Learning From the Best

Did you watch the CrossFit Games?

We had it on in the gym. It’s always fun times.

We used to get more excited about it, but it’s gotten a little boring the last few years.

Maybe it’s because every year, it seems like a competition between people who look like this:

Back in the day, you used to feel like these guys were just fitter versions of yourself, doing the same types of things you do.

Now it feels more like comparing your shooting skills to Steph Curry.

It’s hard to relate.

But every so often, you see something like this at the Games, and it brings it all back:

This year CrossFit Inc. invited the fittest man and woman in each country to compete, so countries like Ecuador, Romania, and Saudi Arabia had representatives at the Games for the first time.

Many of these athletes have only been doing CrossFit for a couple years, so we got to see how more “normal” people would fare on these workouts.

They fell off the ropes, dropped the bars, and got cut from the competition early.

But we loved it.

It reminded us that everyone starts somewhere.

Most of these people considered “the Fittest on Earth” started at a gym just like Hale.

And when they walked in, they were scared and nervous that they would look stupid or finish last …

Which they probably did.

What you end up seeing at the Games is just years of hard work, dedication, and focus on improvement.

All laid out over one weekend.

When you pay close attention to the broadcast, you see that the biggest cheers aren’t for the winners, but for the people who put in the most effort.

The ones who fail their rope climbs and get back up to try again.

The ones who push to finish a workout before the cut-off.

The ones who keep trying even when the outcome doesn’t matter.

That’s worth tuning in for.

Your goal doesn’t have to be as lofty as the CrossFit Games. You might just want to look better, or climb a rope, or just stick to a routine.

But when you show up and keep trying, it inspires your coaches and the people around you to keep showing up and giving our best to you every day.

Keep up the good work.

Coach “inspired” Jay

Outdoor Workout: Saturday, August 17th

All athletes and guests welcome; no CrossFit experience required. FREE! Location TBD.

Summer of Skills:

8/7: Oly Skills (Jerk) with Nathan Loe*
8/14: TBD
8/21: Get Your First Strict Pull-Up With Coach Wendy

All clinics at 6:30 p.m.

These are FREE for members.

*Advanced sign-up is required. Clinics are currently full, but email heidi@crossfithale.com to get on the waiting list.

Is there something you’re dying to learn more of? Please drop a line to heidi@crossfithale.com.

Oakland Tri and Alcatraz Swim

Now that the Hero Challenge is done and dusted, the coaches are training for two upcoming events. More info to come, but the more the merrier! Give us a shout when you sign up!

  1. The Oakland Triathlon: Sunday, August 18 (Coach Jay)
  2. Odyssey Alcatraz Swim: Saturday, September 21 (Coach Heidi)

Workouts for the Week


A. Strict press


Alternated with: Strict pull-ups


After each set of presses:

Work up to a heavy 5 for the day. Make an early jump or two so the majority of the sets are challenging, but not max effort.

B. Downhill from Here!

As many rounds and reps as possible in 3 minutes:
10 push press (95/65)
10 box jumps (24/20)

3-min rest

As many rounds and reps as possible in 2 minutes:
8 push press
8 box jumps

2-min rest

As many rounds and reps as possible in 1 minute:
6 push press
6 box jumps

MissFit: 75/55

Short sets and short bursts! As you fatigue, try to keep movements snappy and unbroken with the barbell! Keep a steady pace on box jumps 🙂


8 rounds, alternating between “A” and “B”
2 minutes on, 2 minutes off

A. 15/12-cal bike
6 pull-ups
Max med-ball cleans in remaining time

B. 16 shuttle runs
6 pull-ups
Max med-ball cleans in remaining time

You’ll do four rounds of each triplet. Work HARD for two minutes, rest for 2, then repeat.

The relief from the bike means you *should* be able to go HARD for each of those rounds and finish within about 45 seconds. Try to hold your pace! Take a deep breath as you transition and keep your pull-ups unbroken—this is great practice for workouts like Fran, where you’re LIT but have to pull off some bigger sets to keep moving!

No, really, you can do ANYTHING for 2 minutes! Go crush it!

Score is number of reps of med-ball cleans (do not count run, bike, or pull-ups in tally)

Rx+: C2B pull-ups


A. Warm-up:

12 min as far as possible:

Casual 800-m run

When you get back, cycle through:
Bear crawl
20 crab rocks
25′ plate push

B. Tap, tap, tap it in:

20 mins for quality:
20 plank shoulder taps
200-m farmers carry
20 plank toe taps
20-cal row

Core fun!

Work shoulder stability with the shoulder taps. Toe taps from plank (elbows ok too!): Tap one foot out to the side, then back to center. Repeat.

C. Mobility:

2 mins/side high hammy smash on box
2 mins/side oblique/gut smash


A. Rack It:

Every minute on the minute for 10 rounds:
8 KB front rack lunges

Work at a heavy weight for all sets. Keep torso stacked and tight!

B. Stack It:

Every minute on the minute for 10 rounds:
20-s handstand hold

Work on balance—wall facing (wall walk), pulling one leg off of wall, or freestanding.

If unable to handstand, sub planks or 20s/each of hollow and arch hold!

Score is: what you learned, a moment of success (i.e., freestanding for 3 seconds!) or comments on how it went.

C. (Don’t) Slack It:

Every minute on the minute for 10 rounds:
40 s of burpees

Work at an aggressive pace, but NOT all-out. Your score today will be the LOWEST number of burpees you get in a given minute, so don’t sandbag or slack in the early rounds. Pick a “scary” pace and force yourself to hold on!

This is about pace (and a bit of good suffering)


Party Like it’s Your Birthday

As many rounds and reps as possible in 20:19

33 double-unders
8 hang power cleans (115/75)
2 push jerks

34 air squats
8 strict pull-ups
7 ring push-ups

Rx+: (155/105)
8 muscle-ups
7 ring dips

Banded pull-ups/ring rows

Why THESE movements?! Why together?!

These are the ones we love/hate. The ones we enjoy AND the ones we struggle with. Throw down but still have a little lighthearted fun. Reps and numbers come from two of your coaches that blew out 30-something candles this past week.

Think of this one like a double scoop of ice cream: Two flavors. Two different beasts. Shift gears and keep moving!

Butter Pecan: heavy-ish barbell work, with two salty push jerks at the end
Strawberry Cheesecake: Fun gymnastics with just a little swirl of pain as the fast squats and push-ups start to feel tougher.

Somewhere in the range of 4 rounds should be doable!


In pairs, for time:

400-m run

2 rounds:
20 toes-to-bars
40 wall balls
30 burpees to target

800-m run

2 rounds:
20 toes-to-bars
40 wall balls
30 burpees to target

1-mile run

Split the reps—aim to do unbroken sets (10 T2B, 20 WB EVERY round!). Then, run together. If you need a little relief, split the runs. Burpees: Choose a target six inches above your max standing reach and jump and touch with both hands each rep.

Push the pace but enjoy your time outside today!! This one is a good mix of endurance and stamina with a little leg fatigue playing a part today.


2018 Granite Games Qualifier #6

For time:
150 double-unders
75-ft. front rack dumbbell walking lunge (50/35)
50 dumbbell thrusters (50/35)
75-ft. front rack dumbbell walking lunge (50/35)
150 double-unders

(20-minute hard cap)

MissFit: 35/25 and twice the number of single-unders

To scale back further, do this workout in pairs. The DB thrusters are the obvious burner here, but just try to chip away!

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