Spare the air

Been a rough week for air quality. If you’re outside for the next few days, we recommend wearing a mask like Ryo!

Our thoughts are with the people affected by the Northern California fires. If you would like to donate, go to the American Red Cross to find out how.

The gym remains open throughout, and including a full schedule on Veterans day (with a hero workout to honor our Vets). We are keeping the doors closed and avoiding any running during the workouts until things clear up.

On to the announcements…programming for this week at the end.


Share your feedback and win a month free!

We are planning for 2019 and would love to hear from you.

Please take a min and fill out our survey here.

At the end of the month, we will hold a raffle for all the folks who filled it out, and one lucky member will win a month free membership!

Basic Strength – Nov 13th – 27th @ 6:30pm Tuesdays – FREE FOR MEMBERS

There are 4 spots left in our basic strength course.

It’s 3 weeks of coaching on basic barbell movements (squat, press, deadlift, etc) Each class is 60 mins, and will include mobility, basic instruction on the lifts, and coaching through the movement as we add weight. It’s intended for everyone from beginner to intermediate who wants to improve lifting technique under a watchful eye.

Cost is $79 for non members and FREE for members send me an email if you want in

You must sign up to attend, and attend all sessions.


Nor Cal Masters 2019 – Jan 26-27th 2019

The Nor Cal masters is a local CrossFit competition for folks 35+ only. It’s a well run, fun, 2 day comp that helps raise money for charity. Mike, Larry and I did it last year and had a blast! We are hoping to get a dozen Halers out to compete this year.

If you have never done a competition before, this is a really good one to start with…

Some details.

  • two days and 6-7 workouts – Jan 26-27
  • No handstand push ups, snatch, or muscle ups
  • Divided into age groups (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, etc)
  • It’s just over the bridge in Marin, and well organized/run by TJ at TJ’s gyms for the last 9 years

It’s friendly, accessible, and fun. It’s the only competition I do every year, and great timing to prep for the CrossFit games open.

The reason we are announcing it now is that it sells out every year! If you want in, you need to sign up now before it sells out. Click the link below to register. Cost is $250. We will be preparing in the lead up to it by practicing workouts from 2017 and 2018.

Click here to register


Christmas activities – Save the date!

Christmas Cookie exchange and Decorating party Nov 30 @ 6:30pm

Our fav way to kick off the holiday season is to bake some cookies, put on some Christmas music, make some cider (or egg nog) and decorate the gym. This is just a simple get together, no workouts, no costumes…just fun with your friends.

Not to worry if you have dietary issues, we have some amazing creative bakers who always bring diet friendly options. If you are less creative, grab your fav store bought cookies and join us for some festive fun.

Kid friendly.

12 Days of CrossFit! Dec 3rd – 14th (save the date)

12 Benchmark workouts in 12 days. Our fav challenge of the year!

Christmas Party and Talent Show – Dec 14th @ 5:30pm.

We finish up the holiday season with our annual Talent Show, awards ceremony, and party. This year we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. Sign up for the talent show at the front desk!

On to the programming.



Overview for the week:

Lot of conditioning work this week, including benchmarks on Monday (“Hildy”) and Friday (“Cindy”). We’re doing a few more pull ups this week, so protect your grip by breaking up the sets early and often.
Our heavy days this week have us doing Turkish get ups and squat cleans. This will be the last week of our squat clean progressions, so GO for it.

Don’t forget you can always see and log the workout by going to SugarWod and signing up for CrossFit Hale.

Coaches notes for each day are below in italics. Email me if you have questions at



100-calorie row
75 thrusters, 45-lb. barbell
50 pull-ups
75 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
100-calorie row
If you’ve got a 20-lb. vest or body armor, wear it.

A “Hero” workout for veterans day. Cut off time for this one is 45 mins. Empty barbell fo the thrusters, standard weight for the wall ball. This will be a fun one to do with friends.

All classes will be run as normal for veterans day. We may have to stagger the start for bigger classes.



A: Work up to a new 1 rep max of turkish get up per side

B: For time:
10 turkish get ups 53/35
50 double unders
8 turkish get ups
40 double unders
6 turkish get ups
30 double unders
4 turkish get ups
20 double unders
2 turkish get ups
10 double unders
Rx+ = triple unders 10/8/6/4/2

25 min cut off

Score on part A is the weight you are able to successfully do on both left and right sides. It’s a technical movement, so don’t expect miracles, but be intentional about each movement and nail each position before moving on to the next one. We’ll be coaching you through it, but here’s a vid on how to do it so you can prepare.

For part B, the score is your total time. You won’t be able to move fast on this one (nor should you), The get up takes time, so don’t skip steps. The cut off is nice and long so you have time to work on this one. Go for doubles if you’ve got them, or do 100 singles if you don’t. If you have even one triple, go for it.



A: 10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
20 Push Press (115, 75)
10 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar
250m Row

Rest 2:00

B: 10 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
20 Hang Power Cleans (115, 75)
10 Burpee Pull-ups
250m Row

Rx+:(Start each round w. 3/2 Bar Muscle-ups)

Two scores for this one, rounds and reps for part A and rounds and reps for part B. A 10 min AMRAP of pushing, followed by a 10 min am rap of pulling. Your goal today should be to keep moving at a good pace. The barbell work is meant to be medium weight. You will likely have to break it up, but if you’re scaling this one, pick a weight that you can do 7-10 reps when fresh, and 5-7 reps when tired.

If you’re going RX+, your grip will take an extra beating on this one with the muscle ups. Protect your hands by taking your and/or breaking up the sets as needed.



A: Squat Clean:
3 sets of 2 reps at @80% of Last Monday’s weight, lift every 60 seconds.

3 sets of 1 reps at 85% of last Monday’s weight, lift every 60 seconds

B: 3 rounds for time of:
2 min sandbag HUG hold
20 sandbag good mornings
20 sit ups
20 min cut off.

Score for part A is the weight you finish with for the sets of 1. We’re working up to heavy stuff today, and this is where your practice should pay off. If you missed previous cycles of this, just work up to a weight that feels heavy-ish and practice.

DUE TO AIR QUALITY, WE MODIFIED PART B FROM THE ORIGINAL 400m RUN. WE’VE ALSO MADE IT OPTIONAL. Your goal today is to focus on the squat cleans and moving well.

Score for part B is time. You’re holding an odd object and this will be taxing on your midline. RX+: If the hold feels too light for 2 mins straight, grab a heavy D Ball (100/80). Either way, you’ll have to be tight and strong to hold the weight AND breathe through to hit the full 2 mins unbroken.

Based on air quality, we modified this one from the original 400m run. We don’t want you breathing too hard today.

Note: Gym is CLOSED after 5:30pm today due to air quality.


GYM is CLOSED today.

Here’s a workout you can try at home.

A – Accumulate 10 mins at the bottom of your squat – check out the 10 min squat test here for ideas on how to modify it for you –
B – Accumulate 5 mins in a handstand or a plank

Goal today is to get your body moving, NOT to breathe hard. You don’t need to do 10 mins in a row or 5 mins in a row. You just want to open up those hips and shoulders by holding some static positions. Split up the time any way you like, just accumulate the minutes.


Every min on the min for 20 mins.

First min – 20 second hollow hold – example here
Second min – 20 second superman hold – example here

Start a 20 min clock and do a hollow hold for 20 seconds in the first min (with 40 seconds of rest), then the second min do 20 seconds of superman hold (with 40 seconds rest)

The harder you flex on this one, the tougher this workout gets. Be disciplined about your holds and use the clock to make SURE you’re holding them for 20 secs each. If hollow hold isn’t working for you, do a dead bug for 20 seconds instead.


No Classes today due to air quality, but we WILL have open gym from 8-10am to get you out of the house.

3 rounds for time of:
21 – 15 – 9
air squats
push ups
sit ups

Rx + – jumping squats and clapping push ups
Goal is to finish in under 15 mins, so scale down as necessary.

Depending on how the quality is in your house, you may want to go easy on this one. If you’re feeling good, go hard on it and you’ll be breathing heavy at the end. Shake your arms out on the push ups, as it will likely be the toughest part.

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