Drop in the bucket

Because we’ve had construction going on at the gym, we have a port-a-potty outside in the parking lot.

It sucks, but whatever…they’re moving fast and it won’t be long.

The “brand” of port-o-john is called “Honey Bucket”

I thought that was an odd name, but I guess port o potty’s are an odd and uncomfortable thing, so it makes sense that the company would try to inject a little humor into the name.

So, the other day in the middle of a warm up, Tina tells the class:honey_bucket

“The bathrooms are closed today, but there is a bathroom about 100m around the corner we have a key for…

or you can go just outside and use ‘The Honey Bucket’ if you need to go”

A quick uncomfortable chuckle, then the class moves on.

A few more bear crawls and running drills…

One of the athletes looks at Tina with a concerned face.

Tina asks: “Is everything ok? Any injuries or anything?”


“yeah I’m fine…just…

did you say we can go to the bathroom around the corner….

or use a BUCKET???!??!!!?”



Now I know we sometimes do some unorthodox stuff…but we’re not THAT hard core!

Although I love that our members think we would take it to that kind of extreme.

…oh man, I love that one…

Anyway, if you want to take advantage of all the new awesomeness that we are building at CrossFit Hale, you’ve gotta be a member….

And if you become a member before Jan 31st, you get to sign up at our current of our lower rates and keep them FOREVER…after that, they go up 20%.

Go here to set up an intro and check us out – http://meetme.so/crossfithale

Coach “Not even gonna touch this one” Jay

PS – 3 spots left for Hale barbell! Last time we run it until late 2016 (our coach is going on maternity leave) – http://crossfithale.com/halebarbell/

PPS – Sent this email to Coach Heidi for review expecting her to be just as amused.

She says:

“What’s so funny about using a bucket as a bathroom? That’s what you do when it’s too cold to go to the outhouse!” #farmlife


We have 9am class only on MLK day (Monday), but Kids classes will go as normal, and Larry has volunteered to open the gym at 6am for anyone wanting to do an early wod.

Also…Mat and team are KILLING it with the new construction at Hale. The walls are up, the old walls are coming down, and the bathrooms are next!

BUT, you still gotta use the honey bucket and there is no kids room for a while.

Workout of the Day:

atlas stone
sled drag
burpee to plate
farmer carry
air squat

Workout of the Day:

5 min amrap
100m sled drag
5 burpees to sled plate

2 min rest

5 min amrap
10 atlas stone
100m run

2 min rest

5 min amrap
10 cal bike/row
20 air squats

2 min rest

5 min amrap
20 double unders
100m farmers carry 53/35

 Coaches Notes:

A bunch of simple movements in pairs.

You may be starting at different stations depending on how many people in your class…each AMRAP is scored separately by rounds, with 2 min rest in between each one

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