CrossFit Hale is on Youtube!

Quick update today.

CrossFit Hale has a youtube channel!

Check it out here.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been recording videos with a talented local videographer named Nico with SR entertainment. Our goal is to produce short videos that will help you learn the movements we do on a regular basis, give you tips on how to improve, and entertain you.

We’ve got almost 30 videos already on everything from how to breathe to how to do a push press.

Some of our favorites:

How to get your first pull up.

How to improve back pain.

The athlete pyramid:

and a “typical” class at CrossFit Hale

There are tons of great videos in there, and we are adding more every few weeks! Subscribe to our channel so you know when we’re adding them by clicking this link and clicking the “subscribe” button

If you have ideas or suggestions for videos you’d like to see, let me know!

Coach Jay




NorCal Masters – Jan 26-27 – Come out and support 8 of our athletes at the Marin Fairgrounds. For many of us, it’s our first official competition, and it’s gonna be a blast!

Spartan Race – Mar 17 @ 8am at Diablo Grande (San Jose)

Get outside and test your skills at the Spartan Sprint race in San Jose with us!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race (3 miles) with a bunch of obstacles like rope climbs, wall climbs, atlas stones, etc that test a lot more than just your ability to run.

It’s PERFECT for Halers, because you’re training so many different things, you’re going to get to see what you’re capable of out in the wild.

Price ranges from $99-$129 per person, but we found a GROUPON and it’s only $59.00 click here to book it!

If you sign up, coach Mae is going to run a FREE 3 session prep course for members to go through how to attack some of the obstacles, and how to improve your running technique.

The price of the race goes up as the date approaches, and we don’t know when the groupon runs out. Sign up, add yourself to the CrossFit Hale team, and pick 10:15am as your start time on Sunday.

Oly lifting course – Week of Feb 4th – Feb 25th

60 min sessions, basic and advanced – Free for members, $79 for non members.

We’re offering two Oly classes in Feb with Coach Lily.

Basic – Get comfortable with the barbell for the snatch and clean and jerk. Improve your confidence, eliminate the basic issues, and feel good during the daily workouts

Advanced – You’re comfortable under the bar, but want to improve your speed, efficiency, and confidence with heavy weights.

We’ll send out the exact times and dates once we have our list of sign ups, and give you a few options to choose from. Email if you’re interested and let her know if you would prefer Basic or Advanced.



A. Build to a heavy set of 3 Push Jerk

B. For Time:
1,000 Meter Row

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Push Jerks (135/95)

In part 1, focus on bringing the bar down for your 2nd and 3rd reps in a way that you’re able to pop back up for the next. The more time the bar is on your shoulders, the less you can breathe. Your dip (and footwork in it) make or break this movement. 

Keep a steady pace on the row that you know you can maintain–the difference in a 2:00 split versus a 1:55 is ONLY 10 seconds across the entire effort, but if you come off the rower too taxed or lit up, you’ll rest far more than that in your transitions or by breaking barbell movements. 

You should be able to keep moving through deadlifts with minimal rest–use a mixed grip if you’re struggling to hold on, and remember to breathe/set at the top. For push jerks, this weight may be a stretch goal for all 9–if you’re efficient (that is, you come down from the top into a good receiving position for your next rep), this becomes more of a mental challenge. You will likely WANT to put down the bar midway, but do your best to keep mental composure. If you DO break the push jerk, aim for 6-3 or 5-4. 


Double Unders
AbMat Sit-ups

Directly Into…

Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Wallballs (20/14)

“Annie” and then some! This will be a big midline challenge to start, but part B is where strategy gets interesting. The increasing reps will really test your stamina, muscle endurance, and mental toughness in the last two rounds. 

If dubs frustrate you to no end, your goal is simply to move and get your heart rate up–either with single unders or PRACTICE on double unders for no more than a minute (or less, as the rounds get shorter).

The KB swings will gas you more and more as you go, so have a breathing strategy. Stay tight and hit these unbroken. 

For the wall balls, take another breath before starting and try to go unbroken. At the very least, hit everything through the 15s without a break. For the 20 and 25, if you’re spent, focus on only two sets and DO NOT put the ball on the ground. Rest with it in your hands so you’ll get right back on it. 


200m run
3 Rounds of “Cindy”
10 Power Snatches (115/75)

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Another of the “girls” here, sandwiched with cardio AND skilled weightlifting. Expect total body fatigue (muscular) as well as a challenge to keep composed to cycle through the snatches effectively.

This should be a medium weight for you–something that you can do touch & go without question and 10-15 unbroken when fresh. You may choose to break them into 2 sets as grip fatigues.

Aim to hit your runs at about the same 75% pace each time. Don’t start out so hot that you spend extra time transitioning to the other movements or fall off a cliff after the squats and snatches. Also: JOG or RUN all the way to your pull up bar! You can and will likely get a little rest on your push ups. 

Expect to hit 3+ rounds on this–4 should be doable if you keep up your hustle.


On the 3:00 x 5 Rounds:
21 Plate Hops
12 Shuttle Sprints
6 Deadlifts

Build in Loading on the Deadlift

Bust out your fav jersey today–today’s WOD is reminiscent of ball practice. Volleyball, basketball, soccer… who doesn’t remember those glory days running the lines?! HA!

Seriously, though, it’s meant to be FUN, agility based cardio today! Aim for fast feet and QUICKNESS in your plate hops. Juking. Pivoting. Channel your inner baller. We don’t always focus on moving our feet so quickly, so really go for it and have fun. 

Deadlifts at the end teach you to switch gears, get tight, and lift under some cardio fatigue. This applies to ALL workouts where you’re breathing hard and moving weights quickly. The simplicity of this one and low reps mean you have time to focus. Aim to have at least a minute rest each round. Weight increases to something “sporty” for the day (heavy-ish by feel, but DEFINITELY unbroken), but you choose your own adventure. 


A. Build to a heavy single Hang Squat Clean

B. For Time:
50 Burpees
40/30 Calorie Row
30 Hang Squat Cleans (115/75)

Rx+: Assault Bike

Today you learn that smooth is steady, steady is fast. On both the burpees and squat cleans, reps will be high enough that you don’t want to red line! Find a cadence and stick to it. It’s only one round. 

For me, this involves counting in my head–if I’m jumping through burpees: 1, 2, 3 smooth and steady. Usually with this many burpees, walking up each rep saves a bit of time from jumping (if only because you keep your heart rate down and spend less time wishing you didn’t have so many burpees to go). 

Aim for big SMOOTH sets of squat cleans: 10-15 to start, then hold on for 8-7 (and 5 if needed). The more time the bar is in your hands in your transition from dip to hang, the worse your grip gets… be snappy with your transitions and get under that bar!

Use part A 1. for fun, and 2. to cue yourself to get under the bar and out of the hole smoothly as prep for part B.


For Time: (In teams of 3)
100/75 Cal Bike or Row
75 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
50 Power Snatches (135/95)
15 Rope Climbs
50 Power Snatches (115/75)
75 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
100/75 Cal Bike or Row

Yes, snatches again, BUT… it will be fun to play with the similarities between these and BOX JUMPS. WHAT?!

Instead of worrying about pulling the bar ALL THE WAY UP TO HERE (the weight is heavy to start, maybe a little scary or down to singles), think about pulling down under into that baby squat…. similar to how you don’t jump straight up to the box, but you pull your knees into that  low landing position. 

Keep moving, communicate with your partners, and play to your strengths. 


5 Rounds:
12 Sand Bag Reverse Lunges
9 Power Cleans (115/75)
6 Strict Handstand Push-ups

Fun with odd object lunges! And STRICT strength!

Today is a little dose of functional fitness and some light power cleans. Playing with different types of loading (odd object versus nice, organized barbell, versus… your entire body upside down or dumbbell) will require some mental agility. 

Scale down # of strict HSPU (1-2 sets) or to one mat as needed. Otherwise, use strict DB press. 

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