Crazy CrossFit Experiments – 12 days of CrossFit Day 2

We used to do a lot of crazy CrossFit experiments back in the early days.

In a memorable one, our coach Jami made us strap on a heart rate monitor and stop the WOD every time our heart rate got above 160 bpm

You’d hear “beep beep beep”

Then “You stop now” in a Finnish accent

You’d have to rest until your heart rate dropped below 150, then pick it up and go again without raising it too high again.

This resulted in a lot of beep, stop, start

Beep, stop, start

It was a 20 min workout called “Jack” with KB swings, push press, and box jumps.

Beep, stop, start

We all just kept looking over at Jami and muttering “crazy Finn is ruining my workout” under our breath….It felt like we were going so SLOW!

As you figured out how to “game the system” you were able to go 2-3 mins without any beeps.

At the end, all of us added our workout scores and we all had PR’s!

How was that possible?

“Keeping your heartrate low” he said “forced you to keep better technique and move more efficiently”


He was right!

When we landed solid on the box jumps, no beeps.

Stay on your heels on a push press? All good!

Pushed the pace and tried to get away with slop?

Beep, stop, start

As it turns out “gaming the system” meant concentrating on good technique throughout the workout.

Good technique doesn’t just mean you look better or avoid injury.

It also means the WORKOUT IS EASIER!!!


​​​Next time Coach Lilly tells you to “stay back”

or Coach Heidi says “squeeze your butt”

Remember that it’s not just so you look good in the Instagram photo. It’s to make you a better, faster athlete.

Turns out there’s something to this coaching business.

Enjoy Day 2 of your 12 days of CrossFit – Jack – Scroll down to find out what it is.

Coach “beep, stop start” Jay

PS – We never stop experimenting at Hale…wait till you see what we have in store for you in 2017!

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Workout of the Day for 12-6-16

Group coaching & MissFit:

20 min AMRAP
10 push press (115/75)
10 KB swings (53/35)
10 box jumps (24/20)
*Scale to DB Push Press (35/25); Step Ups for Box Jumps as needed

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