How I Learned to Love Partner WODs

I used to HATE partner workouts.

When you’re always the slowest, and you have to scale everything, they aren’t your favorite thing to do.

How do you partner with someone if you aren’t as good as them?

What if you hold them back?

What if they regret it?

All this goes through my head every time I see the words “In pairs” before the workout of the day.

I have found, with some experience, that they are not all bad.

In fact, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons by working out with a friend.

Jessica and Lori finishing up a long partner WOD.

Here are the best things you can get from a partner wod:

  • You push past your “normal” pace. When that person is relying on you to get through something, you don’t give up quite as easily, or rest quite as much…AKA, you push past your limits, and find NEW limits.
  • You try new things! You’ll climb a little higher on the rope, or add just a little more weight to the bar. That extra push helps you reach just a little further than you would by yourself.
  • You gain some empathy. When you see your partner struggling, it reminds you how hard it is for EVERYONE (not just you). Sometimes, you’re even better than your partner, and you help lift them up!
  • We learn to be part of a community. In a community you help each other. For example, most runs on a partner workout are done together, and you do not run faster than your partner. You learn to stick together, no matter what. It is okay to run slower than you can, to support your partner, and it is also okay if your partner needs to slow down for you.
Candice and Gabby sharing Kettlebell Swings.

Ok, so I still don’t really LOVE partner workouts, but there are always ways for you to learn through them.

And the truth is, in the end, you still get a high five! 🙂

See you in the box,

Coach Katie


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