The Hale Case Study Project: Week 2

Success doesn’t happen all at once—and it doesn’t happen by accident.

That’s why our Case Study participants have a plan. (Psst—if you haven’t watched our Case Study Overview and Week 1 episodes, click here!)

In Week 2, each athlete made plans for tackling training, nutrition, and recovery, committing to specific, measurable and realistic actions that will deliver big-time results over time.

Lilly set calendar reminders to log her food by noon each day. Dave committed to alcohol-free weekdays. Heidi’s going to get seven hours of sleep a night—even if means a 9-p.m. bedtime.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Our participants have already faced challenges and temptations while navigating busy work schedules and vacations.

But they know the effort is worth the reward—and it’s already paying dividends.

Catch up on Week 2 of the Hale Case Study project above. 

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