• New Class Schedule

    12 November 2013 crossfithale

    This week we’ve introduced new class times to the schedule. We are now open for the following: MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY: 6AM CrossFit Class 5:30PM CrossFit Class 6:30PM CrossFit Class TUESDAY/THURSDAY: 5:30PM CrossF…

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  • We’re Officially Open!

    5 November 2013 crossfithale

    We held our first class at 5:30PM tonight and it was a success! Eight new, as well as experienced, CrossFitters got a taste of what was to come with some heavy squats followed by a quick but tough workout. This remainder…

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  • Welcome to CrossFit Hale!

    1 November 2013 crossfithale

    Hello! Thanks for visiting our site! Our doors will open on Monday, November 4, 2013. You can find us at 5327 Jacuzzi Street, Richmond, CA 94804. If you are in the area, please stop by to say hello. You can also call us …

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  • Links of the Week

    27 September 2013 Jay

    A grain-free pumpkin spice cookie. “Freedom disables networking on a Mac for up to 8 hours. Get some real work done.” –Tim Ferriss Athletes Perform Better Under Pressure When They Make a Fist With Their Lef…

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  • Why We Get Fat

    26 September 2013 Jay

    Please note: This is a book review with some interesting concepts related to health and nutrition. Neither this (or anything we post on the blog) should be construed as a blanket recommendation for everyone in every situ…

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  • Bone broth – the food of champions

    25 September 2013 crossfithale

    I must confess, I am a food nerd, if there is something I know of that can make me faster, stronger or fitter, outside of handing my ass to myself in training, then I’m onto it! Thus far, nutrition wise, here’…

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