Decision Time

The Hale Open was another close race this year, and it all came down to 19.5 and your LOGGING in SugarWOD. I knew your quads were sore, but what happened to your thumbs?! If you did the workout and failed to log, you should still go do that now. I hope/pray and am ready to throw a full scale tantrum if we see 19.5 another time, but you should be proud of your effort either way.

Final scores:
Early Birds: 245
Night Owls: 243

Bragging rights belong to the Early Birds on this one, but I’m opening up voting to ALL of you. Along the way, I hope you learn a bit more about what your peers are up to and are given an opportunity to be involved if you choose to.

Lots of our Halers have awesome side projects and are involved with some pretty powerful organizations. Please check the bulletin board by the bathrooms for full information on how to donate (time or money) and other key notes.

If you’ve already made your choice, please head over to the survey and cast your vote.

If you haven’t yet, here is a quick rundown. Please get your vote in before WEDNESDAY, April 3rd.

Berkeley Food Network (Sarah Palmer DeFrank)

Mission: To help establish a foundation of good health from which all Berkeley residents can pursue opportunity, the Berkeley Food Network aims to provide an innovative, community-centered network of food sourcing and distribution to alleviate the problems of hunger and poor nutrition in Berkeley.

Social Justice Sewing Academy (Nancy Williams)

Founded in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges artistic expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Through a series of hands-on workshops in schools, prisons and community centers across the country, SJSA empowers youth to use textile art as a vehicle for personal transformation and community cohesion and become agents of social change.

AIDS/LifeCycle (Ron Lenker)

Side note, a handful of our members have done and supported the ride from SF to LA.

By being a part of AIDS/LifeCycle, you will help us work towards the following:

  1. Fund the work of San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to provide free HIV/AIDS medical care, testing, and prevention services.
  2. Raise awareness to end the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.
  3. Provide a positive, life affirming experience for people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  4. Grow our community of activists, volunteers, and ambassadors fighting to end AIDS.
  5. Honor those who have passed from AIDS-related causes.

Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation (Rev. Coach Katie Norris)

Mission: The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation was co-founded by father and daughter Dr. Charles Farrell and Rev. Katie Norris. Carolyn Farrell, Dr. Charlie’s wife and Katie’s mother, was affected by Lewy Body dementia.

We came to know the stigma attached to dementia and so we also work hard through advocacy and education to help end this concern. We hope for a world where everyone is welcome in our communities, even if they do not act or think in ways that society sees as “normal.” We want to help end the fear and bring about compassion.

Project: Peace (Beth Thomsen) 

Mission: Project Peace creates and deepens partnerships between local churches and nonprofits in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas to work together for just and sustainable communities.

Volunteers choose a local community site and contribute “sweat equity” – working with their hands, heart, and sweat – to meet the site’s needs for three hours on a Saturday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. The Day of Service is offered quarterly.

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) works to replace the use of hazardous pesticides in agriculture with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. PAN partners with directly impacted communities (farmworkers, family farmers, rural communities and consumers) to end pesticide reliance and achieve health, resilience and justice in food and farming.

Thanks for your input!

Coach Heidi


Schedule Change:

The last 6pm class was Thursday, March 28th. Thank you for your flexibility in attending either 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes. We are looking forward to offering more specialty courses during this time slot

Guest Day:

Saturday, April 6th: 8am and 9am. All levels welcome!

Workouts for the Week:


A. Skill Practice:
5 min EMOM:
Strict Push
(push ups, ring push ups, ring dips)

5 min EMOM:
Strict Pull
(hard ring rows, false grip ring rows, false grip ring pull ups)

5 min EMOM:
Muscle up transition practice
(rings set to toes on ground in bottom of dip)
Kip swing practice

B. 18 min AMRAP:
2 muscle ups
10 burpees
200m run

Scale to something challenging but FUN to practice.

Sub 5 pull OR 5 push for 2 muscle ups, but a tough scaling (i.e. 5 strict banded pull ups OR 5 ring push ups or ring dips). This is a chance to work on highly skilled gymnastics movements or progressions to get you closer to them!


A. *5 min EMOM:
2 power cleans
2 front squats
2 squat cleans

*5 min EMOM:
1 strict press
1 push press
1 split jerk EACH side

* light weight–something you can strict press; add weight as you choose, but know that this is JUST to get hot & sweaty

7 min EMOM:
1 squat clean
1 shoulder to OH
1 front squat
1 shoulder to OH

*Grease the groove! Add weight to something moderate here, but “keep it cute” as coach Wendy would say. You may use ANY S to OH variation you choose.

B. 15 mins to work up to a heavy complex:
1 squat clean
1 S to OH
1 front squat
1 S to OH

Move quickly but stay tight. That second shoulder to overhead is going to be tricky! Consider starting to split jerk for one or both reps early in your warm up. You may also choose to perform the squat clean into a thruster (aka a “cluster”). Play with it in the warm up. Have fun!


5 rounds for time of:
• 400m run
• 30 Box Jumps 24/20″
• 30 Wall Balls


Classic CF benchmark today. This one is a test and a day to throw down and see how well you can perform. Minimize your rest by using a solid cadence on box jumps and a good strategy to minimize rest on wall balls. Pick a weight you can do at least 30 wall balls with when FRESH.


A. In Pairs… one rows, other starts on AMRAP:

7 mins for max distance:

NOSE ONLY breathing. That means nose in, nose out.

Find a sustainable pace and play with pushing up to your threshhold.

While buddy rows, AMRAP:
50m 1-arm OH carry (35/25# DB)
5/side T Push Ups
5/side cossack squats

Then, switch.

B. 15 min AMRAP:
50ft bear crawl
50ft walking lunges
10 burpee pull ups

MissFit: Burpee to 6″ target

Recovery day today. I’m 100% serious about nose breathing. You might be shocked how quickly you revert to breathing through your mouth. Ideally, you’re playing with the threshold of where you start to want to gasp. Be mindful and focus. Lots of active mobility today, AND we’ll throw some smashing in at the end.


A. 3 Rounds:
250m row
10 KB swings (American, all the way OH!)
10 hollow rocks

3 Rounds:
10 banded pull aparts
10 banded pull to pockets
10 jefferson curls

6 min EMOM:
Work up to moderately heavy 3 deadlifts. Start at 0.

B. Deadlift 3RM (6 sets to work your way up)

C. 5 Min EMOM
5 Strict T2B w/slow lower

Sub straight leg lift for T2B. CONTROL THE WAY DOWN. Goal is to stay HOLLOW, even at the bottom.

Lots of prep and a fun gymnastics finisher today. The main event is a heavy 3RM deadlift. It’s been a while. HELLO, OLD FRIEND! I’ve missed you so! Go for it today!

Saturday–Guest Day 8am and 9am

25 min AMRAP (in pairs)
400m run (together)
50 squats
40 DB ground to OH
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups

Run together and split reps as needed. Come up with a secret handshake. 20 bonus rad points for any athletes that show up in coordinated buddy outfits.


A. 12 min AMRAP:
100m 1-arm farmer’s carry (35/26)
7/side lateral step ups
30s/side single leg balance (eyes closed if too easy!)

B. 20 min alt EMOM:
40s Bike (60/55 RPM; 6 or 7/10 effort)
3/side KB clean (35/26)
30s Left Side Plank (forearm)
30s Right Side Plank

Today will be a sweaty one–abs and a little targeted bike work, with a quick little bit of KB skill. Take bike up a notch if you feel like you want to give more. Suggested RPMs should let you maintain speed for entire 40s and not feel WRECKED afterward.






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