Welcome back, welcome back

Wel…come baaack

I’ve finally figured out why there’s so much traffic in September.


Vacations are done, summer almost over, and school is in session.

At Hale, we are preparing some cool stuff to welcome you and your family back to the gym (especially if it’s been a while).

Here’s what’s happening.


Gymnastics with a pro

For 6 weeks, starting Wed Aug 30 at 7:30, Mark Freeman, assistant coach at Cal gymnastics, will be joining us for some gymnastic skill sessions. The focus is going to be on things like handstands, ring work, pulling, etc. It’s suitable for ALL levels of people who want to learn some new techniques and improve strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

ALL of your coaches will be attending this session, so during the 6 weeks, we will have open gym sessions at 7:30pm on Wednesdays for anyone who wants to do the workouts (but no classes)

Mark is a world class gymnast, cirque du soleil performer, and most recently has worked with hundreds of regular people like you and me to help them gain gymnastic skill.

In a test session he did with us, he got us all upside down in freestanding handstands in 90 mins.

It’s only $150 for 6 weeks, you do NOT want to miss this.

Sign up now by replying here and saying “I’m in”!


MissFit challenge

Our next Missfit Challenge starts Sept 11. It’s 6 weeks of training, including goal setting sessions, InBody scans, and accountability for nutrition.

We’ve learned a few things about the RIGHT way to run a challenge, and there are a few changes we’ve put in place to make sure you get the maximum results during the 6 weeks.

Click below to find out more and get yourself signed up



Masters class (50+)

One of our most popular requests has been for a class focused on the needs of people 50+, so we are exploring the idea of doing a Masters program focused on strength, mobility, and improving body function

IN order to do this properly, however, we need your feedback. If this is something you might be interested in, please fill out our survey below and let us know your thoughts about times, things to cover, and how you want this thing run.

Click here for the survey.


No excuses challenge

September is also when we start our No Excuses challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge designed to help you clean up your diet, get more consistent with your training, and look after your sleep and recovery.

This year, Inbody scans before and after, and a video course to help spice it up and keep you on track.

We do a baseline workout at the beginning and end, and finish with a party to wrap it all up.

The whole thing starts Sept 19, and it’s $69 to participate.

Sign up by replying and saying “Im in!”


Labor day

Sept 4, Labor day, we’re running 8 and 9am classes only, Mark it down!


Other stuff

—> The new morning schedule is 5:45 and 6:45am. Thank you morning folks for helping out with our experiment

—> For August, we made a few changes in the programming, did you notice?
In the CrossFit Classes, we’ve focused a bit more on strength and skill, with simple workouts to finish, and the MissFitters have had a bit more quality time with the barbell.

If you loved it (or hated it) reply and let me know what you think

—> We are considering a 4:30pm class, would that work for you? Reply and let us know!


That’s it for now, hope you’re having a great day!

Coach Jay

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