• Spare the air

    11 November 2018 Jay

    Been a rough week for air quality. If you’re outside for the next few days, we recommend wearing a mask like Ryo! Our thoughts are with the people affected by the Northern California fires. If you would like to don…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 35 – Deadlifts and Hot Cheetos with Coach Wendy

    8 November 2018 Jay

    “If you want to eat bags of Hot Cheetos, you need to do some running” – Wendy’s mom Wendy’s athletic career started with a simple rule her mother made to get her out of the house. She started with sport…

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  • Fall back!

    4 November 2018 Jay

    Thanks to everyone who came to our guest day for November! It was so fun to throw down with all our friends and family! Our next guest day is Dec 1st at 8 and 9am. Hope you set your clocks this weekend! Now is a great ti…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 34 – Losing 50 at 50 – Meet Edison

    31 October 2018 Jay

    “It’s the closest thing to feeling like a kid again” – Edison Murillo Talk to Edison and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself. His enthusiasm and happiness infects everyone around him in a way you…

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  • Happy Halloween!

    28 October 2018 Jay

    Happy Halloween! I’d like to try something new this week…instead of making you wait until 8pm every night, I’m posting all the workouts for the week below. This is a great chance for you to plan your we…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 33 – Food, Fitness, and Family – Meet David

    2 October 2018 Jay

    David’s whole kitchen was flooded. After a heavy rain in Port Costa, the creek filled up and started flowing right through the kitchen of his Bull Valley Road House. Worse, it happened right in the middle of his Ch…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 32 – Starting from Scratch, Meet Candice

    17 September 2018 Jay

    Candice had almost no fitness background when she started. Any time she’d been to the gym in the past, it had only been because a friend had invited her. “This seems like fun, I’ll do it too!” But she was never r…

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  • Athlete Spotlight: Patrick B.

    12 September 2018 Karen Veitch

    At CrossFit Hale, we like to give a public shout out to folks we feel epitomize our core values: Consistency, hard work, positive attitude, overcoming of fears or obstacles, and community spirit. We are lucky enough to h…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep 31 – Putting in the work – Meet Angie

    9 September 2018 Jay

    We couldn’t put our finger on what we liked about Angie the first time we met. Her passion, knowledge, and experience was clear, but there was something else…something that stood out and made us think “we need her …

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  • The No Excuses Challenge

    7 September 2018 Jay

    A good fitness program will help you improve the way you look, feel, and perform. But when you’re deciding what program or diet to follow, it helps to pick one. Of course, you want them all. But when it comes down to i…

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