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Feel Better. Look Better. Get Stronger.

It doesn’t matter whether you can run a mile or you haven’t run since childhood.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lifted weights all your life or if you’ve never touched a barbell.

It doesn’t matter if you have an athletic background or if working out is new and scary.

We’ll meet you where you’re at—because you deserve a better life.


Summer of Skills:

8/21: Get Your First Strict Pull-Up With Coach Wendy
8/28: Get a Deeper Squat With Coach Heidi
9/4: No Excuses Challenge Info Meeting

All clinics at 6:30 p.m.

These are FREE for members.

Is there something you’re dying to learn more of? Please drop a line to heidi@crossfithale.com.

No Excuses Challenge 2019:

YES, we will be running a No Excuses Challenge this year.

The challenge will officially begin Monday, September 9 and run through Monday, October 21 (6 weeks!).

We’ll have a full informational kick-off meeting on Wednesday, September 4th.

For the 6 weeks, you’ll be accountable for the following:

  • A MINIMUM of 15 minutes of exercise 5 days per week.
  • 7 hours of sleep per night, EVERY NIGHT.
  • 10 minutes of mobility/recovery EVERY DAY.
  • Eating according to plan (more to come).
  • Logging your success on the above EVERY DAY.

For those of you that are starting from scratch and want accountability to make basic, healthy habits STICK. You’ll learn the following:

  • How to compose healthy meals (what types of food make you feel best?!)
  • Nail down sustainable HABITS.
  • Develop a mobility/recovery practice.

If you’ve done this before, you can expect to:

  • Re-visit those habits that always trip you up when “life” gets in the way
  • Connect with your buddy and the crew and learn new skills and tweaks to make the habits easier
  • Bring BACK the awareness of which of these habits make you feel your very best

Cost is $89.

Sign up at the front desk.

Holiday Schedule Monday, September 2

8-a.m. and 9-a.m. classes only!

Guest Day Saturday, September 7

Guests, family, friends, and teens welcome. The workout will be beginner friendly. FREE!

Workouts for the Week:


A. Every minute on the minute for 6 rounds (12 mins total):
Min 1: 200/150-m row
Min 2: 12 KB goblet split squats (6/side)

Push through your legs! Little double leg power + single leg strength and coordination.

B. “Mini Nate”

As many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes:
4 pull-ups
6 hand-release push-ups
8 KB snatch (4 per side) (53/35)

Quick, spicy rounds. Hit the pull-ups unbroken and smoothly linked. Try to move through the push-ups as you fatigue. Find a smooth pace with the snatch.


A. Deficit deadlifts:

Work up to a strong, MODERATELY heavy weight today. Not a chance to max out, but a good way to feel positions.

ALL sets pulled as singles, with a full reset before each rep. Stand on two 25-lb. plates or a higher platform ONLY as form allows.

Goal is to feel strong and tight with the bar, pressing through full foot. You are trying to find a challenging or different way to feel your absolute best position.

If range of motion is limited, this is a great day to actually RAISE the bar off the ground, focusing on bracing and driving through the legs.

B. 3 rounds for time:
400-m run
15 body-weight deadlifts

This one is short, simple, and sweet. These do not have to be unbroken—in fact, 9-6 or similar breakup in later rounds may help you move better while remaining fast.

Weight should be no more than about 60% of your 1-RM deadlift. Scale accordingly!


A. Warm-up

3 Rounds:
45 s on/15 s off
Glute bridge-ups
Side plank left
Single-leg band DL left
Side plank right
Single-leg band DL right

Single side and core warm-up! You should be sweaty by the second round.

B. As many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes:
10-cal row
10 HIGH box jumps (30/24 or higher!)
50-m HEAVY farmers carry
50-foot bear crawl

Rest as needed between jumps and farmers carry. Goal is for each of those to feel HARD and slow you down just a bit, so this isn’t just a straight through grind.

C. Mobility

2 mins/side:
Butt smash (figure 4)
Legs on box—work around sacrum/low back
Lateral hip smash


“The Ghost”

6 rounds of:
1 minute of rowing
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute rest

Try for as many reps as possible of EACH exercise, not just total score. Bonus if you note/beat your scores for each movement, i.e., 15-cal row, 15 burpees, 50 doubles each round …

A minute of rest isn’t much here. You’re pushing your threshold but trying to stay somewhat in control. Start at a pace that feels aggressive but manageable and try to hold on. DO NOT hold back on burpees to protect the double unders—really push yourself to match or beat your early rounds. Sure, you could do 2 fewer burpees and easily make those up, but what’s the fun in that?!


A. Every minute on the minute for 10 rounds:
1 hang squat snatch

(The squat in the squat snatch does NOT count as OHS)

Start with PVC, then empty barbell until squats feel limber.

Add weight and rest between later sets as needed. Work up to a weight slightly OVER what you’ll do for the workout today.

B. Double AMRAP:

6 minutes, as many rounds and reps as possible:
1 hang squat snatch (115/75)
3 overhead squats
50-m run
–Rest 2 mins–

6 minutes, as many rounds and reps as possible:
1 hang squat snatch (75/55)
3 overhead squats
50-m run

MissFit (75/55; 45/35)
Rx+: (135/95; 95/75)

Once again, the squat in the hang squat snatch does NOT count toward the overhead squats! Goal of this is to feel smooth and steady with the barbell. A good “catch” with the snatch will help.

Weight decreases in the second round: You should be feeling “warm” finally and reps should feel smooth and breezy! Make it spicy!


For time:
800-m run
40 pull-ups
40 walking lunges
800-m run
40 toes-to-bars
40 walking lunges
400-m run
20 pull-ups
20 walking lunges
400-m run
20 toes-to-bars
20 walking lunges
-30-minute time cap-

Fun little chipper today! The runs should be enough relief to let your grip recover JUUUUUST a bit! Try to hit the rounds of pull-ups/T2B in less than 3-4 sets and minimize transitions between movements. If you’re feeling beat, this would be a good WOD to tackle in pairs: Run together and split the reps. 🙂

Sunday—TRAIN (or RECOVER!)

“First Cuts” (from the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games)

4 rounds for time:
400-m run
3 rope climbs
7 squat snatches (95/65)

3 legless rope climbs
7 squat snatches 135/95

RxINSANO: squat snatches at 185/130

Running Into a Burning Building

You’re walking through the lobby of your office …

You smell smoke …

You see people fleeing in a panic …

Do you run in to save your co-workers? Or turn tail and run out with them?

Depends on how much you like your co-workers, right?

You’d like to say that you’d run in and be a hero …

But the smart thing to do is to call the fire department …

Let firefighters like Larry or Aaron save the day. You can still get credit for ringing the alarm! 🙂

Most “scary” situations in life are not nearly as life-threatening as they seem.

But we THINK they are.

And we are conditioned as humans to run from them anyway.

For a majority of things in life, this works well.

It’s easier to avoid scary situations if they’re not relevant to your life.

But what if they are?

If something you WANT is on the other side of fear—how do you deal with it?

Do you rationalize it by deciding you don’t want it anymore?

Or do you overcome the fear and do it anyway?

We know how it is the first day you walk through the door at Hale.

No matter how friendly we are, how approachable our members are, how much we tailor the workouts to you …

It’s a strange environment …

Where you’re doing things you’ve never done before …

and everyone looks like they’ve been working out since they could walk …

It’s flipping SCARY!!!

We can talk you through it, put guardrails in place, and guide you to the path that works for you.

But at some point you have to decide …

Will you run away from that fear?

Or run toward it?

When we talked to Ann MaryKenny and Sarah on the podcast, they described how they felt that fear at the beginning …

They said:

“Damn, this is hard … I’d better keep doing it!”

They ran TOWARD the fire instead of away.

And it’s not like it got easier over time.

They still get scared … we all do!

Some days fear can stop anyone.

But by overcoming it most of the time, Ann Mary, Kenny and Sarah got stronger, felt better and lost over 180 lb. between the three of them.

Now THEY are the people that look like they’ve been working out since they could walk.

After 10 years of coaching, we believe the number-one indicator of success is not background or history …

It’s attitude.

You can start anywhere in your fitness journey …

Got 100 lb. to lose? Got a bad back? Haven’t worked out in 15 years?

Doesn’t matter.

If you have the attitude of running toward the fire instead of running away,

You WILL become an athlete.

Coach “fire brigade” Jay


Outdoor Workout: Saturday, August 17th

All athletes and guests welcome; no CrossFit experience required. FREE! Workouts will be at the beach in Marina Bay at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Arrive 15 minutes early to park and walk from the end of Bayside Dr.

From the trail, turn right onto the San Francisco Bay Trail then right again when it splits. Continue for 200 m or so, and you should see us on a long, sandy strip of beach. Maps available at the gym.

Oakland Tri/Classes Cancelled: Sunday, August 18th

If you’re free, please come support the Hale  athletes that are completing the Oakland Triathlon. Here is spectator information.

Jack London Square has a ton of fun options for post-race beer and lunch. 

Note: 8am class and Open Gym are cancelled for this Sunday!

Summer of Skills:

8/14: Shoulder Mobility with Coach Heidi (fix your overhead and front rack positions!)
8/21: Get Your First Strict Pull-Up With Coach Wendy

All clinics at 6:30 p.m.

These are FREE for members.

Is there something you’re dying to learn more of? Please drop a line to heidi@crossfithale.com.

No Excuses Challenge 2019:

YES, we will be running a No Excuses Challenge this year. Save the date to start your meal prep on Sunday, September 8th.

Challenge will officially begin Monday, September 9th. Stay tuned over the next two weeks for more details!

Workouts of the Week


A. Back squat for load:
5 sets of 1 rep

5 sets of the same weight, all at 85-90% of your one-rep max. We’re getting even heavier weight on your back today—goal is to gain some confidence under the bar so when we re-test, it’s not a huge jump.


MissFit: Scale to sets of 5 at a moderately heavy weight—again, working on confidence, but not under something that feels “crushing.”


12-min AMRAP:
9 deadlifts (155/105)
15 wall balls (20/14)
21 double-unders

Deadlifts (135/95)
42 single-unders

Just enough of each movement to feel the burn. Try to keep all movements unbroken and transitions reasonable. Count down in your head as you approach. 5-4-3-2-1, and GET IT!

Rx+: If you break up any of the movements, start the set fresh. (That is, do ALL of your double unders unbroken.)


For time, in pairs:
2,000-m row
120 burpees
1,000-m row
100 pull-ups
500-m row
80 KB snatch (44/26)
(35:00 hard cap)

Ring rows
KB 26/18

*Switch every 250 m on the row. Split other reps any way you want!

This one is a bit of an enduro workout—aim for big sets on the pull-ups to start, and quick transitions and communication between you and your partner.

KB snatch is a bit of skill work at the end. Scale to DB hang snatch if you feel like it’s sketchy.



12 mins for Quality:
5/side prone twist
5 candlestick roll to squat
5 big arm circles backward/5 big arm circles forward
5/side lateral box step-ups
50-m jog

Get Sweaty:

15 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible:
1 Turkish get-up per side
30 jump rope skips per leg (ONE LEG at a time! or 100 with both feet)
20 alternating V-ups

Choose a weight that’s challenging for the TGU, or consider moving up and trying another weight if it feels too easy!

Lots of single arm/leg stuff today. Find your balance!


2 mins/side couch stretch
2 mins/side delt smash (against wall)
2 mins/side tricep smash


A. 10 minutes to build to a “heavy for today” SQUAT clean + jerk

Keep those great mechanics you’ve learned in the skills sessions—this is “heavy but feels good,” NOT “heaviest ever with sketchy footwork.”

If you need to, drop some weight if things get sketchy, then work back up.

B. For time:
30 squat clean + jerks

**Complete 5 burpees after each 5 reps of clean and jerk. Workout ENDS with 5 burpees as well.

Today is a TRAINING day—that means if your touch-and-go clean and jerks get scrappy, you’re better off setting up for a fast single each time and chasing good movement patterns than doing sketch reps!

MissFit: 115/75


A. Handstand Skill Work

Every minute on the minute for 10 rounds:
5 sit-ups
+ 10-20 s of handstand practice

Wall walk
-3 strict pull-ups
-Freestanding handstand
-Handstand walk

Take a minute off as needed. No score on this one; just practice good positions under some core fatigue!

B. CrossFit Games: “Ringer 1”

For time:
Cal bike/row

We’ll run this one in heats with a HARD CAP at 10 minutes. Sub toes-to-bar or straight leg raises for T2R as needed.

Should be fast and spicy. Dig in on the bike and try to keep big sets on the T2R.

Saturday—GUEST DAY at the Beach!

In pairs:
25 minutes, as many rounds and reps as possible:
Run to end of beach and back (together)
30 “log” clean to shoulder
50 “log” lunges

Rx+: Carry log on run.

We’ll meet at the beach in Marina Bay for this one. Wear layers of clothes you don’t mind getting sandy. You’ll get a good, constant sweat by running together. Share the weight of the log movements.


Take the day off! Come watch the Oakland Tri and hang out for post-race fun.

If you’re antsy to get moving:

5k run for time. Post time to SugarWOD 🙂

Living Better Podcast – Ep. 45 – Coach Heidi Gets Real

In this episode, Hale coach Heidi shares her journey from athlete to overweight to CrossFit coach.

Coach Heidi Gets Real

Coach Heidi has been an athlete all her life: Dance. Biking. Baseball. Football. Rugby. Swimming. Volleyball. Basketball. Skiing. Snowboarding.

But that doesn’t mean she’s never struggled with her fitness.

Shortly before joining Hale in 2013, Heidi had reached her highest body weight ever: 200 lb. You might look at what she can do now and think, “No way. She doesn’t understand the struggle,” but we assure you, she does—even now.

“As a coach, unless you are being coached, it’s hard to get to that scary place sometimes. You can do just enough. I don’t always push,” she admitted.

That’s why even coaches need coaches.

Heidi described being inspired by Coach Wendy to track her macros more carefully; today, Heidi’s at the lowest body-fat percentage of the past three years.

That inspiration is one of the reasons she decided to become a coach herself.

“The things you can’t see in yourself that others can,” she said. “And this is a big part of why I love being a coach: You can see the faces people make, you can see the little glimmers of fear or hope or excitement or all of those things, and you are not always self-aware enough to see them in yourself.”

It’s not about perfection, she continued. It’s about effort.

“Find something you can nail down and be confident in,” she said. “Find momentum. Do one very simple thing and do it really well, until that feels easy. Then you can take off a bigger chunk.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How even coaches like Heidi struggle with their fitness.
  • How committing to precise nutrition and accountability helped Heidi take her fitness to the next level.
  • Why Coach Heidi thinks you should be a grizzly bear.

Links and resources for this episode:

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so much for checking out our podcast!

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Living Better Podcast – Ep. 44 – Becoming Coach Dave

In this episode, Hale coach Dave shares how he went from member to coach and what he’s learned along the way.

Becoming Coach Dave

You’ve seen him at the front of class.

Maybe he’s cued you through a technical lift or high-fived you after a PR. Or maybe you’ve watched him overhead squat and wished you could move like that; be as athletic as him.

But he wasn’t always so at home in the gym.

“I’d walk in there and be very confused and scared of what to do,” he said of working out years ago in a conventional gym.

He was still intimidated when he joined Hale about four years ago, watching athletes do pull-ups and lift big weights while he could barely press 65 lb.

“I don’t want to be the weakest one,” he thought.

But he kept coming back. Soon, he realized everyone at Hale—coaches and members alike—was helpful and supportive.

Things started to click.

“Once it clicks, you realize the fun in it, and you’re accomplishing these things,” he said.

Today, Dave’s got a 175-lb. press—and even better, he’s the one helping others accomplish their goals.

“Give us a shot,” he said. “Check out CrossFit Hale, because (in) the environment here, I think you’d have a hard time not prospering.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Dave kept training at Hale even though he was intimidated at first.
  • How he made piece with scaling workouts.
  • Why Dave continues to pursue tough challenges—like becoming a coach.

Links and resources for this episode:

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so much for checking out our podcast!

Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below, or email us.

If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Subscribe via iTunes.

Subscribe via Stitcher.

Do you have a burning question you want answered? Click here and share it with us!