Out of the Box: Eat for Fuel

This post is part of our “Out of the Box” series which talks about what we need to do outside of the CrossFit box in order to improve inside the box.

If you are not getting the results you want in your workouts, you might need to look at your nutrition.

If you are dragging and slow during a Metcon with 400 meter runs in it and you tell me you only eat two meals a day, that is not enough food to support your workout.

If you are feeling sick during a workout and ate pizza and beer the night before, your nutrition is not supporting your workout.

If you can’t do a pullup even though you have the form down, you may need to increase muscle, which means changing your nutrition.

Teens from Hale Teens Camp 2017 learning about nutrition from Coach Heidi.

We have been taught a lot of inaccurate things about nutrition, but at Hale, we believe the purpose of nutrition is to help you feel and function better.

While I have been doing everything right in the box, I still was not getting the results I wanted. Over the past three months I focused on looking at my nutrition as fuel and I have seen great results.  My weights on lifts have increased, I can jump higher for box jumps and double unders, and I finally got toes-to-bar.

Eating enough food, eating foods that build muscle, and decreasing foods that cause inflammation in your body will help you perform to the best of your ability in the box, at work, and at home.

Our general recommendation for nutrition that fuels your body is to eat half your plate full of veggies, a palm sized portion of meat, some nuts and seeds, some fruit and some healthy fat, little starch, and no sugar. Eat enough to give you energy for your workouts and day, but not so much that you feel tired and sluggish.

Feel free to ask any of our coaches about your nutrition, set up a nutrition consultation with Coach Heidi, or join our No Excuses Challenge (6 weeks nutrition challenge with an accountability partner and lots of support).

Our next No Excuses Challenge starting up on September 18, 2017- sign up at the front desk today!

See you in the box,

Coach Katie

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