Teen Titans Summer Camp 2019

Teen Titans Summer Camp, 2019 is almost here!!

June 24-28, from 9am-4pm teens ages 13-18 will spend the week going in-depth in all of the CrossFit movements: power lifting, bodyweight movements, gymnastics, agility, power, speed, even swimming, strongman movements, and obstacle course work.

At camp our teens learn about how to use nutrition as fuel, sleep for recovery and maximum brain power (i.e. better grades in school), goal setting, positive body image, and how to create balanced workouts. We also have the time to really perfect movement and greatly increase their performance.

In past years, our teens have said that after camp their form is so strong that the weights on their lifts go up substantially, they are faster, they have better endurance, and they feel confident participating in new summer activities like entering a 5K race or going rock climbing.

Part of each day of camp the teens learn how to program a workout to make it meet safety standards, be fun, and fit the performance goal of the workout. Then they create a workout that the 4:30pm CrossFit class will do and the teens will help coach! Everyone is welcome to attend and stay afterwards to snack on the food the teens make during the day.

Here are videos from the 2017 and 2018 Teen Titans Camp workouts.

If you have a teen that would like to attend, please email Coach Katie at Katie@CrossFitHale.com

Also, we have a new video up that explains the Teen Titans ongoing class. Please check it out here and share it with friends. h

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