Searching for inspiration

What do you do when you need inspiration?

When you’re down and need to be cheered up.

When things aren’t going the way you planned.

You find out you’re further away than you’ve ever been.

Or you just plain fail…

For me, it’s the gym.

No matter how bad you feel, you can always pick up some weights, run a little, or drop some sweat and you’ll feel better.

But not just any gym….it has to be the RIGHT PLACE.

But it hasn’t always been that way for me…

Back in my 24 hour fitness days, going to the gym felt like a challenge you had to psych yourself up for.

It feels like your only job at those places is to NOT LOOK STUPID.

You have to either prove you know what you’re doing, or psych yourself up to not care what they think.

When you feel like you’re being watched or judged, going to the gym SUCKS.

But when you find a place that feels like home…

Where you aren’t being judged…

Where it’s ok to be “out of shape”

Where people are just happy to see you.

You are inspired…

And when you get there…If people are hitting their goals and setting new personal records like they were doing last week…

You want to be a part of it as often as you can!

Repeat this enough and combine it with the right program, and you can find yourself in amazing shape.

Need some inspiration to show up today?

Check out some of the stuff Halers did last week on instagram here.

Coach “show up and be inspired” Jay


No Excuses Challenge ends Sunday, October 21st

We’ll all REDO the baseline workout on Monday the 22nd. A separate email will include logistics for the wrap up AND details on how we’ll crown this year’s winner.

Hale-O-Ween: Thursday, Oct 31st

We’ll celebrate our 6th anniversary with a Halloween WOD (costumes encouraged!). Your coaches ALWAYS have some tricks up their sleeves. Hehehe.

Workout will be family (and kid!) friendly–all welcome. NOTE: our last class will be at 4:30pm! (5:30pm and 6:30pm are cancelled).

Guest Day: Saturday, November 2nd

8am and 9am at Hale. Bring your family, friends, or friendly strangers to this all-levels class. FREE.

Workouts for the Week:


A. 10 min EMOM:
3 Deadlifts
@60% 1RM

Each set should feel solid. NAIL your set up, and be sure to stay tight into the later rounds

B. 12 min AMRAP:
21 wall balls (20/14)
15 toes to bar

Go unbroken on the wall balls. Break the T2B into sets as needed, but focus on SKILL that’ll make you better, not just scrapping through one rep at a time. This, again, is a TRAINING day, so focus on a version that helps you for next time.

Try straight leg raises, etc, for a little extra challenge if you’re used to doing knees to chest.


In Pairs:
20 min AMRAP:
You go, I go FULL ROUND
20 plate hops
100m Run
5 Devil’s Press

(burpee + double DB snatch)

Goal is to push, rest, push, rest, REPEAT! Look at this like a longer set of intervals. You should likely be tracking to about 90s per round. Try to KEEP YOUR PACE, since you’ll have some rest while your partner goes.

The devil’s press is highly dependent on landing in a good position from the burpee–if you need to modify to smooth out good footwork here, do it! It should be fast, not sloppy.


A. 15 min AMRAP in pairs:
P1 – Row for Cals
P2 – 1 Round Strict Cindy

(5 strict pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)

Partner doing Cindy sets the pace. Don’t waste time on transitions–try to keep moving! Feel free to work up or down in scaling reps on pull ups–do NOT let these slow you down to more than 2 sets.

B. 15 mins for Quality:
250m row
25′ HS walk
25′ walking lunges

Use this as a chance to practice your handstand (walking) or wall skills.

Try a new skill–practice walking 1-2 steps toward the wall… or shifting side to side (for a shoulder tap) in handstand, wall walk, or plank.

C. Mobility:

Partner Lat Smash
Partner Triceps Smash

(2 mins/each)


A. Every 2:00 for 5 Rounds.
3 Power Cleans

Today’s goal is to hit 3 moderate sets of 5 at the
same weight across. No misses and near perfect
mechanics. NO SLOP!

You should feel like “YEAH! I nailed that set” not “eeeeee, that was dicey!”

You may do touch & go or a quick re-set.

B. 11-9-7-5
Power Clean (135/95)
Ring Dips

15:00 Hard Cap

MissFit: (95/65); Perfect Toe Push Ups

A shorter, quicker version of an old favorite lady. Aim for bigger sets and wrap your head around going unbroken for the rounds of 7 and 5, if not all of the sets.

Cleans should feel quick and smooth. And up and down and up and down.


Open 20.2. What could it be???!

**Weekend programming HIGHLY likely to change based on Thursday’s announcement of 20.2**


8 Rounds, on the 3:00
1 Rope Climb
10 Burpees
200m run

Score is slowest round. GO HARD!


Ring skills

3 rounds for time of:

Accumulate 2 minutes of support on the rings in as few sets as possible (AFSAP).

Rx: top of dip
MissFit: Ring plank

After each round, 20 cal bike. Score is total time.

Goal is stability/core and a shake out today. Tomorrow (NXC baseline) is a perform day, as was Friday. I think this one will be sneaky hard and super shaky by the end.

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