• NEW Masters Class: Become the Master of Your Workouts

    4 November 2017 Katie Norris

    For the month of November, we are trialling a new class on our schedule – Masters Class! A Master is someone who shows great skill and proficiency in a task, someone who is a skilled practitioner of a specific acti…

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  • Strongman Movements = Functional Movements

    22 October 2017 Katie Norris

    100 lb. Atlas ball toss over the shoulder Max distance medicine ball toss Increasing weight Atlas stone lift to a platform Max weight sandbag squat clean & jerk Run with a sandbag or medball on your shoulder Heavy D-…

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  • Always Improving: Why We Love This Gymnastics Course

    14 October 2017 Katie Norris

    CrossFit, the technical definition: constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains. CrossFit, the regular people’s definition: do all the the things! How do we do …

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  • Athlete Spotlight: Karen V.

    29 September 2017 Tina

    At CrossFit Hale, we like to give a public shout out to folks we feel epitomize our core values: consistency, hard work, positive attitude, overcoming of fears or obstacles and community spirit. We are lucky enough to ha…

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  • What Do You Mean, “No Excuses?”

    23 September 2017 Katie Norris

    #noexcuses What does that mean to you? When you see it on social media, it’s laced with bravado: #noexcuses #traineveryday #nodaysoff #nosweatnoglory Yuck! Life should not be so hard that you have to FIGHT it all the t…

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  • No more excuses

    15 September 2017 Jay

    You have probably heard us say, getting in shape is really simple, you just have to eat well, train well, and recover. Doesn’t mean it’s easy… Life just gets in the way and bad habits take over. Any time yo…

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  • Out of the Box: Eat for Fuel

    14 September 2017 Katie Norris

    This post is part of our “Out of the Box” series which talks about what we need to do outside of the CrossFit box in order to improve inside the box. If you are not getting the results you want in your workouts, you …

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  • How I Learned to Love Partner WODs

    31 August 2017 Katie Norris

    I used to HATE partner workouts. When you’re always the slowest, and you have to scale everything, they aren’t your favorite thing to do. How do you partner with someone if you aren’t as good as them? What if you h…

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  • Welcome back, welcome back

    24 August 2017 Jay

    Wel…come baaack I’ve finally figured out why there’s so much traffic in September. EVERYONE’S BACK! Vacations are done, summer almost over, and school is in session. At Hale, we are preparing some coo…

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  • Summertime fun

    26 July 2017 Jay

    Will get straight to the point, you’ve got a LOT going on this summer, and so do we! Here are some of the upcoming events/announcements for the summer. —> Updated class schedule: We are going to do a TRIAL of…

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