The 4 things successful people do at Hale

Getting in shape is not easy.  It can be challenging physically and mentally, and forces you to face some harsh realities that many people would choose to go their whole lives without ever addressing.

People that see success with us are a different breed, and it has nothing to do with their athletic background or physical prowess.

Here are four things we’ve seen successful people do at Hale:

1) They stop looking for quick fixes.

Even if you start with a very specific and short term goal (lose 20 lbs, fit into a dress, run a half marathon), you eventually realize fitness is not easily solved with a 30 day challenge.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these challenges, we’ve use them and they work to get us unstuck or out of a rut. However, to get long term results, you have to find a way to integrate new habits into your life long term.

2) They care about learning

We do tell you what to do when you come in for class, but it’s more like a university class than a military boot camp.

We expect you to ask questions and wonder why. We don’t want you to follow our theories mindlessly and just accept that it’s going to work.

It’s why we coach you in the classes, tell you the workouts ahead of time, and publish so many blog posts and YouTube videos. When you learn more about why you’re doing things, you approach it with more intention and you get a lot more out of it.

3) They use performance as a measure of success.

Almost everyone would love to lose a few pounds or see their six pack…but when you’re 80 years old, you’ll be a lot more interested in your ability to get out of a chair and take your grandkids to the park.

Losing weight is a fun game to play, but it’s not life.

Once you are in a healthy range, how much weight do you have to lose to be truly happy? How thin do you really need to be?

However, learning how to do a push up, climb a rope, or lift some weights is a fun and validating use of your body. If you can train and learn to run a 5k or do a pull up, does it really matter if you weigh an extra 10 lbs?

Take a look around you…In real life (not in Instagram), not on Instagram, the fittest people people you know are almost all athletes.

They aren’t trying to LOOK like athletes, they actually do real things that look like sports.

Unless your job is to look good for TV or magazines, it’s really hard to stay motivated long term to only improve your physical appearance.

Focus on improving what you and your body can do and you will not only lose weight and look better, but fitness stays interesting and fun.

4) They make the habits more important than the result.

The first thing we say to you is “just show up”. In fact, we do our best to try and replace whatever goal you had coming in with a habit of showing up 3 times per week.

Humans are wired for immediate gratification, even though most rewards in life only come from delayed gratification. How do you reach your goal of losing 20 lbs (delayed gratification) when that cheese and crackers are staring you in the face (immediate gratification)?

You have to align your long term goals with short term rewards.

That’s why we focus on habits! If we can get you to change your goal to showing up 3 times per week, you get immediate gratification each time you come in, because you are achieving your goal.

Once you establish that habit and cast enough votes for your healthy self, you can start adding more habits that cast additional votes…eating a good breakfast, sleeping 7-8 hours per night, adding an extra day of training.

Each of these daily habits is celebrated (immediate gratification), and it eventually leads to your long term goal.

Coach “habits first” Jay

PS – For more info/reference, check out “Atomic Habits” by James Clear


Summer Guest Days: 1st and 3rd Saturdays

On Saturday, 5/18 we’ll have an OUTDOOR guest day, 8am and 9am. Family and friends welcome; workouts will be suitable (and scalable) for all levels. Location TBD.

Assessment Days: Monday 5/13-Wednesday 5/15

Please see the athlete levels document here or at the gym for more information on what you’re aiming for. We’ll test 3 skills + a workout each day. This is not a pass/fail or do or die test. This is, however, a great way to create some goals to be a well rounded athlete if there are some areas you crush versus some you could use work.

Memorial Day Murph: Monday, 5/27

Mark your calendars! This is one we look forward to EVERY year. Whether this is your first or fifth time, we’ll have plenty of scaling options available.

Teens Camp: June 24th-28th

Teens 13-18 are invited to spend a week learning about fitness, health, nutrition, and positive body image. Past activities have included pool workouts and interactive meal prep. Each day will be a mix of exercise (suitable for all levels; modifications provided) and activities or talks aimed to build confidence and healthy habits.

Space is limited. Please email coach Katie for more info. 

Workouts for the Week


10 rounds for time of:
4 chest to bar pull ups
10 dumbbell push press 50/35
100 m run

MissFit – 8 jumping pull ups, 30/20 lbs

Rx+ 2 bar muscle ups instead of C2B pull ups

Training day – Keeping the reps on the pull ups low so you can get through them quickly. If you don’t have pull ups, scake to jumping pull ups so you get the cardio effect. If you’re really feeling it, try for bar muscle ups, and scale down to c2b if needed.


A. Front Squat

Start at 60% and work up to 75%. DO NOT FAIL ANY SETS.

Training day – start at 60% of your 1 rep for the first set of 5, and add each set until you get to 75% for the last one. DO NOT GO FOR A NEW 5 REP MAX. The goal is to work with heavy load and do not fail.

B. 6 rounds of 90 secs on, 90 secs off

30 double unders
7 Front squats 135/95
Max burpees over bar in remaining time

MissFit – 95/65
Rx+ – 155/105

Select the weight for part B that allows you to do all the front squats unbroken. Scale for the double unders on this one is 1:1 single unders, so just do 30 singles if you don’t have doubles. Score is total number of burpees each round!


A. 15 mins for quality:
200m run/row
Lizard walk —>
5 yoga push ups
Crab walk <—
3/side scorpions

B. 18 min alt EMOM:
min 1. 1 Turkish Get Up/side
min 2. 15 KB swings
min 3. Bear crawl

Score is load on TGU. Other movements will make TGU a bit harder–really work to stabilize! If you’re super confident with these already, up the weight OR use a different object–slam ball, barbell, dumbbell, etc

C. 2 min/side partner tricep smash
2 min/side partner adductor smash


Barbell Complex Prep

A: 7 min EMOM
3 squat cleans

B: 7 min EMOM
1 strict press, 1 push press, 1 jerk

C: 5 min EMOM
1 clean + 2 jerk

D. Work up to a heavy set of – 1 clean + 2 Jerk

Training Day – goal is to work up to a heavy set of 1 clean and 2 jerk as a complex. You want to keep working until you feel comfortable with the weight, and add until you feel slightly uncomfortable. Your score will be the highest weight you successfully complete of the complex

E. For time: 50/30 cal bike

The last part is just a spicy sprint to see how fast you can get the bike cranking


20 min amrap
2 rope climbs
4 strict ring dips
6 strict pull ups
8 push ups
10 cal row
12 burpees

Training Day – Pull, then push, working from tougher movements to easier ones as we go today. This workout will force you to keep a steady pace rather than trying to go all out, as your arms will fatigue. Look at this one as a chance to practice all these movements under a little fatigue



6 rounds for time of:
400m run
12 push press 95/65
12 box jumps 24/20
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65

Rx + Carry sandbag for runs + 115/75 for push press

Perform Day – Goal is to go as hard as you can, do as many rounds unbroken as you can, and really push on this one. You should not have to rest on any of the movements, so pick a weight that allows you to keep moving


A. 3 Rounds:
10 cal row
8 split squats/side (control your way down for 3 count!)
10 cat cow
12 slow mountain climbers (1 is 1)

B. 12 min AMRAP:
DB Hang Power Cleans (40/25)
DB Walking Lunges (at sides)
Burpee over DB

To scale down further, use light DB and ditch them for the lunges

C. 2 mins/side scap scrub
(hold slam ball or 25# plate above chest & rotate)
2 mins/side pec/trap smash against pull up rig

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