Nothing nice

Are you a “nice person?”

If you’re like me, every time you say something that pisses someone off, you justify it by saying to yourself

“I’m really a nice guy, they just don’t understand”

After using this bullsh*t line with a friend the other day, he said:

“if you have to say ‘I’m really a nice guy’, you’re not”

Damn…He’s right.

I’m NOT nice.

It’s not like you go out of your way to be MEAN.

Berating people or insulting their mothers isn’t a good plan.

But…who wants to be nice?

Nice people don’t rock the boat.

Tell you want to hear instead of the truth.

Are afraid to say “no” (much easier to agree rather than cause conflict)


You don’t want that in a coach.

You want someone who will tell you the truth

“fix your squat or you will wreck your knee”

“take some of that weight off until your form improves”

“You can’t outwork a bad diet, stop eating like crap”

Being “nice” won’t help you make real progress.

In fact…think about it.

How many people in your life have had the courage to tell you the truth?

Bet you can count them on one hand.

You might not have LIKED it, but it’s what you NEEDED.

When you’re trying to improve any skill or reach a goal, you don’t need the validation that comes from nice people.

You need useful feedback you can use to improve.

AKA, the truth.

Do you have a goal that requires some hard truths?

Come by and see us and let’s talk about it. Make an appointment to see us here –

Coach “no nice guy” Jay

PS – Member goal setting is happening all this month. If your coach hasn’t reached out to you, reply and let me know.

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