Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I’d like to try something new this week…instead of making you wait until 8pm every night, I’m posting all the workouts for the week below.

This is a great chance for you to plan your week, ask questions ahead of time, and make sure you’re doing the right things to reach your goals.

Scroll down to check it out!

Before we get to that, theres a bunch of stuff going on around the gym, so let’s start with announcements!



Schedule update

Starting the Week of Nov 3rd, 6:45am CrossFit and 10am MissFit classes are moving to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. Tuesdays and Thursdays are cancelled for 6:45 am and 10am.

We are closed Thanksgiving Day. 8am and 9am only on Friday the 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving)


Welcome Coach Cullen and Coach David

After months of hard work, both Cullen and David F are coaches! Join me on congratulating them both!

You will start to see them around the gym helping you get all the gainz! We recently did a profile on Cullen, so check that out here. (David coming soon)


Nutrition coaching spots available!

Coach Tina and Coach Angie are accepting new clients for 1:1 nutrition coaching. If you would like guidance on how to eat to look, feel, and perform better, let them know! Even if you just want some simple advice, they can help. The first consult with them is absolutely free! Email tina@crossfithale.com for more info or to schedule.


Guest Day Nov 3rd – 8 and 9am

Sign up your guest(s) and have fun working out with them at our monthly Guest Day. There will be no barbell work, but you’re guaranteed to be sweaty by the end.
Free to all. Ages 18 and up. Sign up at the front desk or email info@crossfithale.com and let us know you’re coming


Hale Kid Titans new session! Nov 7th – Dec 19 @ 3:30pm

The next session of Hale kids is starting on November 7rd. If you want your kid (7-12) to learn some healthy habits, how to move, and have fun, it’s a great way to get them started. It’s every Wednesday at 3:30 for 6 weeks (with a break at Thanksgiving on Nov 21st). Sign up at the front desk, or email katie@crossfithale.com if you want to know more.


Berkeley 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon and run coaching

Part of getting fit is being able to do lots of different stuff, including RUNNING.

10 of your fellow Halers are going to take on the Berkeley half marathon, 5k, or 10k coming up in November. It’s a great way to test your fitness, and try something new.

Join Team CrossFit Hale at: www.berkeleyhalfmarathon.com
Use Team #3004 and Code BHMCROSSFITH for a registration discount. Note: this event DOES sell out, so sign up today!

Coach Angie is running a technique course for two more weeks to show you how to approach the race and run without injury. She’s an ironman finisher and endurance coach, and she can get your technique right! Email angie@crossfithale.com or sign up for it at the front desk. Next session is Nov 1st at 5:30pm.


Weekly Gymnastics with Mark Freeman – Wednesdays at 6:45

Mark is now offering his gymnastics course every week at 6:45. The goal is to improve your strength, flexibility, and body control in a different type of way. He’s doing it as a drop in program, with a cost of $20 for members and $25 for non members. If you liked his class and want to do more, come in on Wednesday and give it a go!


Advanced Course – Nov 10th – 24th @ 6:30am Saturdays

For 3 weeks in November, we’ll be offering an advanced course from 6:30-8am on Saturdays. If you’re doing most of the workouts Rx’ed, but have a few glaring holes, or want to push your skills to the next level, this is the course for you. Each class is 90 mins, and will include a technical gymnastic skill, a heavy lift, and a competition style metcon. The goal of the course is to advance your skills, improve your intensity, and get you ready to do the workouts as Rx’ed during 12 days of CrossFit.

This isn’t for the faint of heart…show up ready to move heavy weights, learn some new stuff, and throw down with your class mates.

I’ll be programming and coaching this one myself, and the group will be relatively small (4-9 ppl)

Cost is $79, send me an email if you want in jay@crossfithale.com.

It’s also a great way to prepare for the Nor Cal masters!


Nor Cal Masters 2019 – Jan 26-27th 2019

The Nor Cal masters is a local CrossFit competition for folks 35+ only. It’s a well run, fun, 2 day comp that helps raise money for charity. Mike, Larry and I did it last year and had a blast! We are hoping to get a dozen Halers out to compete this year.

Some details.

  • two days and 6-7 workouts – Jan 26-27
  • No handstand push ups, snatch, or muscle ups
  • Divided into age groups (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, etc)
  • It’s just over the bridge in Marin, and well organized/run by TJ at TJ’s gyms for the last 9 years

It’s friendly, accessible, and fun. It’s the only competition I do every year, and great timing to prep for the CrossFit games open.

The reason we are announcing it now is that it sells out every year! If you want in, you need to sign up now before it sells out. Click the link below to register. Cost is $250. We will be preparing in the lead up to it by practicing workouts from 2017 and 2018.

Click here to register

12 Days of CrossFit! Dec 3rd – 14th (save the date)

It’s coming! our best event of the year, the 12 days of CrossFit! That means 12 benchmark workouts in 12 days, followed by our annual Christmas party.

This year’s party will be our 5th anniversary, and will feature a talent show (starring YOU!), our annual awards, and some amazing food with amazing people.

Mark the dates on your calendar and get ready to throw down!

Phew! that was a lot…Look out soon for a full events page with updates on everything for the rest of the year and beyond.

On to the programming.



Overview for the week:

There are two benchmarks this week, mixed in with a retest of your pull ups and some skill based workouts. If you’re planning your week, come in on Monday, Thursday and Saturday ready to give a max effort, and let yourself rest or get to 80% or so on the other days. Given the level of effort required, pay close attention to your recovery and get the sleep you need to perform! If you’re planning your rest days, Wednesday and Sunday are good candidates.

Coaches notes are below in italics

Send me a note and let me know what you think of this new format at jay@crossfitthale.com.



A: 1 1/4 Front Squat: 3 rep max
– Beginner: Front Squat work up to a moderate set of 5. Rest 90s.

Great movement for teaching you how to hold a good position at the bottom of a squat.

B: ”Batwings”
For time:
30 Calorie Bike
30 Deadlifts (225, 155)
30 Lateral Burpees over bar

Scale bike to 45 cal row or 400m run as necessary
9:00 Cap

This is a “redline” workout, meaning go as hard as possible on this and don’t rest until you’re done. Scale the deadlift to a weight you can do 7-10 reps with as necessary.



10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
200 Meter Run
15 Shoulder to overhead (115, 75)
15 Box Jumps w. step down (24, 20)

Rest 4:00

10 min AMRAP:
200 Meter Run
15 Hang Power Cleans (115, 75)
15 Wallballs (20, 14)

Rx+:(135, 95) (30, 20)
Sub 200m row or 45s bike as needed.

You want to go about 80-90% effort on this one, starting slower and building up as you go. The weighted movements should be done unbroken or in 2 sets or less, so scale accordingly. Don’t redline on this one…the 4 min rest is shorter than you think.



A: Work on your weakness
20 min EMOM (every min on the min)
ODD MINUTES: Weakness #1 x 30-40s of Work
EVEN MINUTES: Weakness #2 x 30-40s of Work

B: Farmers Carry relay
8 Min AMRAP with a partner:
Max 100 Ft. Trips.
*One person completed a set of 100 ft. while their partner rests.

Today is all about skills. Figure out what you want to work on and bring it with you to class. Your coach will take you through a few progressions of the skills so you make progress, then you can practice. For part B, farmers carries are one of our favorite ways to get some load in without overtaxing your nervous system…It also helps your grip.



A: Banded Deadlift: 8 x 2 @ 70% of last Monday.
– Use same band you did last week.
– Go every min for 8 mins
– Reset on each rep, not done touch n go.
– If you just started or missed last week, we will do 5 x 4 of regular deadlift

B: ”Bear Grylls”
In 7:00
400 Meter Run
Remaining time: Max Bear Complex (135, 95)
– Clean + Front Squat + push press + back squat + push press from back
*Score = total reps.

Part B, scale the weight based on your ability to safely push press overhead from in front of and behind the head. It should feel medium heavy for most people. If you’re just getting started, dumbbell man makers might be a better option. You will NOT get a better score if you rush, this movement is tough to do for 4-6 straight mins, so keep it smooth and steady and you’ll do great.



A: Max Rep Strict Pull-ups (overhand)

B: Max Rep Strict Chin-ups (underhand)

– Rest 3:00-4:00 before moving to B
– Intermediate: Band Assisted
– Beginner: Ring Rows 4 x 10. Rest 60s.

C: 4 Rounds of 40s work/20s rest:
a) Hand Release Push-ups
b) KBS (53, 35)
c) T2B
d) Burpees
e) Double Unders

Finishing up 3 weeks of pull up strength with a test, so record your scores! For part C, go about 75% effort for this, don’t break the bank, but keep moving and focus on controlling your breathing.



5 Rounds For Time in pairs
400 meter Run with med ball
30 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)
20 Sit ups w/med ball
10 Burpees

Advanced/RX+ – go solo

Simple, straightforward workout. Let’s test your endurance. If you struggle with pacing or breath during a workout, doing something like this will teach you how to pace, because there’s no point in sprinting. Plus, it’s great cardio and fun to run with your friends. There’s no time cap on this one.

Reminder: It’s GUEST DAY! So bring your friends and throw down.



Olympic lifting skill
A – Overhead Squat: 15 Minutes performing sets of 3. Rest 90s.
B – Snatch: 15 Minutes performing sets of 2. Rest 60-90s between sets.

We will warm you up with the overhead squat, then add some skill by focusing on the snatch. This is a great day to focus on technique and getting comfortable with light to medium weights on the barbell.

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