Finding a Gym on Vacation

Boxhopps in Stockholm at CF Eken

This one is straight from experience and top of mind right now. I will be traveling for two weeks in Europe, most of it in places I’ve never been, and I want to keep momentum from my training the last few weeks.

I know I’ll be walking tons (we were hoofing 10+ miles/day even in -22 degree Russia in January… we’ll get miles!). I know I’ll be eating plenty (bring on croissants, goulash, and schnitzel!). And I know my body just feels better if I get some more movement and ideally some lifting to balance out the extra food. Yum.

I’ve found a few ways over a few previous trips to have a successful drop in experience.

  1. Do a little research before: find the CLOSEST gym to you. Maybe second closest if public transportation is ok. I’ve learned from experience that I just won’t invest 15+ minutes each direction to get to class. If it’s not convenient, I don’t make it work. I found CF Eken down a snowy walking path a few blocks from the AirBnb. I had to pound on an unmarked steel door at first. I did NOT, despite my best intentions, make it to either of the fun looking gyms in another neighborhood.
  2. Instagram is your friend! This is a decent way to scope out the “scene” at the gym you’re going to. Would you prefer a more family friendly gym to one with intense competitors? This will give you some insight. Look at the second closest gym if you don’t love what you see.
  3. Contact the gym ahead of time. I couldn’t find the information I needed on a gym’s website because I couldn’t read Hungarian and Google Translate failed me. I DID, however, send them a quick note on Instagram asking if I could drop in. They were super friendly and welcoming AND gave me the info I needed.
  4. Be open to the experience. The majority of the time, I’ve been welcomed so warmly as a traveler (whether dropping in somewhere in CA or abroad). A few times, the coach taught in the native language… but often, the terminology was in English. (think “baby muscle ups” for jumping transitions) Every time, the coach made sure I understood and a kind member of the gym (thanks, Sarah B!) made sure I knew what was going on.
  5. Meet a new friend or two. Crossfitters are pretty gregarious by nature. They’re also happy to make recommendations on other things they love (favorite restaurants nearby; best place to get “healthy” lunch; you name it!) In fact, I still keep in contact with a few of these new friends and was able to help when they came to SF.
  6. Be extra coachable. You may learn some new cues! I usually don’t mention I’m a coach unless someone asks. I’ve always appreciated having a new set of eyes to watch my movement, and most of the coaches have been super helpful.
  7. Don’t forget to take a picture or grab a t shirt. It’ll be a fun memory of your trip.

And, if all else fails… there are plenty of options to do in your hotel room.

If your hotel has a gym facility, try adapting the class WOD to dumbbells. Usually works.

If you’re bound to your room, set a clock for 15 minutes and move through some towel thrusters (grab one end in each hand… deceptively difficult!), sit ups, and lunges.

If you have time to get outside, pick one of the outdoor attractions and run to it. Bonus if you find a new coffee shop for your post workout snack.

See you in a few weeks!

Coach Heidi


Summer Guest Days: Saturdays 5/4 and 5/18

Every 1st (at Hale) and 3rd (outdoor location TBD) Saturday through the summer, 8am and 9am. Family and friends welcome; workouts will be suitable (and scalable) for all levels.

Assessment Days: Monday 5/13-Wednesday 5/15

Please see the athlete levels document here or at the gym for more information on what you’re aiming for. We’ll test 3 skills + a workout each day. This is not a pass/fail or do or die test. This is, however, a great way to create some goals to be a well rounded athlete if there are some areas you crush versus some you could use work.

Memorial Day Murph: Monday, 5/27

Mark your calendars! This is one we look forward to EVERY year. Whether this is your first or fifth time, we’ll have plenty of scaling options available.

Teens Camp: June 24th-28th

Teens 13-18 are invited to spend a week learning about fitness, health, nutrition, and positive body image. Past activities have included pool workouts and interactive meal prep. Each day will be a mix of exercise (suitable for all levels; modifications provided) and activities or talks aimed to build confidence and healthy habits.

Space is limited. Please email coach Katie for more info. 

Workouts for the Week


For Time:
Pistols (alternating)
Parallette Kick throughs
200m run after each round

Training Day – We’ve got a couple of higher skill movements today in the pistol and kick through. If you struggle with both, pick ONE to work on and scale down the other one (use a box for kick throughs if needed). Your legs will be tired, and your abs will be worn out, so each round of pistols may feel harder than the previous. Keep moving and stick to the scaling you started with


A. Push press

reps at 70% of your max
Same weight every round

Training Day – Warm up to a weight that represents 70% of your max for the push press, and do that same weight for the entire 5 sets. You should not be adding weight or failing unless you are still figuring out what “”heavy”” means for you.

B. 10 min AMRAP
10 push press 115/75
10 box jumps 24/20
10 kb swings 53/35

Push Press: 85/55
Box Jumps: 20/16

Part B is a 1/2 version of “Jack”. You should be able to keep moving through the entire workout, so do it!


Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
• 5 pull-ups
• 10 push-ups
• 15 squats

MissFit scaling – Ring rows and knee push ups

Scale to 3/6/9 if unable to complete a round in warm up in less than 40 sec

Perform day – Your goal today is to see how many rounds you can complete of the 30. If you fail to make a round in 1 min, take the next min off and restart again. In the warm up, find a scaling that allows you to complete a round in 30-40 seconds. If you have done this workout before and completed 30 rounds, scale up to chest to bar pull ups


A. 15 min for QUALITY:
10 cal row
5 over/unders (band in rig) each direction
10 vee ups

B. 8 Rounds, on the 2 mins:
4 Burpee + Shuttle Run
6 2-Count Mountain Climbers (6 per side = 12)
8 Plate Hops
10 Slam Balls

Score is fastest and slowest round

C. 3 min/side golf ball foot smash
2 mins/side couch stretch


A. 3-3-3-3-3

@ 80% of your max
Same weight every round

For the deadlift, work up to 80% of your 1 rep, or something that feels pretty damned heavy! The goal is to do the same weight for every set, so you warm up to the weight, then do it for 5 x 3. You should not be failing or adding weight during the sets of 3.

B. 2 rounds for time of:
35 single DB overhead walking lunge steps
35 DB sit ups
35 DB Step ups

50/35 lb dumbbell

MissFit – 30/20 lb dumbbell

Use one dumbbell, and challenge yourself to keep moving without stopping for all the dumbbell movements, no matter how much your legs scream


In pairs
25 min AMRAP

400m run together
20 strict pull ups
30 goblet squats 53/35
40 burpees
30 Russian KB swings 53/35
20 push ups

One person works at a time on all the movements except the run

A fun workout you can do with a partner. If you’re feeling spicy, go solo. You may have to rest on the pull ups and push ups, but everything else should be moving at a decent pace. If you are training with a guest, it’s ok to use different weights/scaling based on ability, or to take on more of the load for them


A. 8 min EMOM:
2 candlestick rolls to squat
4 T push ups
6 Lunges

B. 500m row

then, 5 rounds
50m sled push (light!)
20 lateral paralette hop overs
30s plank

500m row

15 min cap. This one is high on agility. The row will get your heart rate pumping and the sled will keep it there. If you’ve missed some workouts, feel free to scale up. Otherwise, sled should be light–perhaps empty, but DEFINITELY a pace you can run with.

C. 2 mins/side calf bone saw
3 mins/side barbell forearm/bicep smash

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