NEW Masters Class: Become the Master of Your Workouts

Karen, Ruth, and Phil perfecting their skills in our Masters Class

For the month of November, we are trialling a new class on our schedule – Masters Class!

A Master is someone who shows great skill and proficiency in a task, someone who is a skilled practitioner of a specific activity.

Our Masters class is for anyone of any age who wants to focus a bit more on mobility, fundamentals, and conditioning in order to increase skill, proficiency, and become a skilled practitioner of their CrossFit workouts.

These classes will feature the same workout of the day as our other classes, but with more focus on the mobility that supports the movements in the workout. You will also learn more about our fundamental CrossFit movements and how to do them with greater accuracy.

This class is great for everyone, but especially those who are dealing with any mobility issues or injuries.

What did people say about the Hale Masters class in October?:

“It was amazing. I am stronger in my workouts and I have less pain in everyday life. Life is better!”

“It has improved my posture outside of the gym. In the gym my squats are better and my overhead position is much easier.”

“I was able to take things I learned during the series to regular classes and work on them.”

If you want to…

  • Get a deeper and more stable squat,
  • Work on your overhead position to solidify your presses and overhead squats,
  • Discover what mobility you need to prep you for a workout if you have shoulder or knee issues,
  • Figure out what is going on with your wrists in the front rack position,
  • Get stronger and lift more by having great bracing and form,
  • Learn how to increase your endurance, or
  • Have fun (like every class at Hale),

….then come to our Masters class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am. (Starting Monday, November 6, 2017, trialling through Friday Dec. 1.) This class is included in your membership, so try it out and become a Master of your own workout!

See you in the box!

Coaches Heidi and Katie

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