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  • The Voice in Your Head

    28 July 2019 Jay

    “Pick up that bar mutha f***er!” “Let’s go b**ch!” ˄ ˄ ˄ Things I’ve said out loud to myself during workouts. It’s me trying encourage myself to stop being weak and keep going. Have you ever listened…

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  • The Hale Case Study Project: Week 5

    26 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    Weeks ago, we put a handful of Hale members under the microscope to see what would happen if they committed to good nutrition, consistent training and ample sleep. It’s Week 5, and their progress is starting to sho…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 43 – Ann Mary’s Metamorphosis

    24 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, Hale member Ann Mary shares how she prioritized her nutrition and fitness to lose almost 100 lb. while also balancing a busy career as a lawyer. Ann Mary’s Metamorphosis Before starting CrossFit at…

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  • Look Good, Feel Good or Perform Well?

    21 July 2019 Jay

    Lately I’ve been messing around with my nutrition and I realized something. Any good fitness program will help you improve the way you look, feel and perform. But when deciding which program or diet to follow, you have…

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  • “Hot Mess”

    19 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    11 You had a long, stressful day at work.  Traffic is terrible. You barely make it to the gym in time, and when you get there, everything feels wrong. Heavy. Slow. Confusing.  Maybe you should just pack up and go home …

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 42 – Coach Larry, Man of Mystery

    18 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, Hale coach Larry shares how he found CrossFit, why he loves coaching and what he’s working on outside the gym.  Man of Mystery You know him as Coach Larry, one of your Hale trainers dedicated to m…

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  • Groundhog Day

    14 July 2019 Jay

    One of my favorite movies ever is Groundhog Day. You’ve seen it, right? (If not, close this email/web page and find it and watch it; it’s awesome!) The main guy, Phil (played by Bill Murray), lives the same day over …

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  • The Hale Case Study Project: Week 3

    12 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” as the saying goes. But you know what? New bricks were laid each day—and the same goes for fitness progress.  Today, we check in for Week 3 of the Hale Case Study project, in wh…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 41 – Steph’s First Steps

    10 July 2019 Brittney Saline

    In this episode, we get to know new Hale athlete and staff member Steph. Steph’s First Steps Have you met Steph yet?  She joined the Hale family a few weeks ago, both as an athlete and a staff member working the f…

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  • Go-To Summer Snacks

    7 July 2019 Jay

    I received a great question from one of our favorite people last week: “Do you or any of the other coaches have some recommendations for snacks? With summer here, I’m looking for suggestions of things that are ea…

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