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What is one thing I can do to help improve your life this week?

Coach Jay

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New Hale Tees & Gear!

Head over to to shop the fall assortment. We’ll have different styles and colors popping through for winter in the next month or so.

Friday, November 8th: Albany Bowl + Hotsy Totsy

We’ll have a few lanes reserved. When we’ve had enough bowling, we’ll head across the street for cocktails. Meet at 7pm at Albany Bowl.

Monday, November 11th: Veterans’ Day

Holiday schedule: 8am and 9am. We will do a hero WOD.

Thursday, November 14th: Sweat & Stretch to benefit Veterans Yoga Project

Join us from 6:30 to 8:00pm (in lieu of regular 6:30 class) for a fun workout and yoga session to follow. Coach Heidi and Kate will lead the classes.

Guests welcome and encouraged. We’ll be accepting donations before and during the event for the Veterans Yoga Project, a local organization that supports recovery and resilience in military veterans, families, and community.

Workouts for the Week:


A. Back Squat 6 x 5

Back Squat for load:
#1: 5 reps @ 40%
#2: 5 reps @ 50%
#3: 5 reps @ 60%
#4: 5 reps @ 70%
#5: 5 reps @ 80%
#6: 5+ reps @ 90%

Base the percentages on your 5RM from last week. First three to four sets are DEFINITELY warm ups, but these are your chance to practice getting tight between reps.

Your last set (at 90% of your 5RM, or about 80% of 1RM) is 5 BONUS. You’re going for as many reps as you can. If you make 5, go for 6, then 7, etc. 8-10 would be a good minimum target. Go until you fail or form starts to break down.

B. 3 Rounds, each for time:
30/24 cal airdyne

Rest as needed between rounds. Goal is to go hard… NEARLY all out, but not so hard that you absolutely die the last 10 cals.

Pay attention to your RPMS today. These will make a big difference for your time.

Try to start out with a peak to bang out the first 10-15 cals, then settle in to something that’s, say, 80%.

Ex: For me…. hit 80 RPM… back off to 65-70 but try to sustain

We’ll cycle through as many folks on the bike as humanly possible. If unable to rotate in, some subs:
300m run… HARD
30 cal row… HARD


A. 1RM Strict Press (Perform!)

Shoulder Press for load:
#1: 1 rep

Get a few good warm up sets to grease the groove. You’ll have 3-4 heavy single attempts to determine a 1RM press for today. Rest 2:00 or as needed before heaviest attempts.

B. 3 Rounds, for total time:
10 C2B + T2B
20 Cal Row
30 Push Press (45/35)

Rest 2:00 between rounds

Hard cap at 25:00

C2B + T2B is one rep of each… LINKED! Goal today is to play with the kip and timing. You could do this with regular pull ups and T2B or K2C, or T2B and K2C to train your timing!

For the push press, we’re really looking for a good breathing strategy and for every rep to look the same. You may do these unbroken IF you find a rhythm. If reps are sloppy (or forget to breathe!), you’ll cost yourself energy and need to rest more than you should. Challenge your form–weight is LIGHT!


12 min AMRAP:
10 Heavy Ball Toss
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Air Squats

At 15 mins:
400m farmer’s carry for time

Sub sandbag run, 800m weighted vest run, etc

Think of this as a fun, odd-object dance party… move consistently and grind through the body weight movements quickly. You’ll have a second (3:00 to be exact!) to compose yourself, before you bring it home with a burden run or carry. If not enough kettlebells, just grab something heavy and head out for 400m–a sandbag, weight vest, or 45 # plate would be equally fun! Same song, different dance!

Note time for run/farmers carry in notes


A. 15 mins for quality:
15 cal row
30s squat hold
10 walking lunges
30s handstand hold/practice

B. 5 RFT:
30 Double Unders
15 Burpees
200m Run

Lots of bouncing today. Nail those dubs unbroken (or work on attempts), hit some burpees, then run. Each round should take no more than 2:30–scale back burpees to 8 or 10 if these are your hurdle.

The last Open workout is tomorrow–we should have time at the end of class to work on whatever mobility you need. My guess is that we’ll see chest to bar pull ups or muscle ups and wall balls, so make sure legs feel recovered and really loosen up those shoulders.


TBD, Open 20.5

Saturday–TBD Based on Open 20.5

For time:
35 Deadlifts, 225/155
35 Burpees, bar-facing
35m (100′) Dumbbell Lunge
35 Ring Dips

Men: Two 50-lb. Dumbbells
Women: Two 35-lb. Dumbbells

Heavy, fun, hard. Looking at those ring dips like they’ll be a fun ending, but there’s a good amount of work to get to before that. You’ll likely break up the deadlifts, but you should be able to hit 15 if you were fresh.

Sunday–Coaches’ Choice TBD Based on Open 20.5

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