The Hale Open 2018

The Hale open is coming!

Here are the details.

What is the OPEN?
The CrossFit Open is the first qualifying stage of the CrossFit Games. Any athlete who wants to compete at the Games must first make it through the Open in their region. Of course, most of us aren’t athletes on that level, so for us it’s a chance to be part of a bigger community, have some fun in our gym, and celebrate the work we do year round.
So here’s a bit about how this year’s Open is going to go:

Zero cost to participate!
In lieu of asking members to pay for Crossfit registration fees or throw money at one-time one-use things, we have chosen 3 local charities and are asking members to donate whatever they comfortably can to their choice of charity during the Open Fridays. More info on the charities is below.

That said, if you want to officially sign up with and submit your scores online, you can do it here –​ and join the CrossFit Hale team.

We know you love your Hale team shirts! So while we aren’t asking you to pay $40 this year and automatically get a team shirt, we do have NEW T-shirts on order and we did structure the order so that there will be enough RED shirts for the #HaleEarlyBirds and BLUE shirts for the #HaleNightOwls.

Buying a T-shirt is not required! These are general use T-shirts and we thought getting them in two different colors could be fun for team building. That said, you are welcome to show your team spirit by wearing ANY t-shirt in your team’s color on the 5 Fridays during the Open.

We’ve split the gym into two teams this year: AM vs. PM
Teams are fairly equal in size. For anyone that did not sign onto a team of their choice, you will automatically be assigned a team based on the time of day you do your first Friday WOD.

Teams are encouraged to have fun, be as competitive as you like, use the white boards to leave “messages” for one another, decorate the gym if you like, and WEAR YOUR TEAM COLORS on each Friday!

Each member can earn points for their team by:
1. Doing the Open workout each week anytime during Thursday through Monday.
2. Hitting a PR – be sure you record those on the board!
3. Winning the Weekly Challenge
4. Social Media Challenge:Posting a video or picture you someone doing the challenge outside the gym using the correct #hashtags: #crossfithale AND your team hashtag #HaleEarlyBirds or #HaleNightOwls
5. Spirit – coaches will award spirit points to members that exemplify the spirit of CrossFit – good attitude, great effort, consistency and community.

We will host an Opening Ceremony event on the first Friday, February 23rd at 5:30pm. We encourage EVERYONE to come if they can! Your participation points will still go to your team if you are an #EarlyBird, so don’t worry about the time of day for this event.

Beginning Feb. 23rd for FIVE Fridays we will be doing the prescribed Open workout. Each class throughout the day will be doing the same workout.

Weekly Challenge:
At the beginning of each class we will hold a short challenge. Coaches will video the class doing the challenge and at the end of the day, the class with the best score will earn points for their team.

Don’t worry, the challenges are fun and something everyone can do.

Social Media Challenge:
Post a picture or video of someone doing the weekly challenge outside the gym and use the correct hashtags to earn additional points for your team.
correct hashtags: #crossfithale AND your team hashtag #HaleEarlyBirds or #HaleNightOwls

This year we will be supporting THREE different charities during the 2018 Open. CF Hale members are welcome to donate to one of the three charities we’ve chosen and ALL the proceeds will go directly toward helping local families in need.

We will be posting about these charities on Facebook and Instagram. We will also have donation jars out at the front desk during the Friday workouts. Of course, you are welcome to donate at ANY time during the coming weeks and 100% of the donations will go to the charity you choose.

Hale’s 2018 Charities include:

1. Donor’s Choose Project: Raising funds for Ms. Mann’s 6-8 grade Special Education classes at Caliber Academy in Richmond, CA

2. Women’s Cancer Research Center: A local charity that provides support, counseling, classes and more to families dealing with cancer.

3. Weigh for Life: A Richmond charity that provides support, education, and exercise classes to low-income families struggling with diabetes and obesity.

That’s it!

We look forward to seeing you for our Opening ceremonies this FRIDAY!

Coach Jay

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