On the 7th day of Crossfit….

Smile! You’re halfway there!

Today’s workout goes wayyy back to 2008. It’s one of the first workouts of the 2nd CrossFit games in Aromas.

Check out footage of the ladies doing this back in the day.

No Nanos, no Lululemon, some folks couldn’t even do the deadlifts…

I bet many of you could crush the times of some of these ladies today.

Let’s see!

2008 CF games workout
5 rounds for time of
5 deadlifts 275/185 lbs
10 burpees

12 min cut off

Coaches Notes:

Your goal today is to sprint. You should be able to do all reps unbroken for the first couple rounds, so make sure you scale to a weight you can do for at least 5 reps when fresh.

For the burpees, focus on getting down fast and controlling your feet.

Your coach will encourage you to be intentional and fast through each of the movements, but to set up properly for every deadlift.

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