• Workouts for September

    7 September 2018 Jay

    Welcome to Fall! Here’s a quick update on the workouts for September from our lovely coaches. Also note two upcoming events. 1) Our No Excuses Challenge, which starts Sept 17th. Get back on track with your training…

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  • CrossFit Kids 6-Week Class!!

    4 September 2018 Katie Norris

    We had so much fun at the kids guest day workout that we are holding a 6-week CrossFit Kids class starting on Sept. 19, 2018. What can CrossFit do for your child? My son, Jeffrey, started CrossFit when he was 8 years old…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 30 – Cullen’s winding path to fitness

    13 August 2018 Jay

    Cullen went from athlete to police officer to 250 lbs, and back to athlete. Hear his amazing story in this week's episode of the living better podcast.…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 29 – How Nancy got fit in her 60’s

    7 August 2018 Jay

    Running 100m seemed like a mile In one of Nancy’s first workouts, the coach said “run 100m, then do some other stuff” (kb swings, squats, etc) She had zero concern about the “other stuff”, but that run… Befor…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 28 – How Tina got her body back – part 2

    30 July 2018 Jay

    Tina knew exactly what to do. When she was on the road back to fitness after he second child, she had every advantage you could think of. – A proven plan – Past results to rely on – Access to a gym 24/7…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 27 – Meet Mike

    23 July 2018 Jay

    When I first met Mike we were 18, and he fit the picture I had in my mind of an engineering student during freshmen year of UC Berkeley. He was super skinny, had really long hair cut exactly like Bruce Lee, and slept on …

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 26 – Living Better is back!

    17 July 2018 Jay

    It’s over 500 days since our last podcast. But we’re back! Click here to check out our latest episode. In those 500 days, we’ve: – Finished more than 1000 workouts – pushed the sled more than 250 miles …

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  • Programming July 2018

    3 July 2018 Jay

    Happy summer! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunshine (or going somewhere soon to find some sun). Here’s an update on the programming for July from our lovely coaches. Some quick announcements. 1) We onl…

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  • Athlete Spotlight: Natalia V.

    2 July 2018 Katie Norris

    At CrossFit Hale, we like to give a public shout out to folks we feel epitomize our core values: consistency, hard work, positive attitude, overcoming of fears or obstacles and community spirit. We are lucky enough to h…

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  • Programming for June

    11 June 2018 Jay

    Quick hit today, here’s an update on the programming for June How do you like this new style of programming? Have you enjoyed the workouts?   Email me at jay@crossfithale.com and let me know! Coach Jay PS – …

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