Why NFL Linemen have the best job

Watched a little football with my daughter yesterday.

I used to play a little, but I have to say I enjoy watching it a LOT more than playing nowadays

The game (Vikings/Seahawks) was 20 degrees below zero! Everyone was bundled up and could see their breath.

On the field, almost everyone looked miserable, and during the breaks, they were covering their hands and huddling up at the heaters. I gotta imagine the ball felt like a brick and the ground felt like concrete.nfl_g_chargers_bengals_580

But one group of guys looked like it was just a normal day…The dudes on the offensive and defensive lines.

You know, the biggest guys…the ones that have to get in the three point stance and slam into each other on every play….A lot of them weren’t even wearing sleeves to keep warm!!

I think their toughness comes from the fact that their job kinda sucks.

You are locking horns with the guy across from you every play…getting poked, pulled, jabbed, and slammed around…and you never score a touchdown.

You learn to embrace the suckiness of the job, so what difference does a little cold weather make?

It’s kinda like the feeling when you’re doing a long workout.

When you are in the middle of it and realize you have more work in front of you than behind…you have a choice…

Either complain to yourself about how many rounds or reps there are to go, how much you hate the coach, how insane you are for doing this, or just flat out quit.

Or you embrace the fact that it sucks, and just focus on one step or one rep at a time until it’s done.

Those are the best workouts…

Those NFL lineman LOVE the cold days, because the ones who embrace it the most usually have the biggest impact on the outcome of the game.

And despite the outcome, they’ll always remember it because they played as hard as they could in the worst conditions.

Sometimes you have to face some big adversity to get to your goal…in fact, if you DON’T face adversity at some point, the goal will seem hollow if you reach it.

It’s going to be hard, don’t believe anyone who says it’s easy!

Luckily you have access to 120+ people who know what it’s like to do that on a daily basis, and can help you when you want to quit.

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Coach “embrace the suck” Jay

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Workout of the Day:

Skills: Back squat, air squat

Workout of the Day:
Back Squats

7 – 7 – 7

warm up to 110% of last week’s 10 and do

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


10 min squat test

Coaches Notes:
Use last week’s 5 x 10 as your guide for today.

10 min squat test is simple. Get down to the bottom of an air squat and hold it


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