On the 11th Day of CrossFit…

my coaches gave to me:


I am sure many of you caught on when the coaches explained how a lot of these benchmarks are “sprints”. Well, here is another!

And there’s this thing about Grace. Some people say you will be faster if you do the clean and jerks as singles. Each and every rep: drop, reset, go. Drop, reset, go. Drop, reset, go. Even-paced. No breaks that are longer than the time it takes to: drop, reset, go.

Other people say, “No way! Why would I want to drop and reset each time, especially if I can cycle through big sets?

Well, it really depends on how long you REST between those big sets.

When you do a 400m sprint, you don’t **STOP** halfway through, catch your breath a bit, and then start sprinting again, do you?

For time:
30 Clean & Jerks 135/95 lbs

Coaches Notes:

Rx and Scaled: No matter what your approach is on this one, this is similar to Isabel: a conditioning workout that uses a technical Olympic lift to get you there.

Pay special attention to your coaches’ advice, tips, and any individual coaching tips! They know your clean and jerk positions, and YOU KNOW how confident you feel with weight overhead. Let these things guide you in your weight selection.

Reset QUICK, but reset WELL. Get your feet in the right place, and do it QUICKLY.

You might be feeling crazy tired now, but if you still have something in the tank and want to see if you set a new personal record, this is the time.

Rx: Thirty reps overhead at Rx weight is going to take confidence, commitment, and POWER. No second guessing–GET IN THERE!

Use your LEGS to get that bar overhead, not [just] your arms.

Hold steady in that midline.

If you are comfortable with Rx weight, you will finish just faster than, or just slower than, 3 minutes. Don’t get nervous. Get BOLD!

Scaled: Scaling your weight to match where you are and what you are FEELING on Thursday is an excellent idea. Your choice may largely be determined by how much you are comfortable with overhead. Practice good positions and don’t get fixated on the time you might or might not set. Just get started, see how it feels, trust yourself, and you will do GREAT!

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