• Feel Better. Look Better. Get Stronger.

    18 August 2019 Jay

    It doesn’t matter whether you can run a mile or you haven’t run since childhood. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lifted weights all your life or if you’ve never touched a barbell. It doesn’…

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  • Running Into a Burning Building

    11 August 2019 Jay

    You’re walking through the lobby of your office … You smell smoke … You see people fleeing in a panic … Do you run in to save your co-workers? Or turn tail and run out with them? … Depends on how much you l…

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  • The Monkey Bars of DEATH

    9 August 2019 Brittney Saline

    No, we’re not training you for an upcoming audition for American Ninja Warrior (although that sounds like fun!). The Monkey Bars of Death is a great way to work out tension and soreness in the hamstrings—especial…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 45 – Coach Heidi Gets Real

    7 August 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, Hale coach Heidi shares her journey from athlete to overweight to CrossFit coach. Coach Heidi Gets Real Coach Heidi has been an athlete all her life: Dance. Biking. Baseball. Football. Rugby. Swimming. V…

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  • Learning From the Best

    4 August 2019 Jay

    Did you watch the CrossFit Games? We had it on in the gym. It’s always fun times. We used to get more excited about it, but it’s gotten a little boring the last few years. Maybe it’s because every year, it seems li…

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  • You Deserve a Better Life: How to Go from Average to Athlete

    2 August 2019 Brittney Saline

    No one ever said they didn’t want to feel and look better.  No one ever wished they were weaker.  So what’s stopping you?  Think you need to get in shape before you can come to our gym? We’ll meet you where …

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 44 – Becoming Coach Dave

    31 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, Hale coach Dave shares how he went from member to coach and what he’s learned along the way. Becoming Coach Dave You’ve seen him at the front of class. Maybe he’s cued you through a tec…

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  • The Voice in Your Head

    28 July 2019 Jay

    “Pick up that bar mutha f***er!” “Let’s go b**ch!” ˄ ˄ ˄ Things I’ve said out loud to myself during workouts. It’s me trying encourage myself to stop being weak and keep going. Have you ever listened…

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  • The Hale Case Study Project: Week 5

    26 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    Weeks ago, we put a handful of Hale members under the microscope to see what would happen if they committed to good nutrition, consistent training and ample sleep. It’s Week 5, and their progress is starting to sho…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 43 – Ann Mary’s Metamorphosis

    24 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, Hale member Ann Mary shares how she prioritized her nutrition and fitness to lose almost 100 lb. while also balancing a busy career as a lawyer. Ann Mary’s Metamorphosis Before starting CrossFit at…

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