On the 10th Day of CrossFit…


For time:
Double Unders
Ab Mat Sit Ups

This one is a test of composure (dubs!), with a little core work to make them more difficult. This should take you between 5 and 10 minutes. If you can do 5+ double unders unbroken, you should GO FOR IT! If you have a few here and there, spend no more than 90s working on them for the 50-40, and no more than a minute on the 30-20-10…but TRY THEM! You might just find yourself with a new PR.

A few tips to survive Annie unscathed:

  1. Be one with the rope. Find a way to breathe. Find a rhythm. Now, HEAR the rhythm. One-two, one-two, one-two.
  2. Chest up, butt tight. Ever felt like Flipper, unable to control your feet kicking out in front of you? Find a nice neutral stance. I once heard some wise words on how to brace for dubs…”act like you’re holding a fart in.” Thanks, Dr. DiToro! This will help keep your core tight so you are bouncier, and jumping becomes easier.
  3. Speaking of… butts…avoid wearing pants with zippers. Avoid fabrics that might swish or bunch under your low back. If you’re prone to that lovely chafing that comes with sit ups (or you just don’t have much padding), grab a mat.
  4. Just keep moving. No matter how frustrating the double unders (OR SINGLE UNDERS, for that matter!) may be, it’ll be over soon. Breathe, get sweaty, and check off another of the 12 days.

Hopefully not too many “tiger stripes” coming out of those double unders. After Hammer yesterday, this one will not be too much volume. If you need to repeat a workout from earlier in the 12 days, TODAY IS THE DAY.

Just 2 to go after this! Home stretch



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