It’s a course that caters to everyone- all skill levels. I think that it is helpful in not only teaching proper form but giving helpful exercises to learn each step of that form in a controlled manner. Lastly it has been incredibly helpful for someone like me who doesn’t have as much mobility, to learn and find more avenues to gain that mobility I am lacking.” – Cullen

Marks “Warmup is worth it’s weight in gold! Plus, being able to compare your own movement patterns vs. a near “gold quality” standard (Mark’s movement) — big aha moments of ‘So that’s how it’s supposed to look!’”- Mike

Coach Heidi learns technique for kipping on the rings.

“I don’t have handstands or kipping, but Mark still helped me improve. I was actually able to kick up to my first spotted handstand ever! Everyone should take this course.” – Katie

Check out Mark’s website, the Freeman Technique, and sign up for his next class at the front desk or email Ashley. The course starts this Wednesday!!! (10/18)

See you in the box,

Coach Katie

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