What Do You Mean, “No Excuses?”


What does that mean to you?

When you see it on social media, it’s laced with bravado:



Life should not be so hard that you have to FIGHT it all the time!

The truth is…”no excuses” means that you get to OWN your choices, and own your life.

It acknowledges that life is difficult. Really difficult. There are often circumstances outside of your control that make many of our goals, or even our daily needs, pretty impossible.

When we say “no excuses” we mean that we want to help you put your self-care and life goals at the forefront, because you matter!

“No excuses” really means- How can we help you get through this?

Carrie helps Jessica get ready for a CrossFit Open 2017 workout.

We happen to be at the beginning of a “No Excuses Challenge” right now, but, challenge or no challenge, all of us at Hale are trying to help each other fight through the difficulties in life. The coaches help you with this, but we see you helping each other every day!

Hale friends text each other in the evenings asking; “Did you see tomorrow’s WOD? Looks terrible! Want to meet me at 6:30??”

You cheer each other on when someone is struggling through a workout.

Notes of encouragement left throughout the box during the CrossFit Open 2017 workouts.

You have put together food brigades for Haler’s who have been in the hospital.

Haler’s pet sit for each other for vacations and family emergencies. You do each other’s laundry, and help clean each other’s homes when someone is sick, and you watch each other’s kids!

You have helped each other find new jobs, and get out of situations that were unhealthy.

You celebrate birthdays, new babies, new jobs, you even send off Haler’s who move out of state so that they know Hale will always be their home, no matter where they live.

You literally help each other fight through difficult things in life so that you can all have “no excuses” and take care of yourself and your families. You make life better for each other.

Hale Teens celebrating birthdays!

I don’t know what “no excuses” means to the rest of the world, but I like what it means at CrossFit Hale.

See you in the box,

Coach Katie

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