• How long does it take?

    13 January 2019 Heidi

    3…2…1….GO!!!   How long does it take to get “fit”? However you define fitness (losing 20 lbs, running a 7 min mile, or having a six pack). How long do you think it takes? It depends on where yo…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 36 – Un-retirement with Phil A

    9 January 2019 Jay

    When Phil came in to Hale, he was thinking about retiring. When I asked him about his goals, he said he wanted to get in the shape he was in his 20’s and 30’s. He wanted to lose a few pounds and feel better overall a…

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  • Welcome to 2019

    6 January 2019 Heidi

    Welcome to 2019! This is the first full week, and for many folks the first week back. Your goal this week is to get IN 3 times. Don't worry about scores or weights, just get in!…

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  • New Year, Same You

    30 December 2018 Heidi

    The Teen Titans with their game faces on! Happy New Year! Your workouts for the week are below. As you get back from your vacations, take this week to ease your way back into the program. Note that for Monday the 31st, o…

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  • Happy Holidays!

    23 December 2018 Jay

    All of us at Hale wish a safe and Happy Holidays to you and your family. The hard work, dedication, and focus make you put in every day makes us feel lucky to be your coaches. Thank you for all that you do. Below is our …

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  • Keeping it going!

    16 December 2018 Jay

    This might be the most important week of the winter. It’s the last week before most people go on vacation. Which means you’re… —>Rushing to meet end of year deadlines at work —>Finishing last minute holiday…

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  • On the 12th Day of CrossFit….LAST DAY!!!

    13 December 2018 Jay

    Smile! It’s the last day!!!! A few quick announcements. 1) Our Holiday party is at East Brothers Brewing at 6pm tonight (Friday Dec 14th). Join us to celebrate the year with Dave’s ribs, beer, a raffle, and f…

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  • On the 11th Day of CrossFit…

    12 December 2018 Tina

    my coaches gave to me: GRACE! I am sure many of you caught on when the coaches explained how a lot of these benchmarks are “sprints”. Well, here is another! And there’s this thing about Grace. Some peop…

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  • On the 10th Day of CrossFit…

    11 December 2018 Heidi

    …Annie!!!  For time: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Ab Mat Sit Ups This one is a test of composure (dubs!), with a little core work to make them more difficult. This should take you between 5 and 10 minutes. If you …

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  • On the 9th Day of CrossFit

    10 December 2018 Heidi

    …we’re layin’ down the Hammer!!  “Hammer” 5 Rounds, EACH for time: 5 Power Cleans (135/95) 10 Front Squats (135/95) 5 Jerks (135/95) 20 Pull Ups 90s Rest U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael &#…

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