The pendulum of life

You ever feel like you’re just “going through it?”

Nothing is going right, you’re failing left and right, the people in your life are letting you down…or things out of your control are happening.

In helping a friend going through this recently, I was reminded of an analogy I’ll share with you.

“Life, growth, and achievement work like a pendulum. On one side you have failure, rejection, pain and sadness. But on the other side, you have success, victory, joy and happiness.”

“Over time, most people figure out how to operate in a narrow comfort zone. They only allow the pendulum to swing a small distance into pain and rejection and failure; thus, they only experience the same small degree of joy and success on the other side.”

– Darren Hardy, from The entrepreneur roller coaster

Whether you’re way down or way up, eventually the pendulum will swing back to the other side.

But the real juice of this analogy is when you start to think to yourself….

if I REALLY want to be successful, I have to go out and FAIL.

Your biggest successes and happiness always have a close relation to your biggest failures.

In the gym, if you’re trying to learn how to do a pull up, you’re going to have to fail a whole bunch of times before you finally find success.

Even if your goal is to lose 15 lbs, you’re probably NOT going to get it right the first time.

What if the next time you’re aiming to reach a goal or learn a skill, you look for ways to FAIL at it?

Each failure can take you one step closer to success, and the pendulum will swing back the other way.

If you are looking for a way to succeed (or fail) at getting fit, come see us –
Coach “keep swinging” Jay

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