Why you hatin, coach?

You ever have a coach tell you to do LESS?

less weight, less reps, less speed


Our coaches are just as likely to tell you to slow down as we are to tell you to go harder.

It’s not because we hate you…

Or we are trying to hold you back.

If you find your coach scaling you down, it’s usually because of.

1. Lack of Movement quality –

We want you to master the movement before adding intensity or weight. This goes to safety and performance.
If you don’t learn to move well at light weights, you will never learn to move well at heavier weights. Learn poor movement patterns and repeat them often and you’ll end up with injuries. If you want to stay injury free AND perform better, you might need to scale down.

2. To preserve the stimulus fo the workout –

Heavier weights and harder movements does NOT mean the workout is harder. When the goal of the workout is for you sprint for 9 mins, are you still sprinting if you finish in 25 mins?

It’s never random, and it’s never personal.

In the workouts for the week (posted below), you’ll find some suggestions on how to approach each day which can give you some clues on how to scale (up or down).

Check them out.

Go Crush it this week!

Coach Jay

PS – if you are still unsure, please ask! It’s your coaches job to make sure you’re getting a good workout every day.


Hale Open–Fridays from 2/22-3/22

The Hale Open is back! Show up each Friday for a challenging and FUN workout. We’ll follow the workouts of the CrossFit Games Open, so it’ll be a surprise until the day before! We’ll align with the same AM vs PM teams as last year . Choose wisely based on when you show up most Fridays!… or with whichever of your swolemates are the most convincing.

$30 gets you a T-Shirt in your team color. Remaining proceeds will be donated to the winning team’s charity of choice. Points will be awarded for those performing the workout (and logging into Sugar WOD), spirit, and various challenges. Sign up sheet is on the front desk.

Do YOU work with a local charity? We’d love to support the causes closest to our Hale family. Please email heidi@crossfithale.com with info or with any other questions.

Holiday Schedule: Monday, Feb 18th – 8am and 9am only; no teens class

Spartan Race – Mar 17 @ 8am at Diablo Grande (San Jose)

Get outside and test your skills at the Spartan Sprint race in San Jose with us!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race (3 miles) with a bunch of obstacles like rope climbs, wall climbs, atlas stones, etc that test a lot more than just your ability to run.

It’s PERFECT for Halers, because you’re training so many different things, you’re going to get to see what you’re capable of out in the wild.

Price ranges from $99-$129 per person, but we found a GROUPON and it’s only $59.00 click here to book it! https://www.groupon.com/deals/gl-spartan-race-44

If you sign up, coach Mae is going to run a FREE prep course for members to go through how to attack some of the obstacles, and how to improve your running technique. That course will be run Wednesdays from 2/20 to 3/15 at 5:30pm.

The price of the race goes up as the date approaches, and we don’t know when the groupon runs out. Sign up, add yourself to the CrossFit Hale team, and pick 10:15am as your start time on Sunday.


Workouts for the Week


On the 4:00 x 6 Rounds:
12 Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)
12 Burpees Over Dumbbell
12 x 10 Meter Shuttle Runs

Score is Slowest Round

This one is about speed and power. Move at a steady pace and rhythm through snatches–bobbles and wobbles will slow you down. Stay low on the burpees and go HARD. Good transitions and run quickly through shuttles. 

Basically, a skilled DB movement plus a “let’s see how fast I can push on this cardio.” Then rest & repeat. Go HARD (think 85-90% on your first set, and try to keep pace–you should have about 2 mins rest each round to recovery. 


9 Power Cleans (155/105)
24 Push Ups
9 Front Squats (155/105)
12 Strict Pull-ups

Heavy-ish barbell and strict upper body strength work today. You’re looking for a great, solid set up and landing on the cleans–these should feel SMOOTH. Break ’em into smaller sets or fast singles as needed. Hit the squats unbroken :). There’s no need to force the pace today, as the pull ups and push ups will slow you down. 


A. Push Jerk
Build to a Heavy 3

B. AMRAP 15:
60 Double Unders
200m Run
10 Push Jerks (165/110)

After yesterday’s barbell work, the overhead today should feel both comfortable to pick up but MORE heavy, since you’re going overhead. If you’ve got the 10 unbroken (or MAAAAYYYBE), try to hit it for at least the first round as a skill goal. From there, break up into 2 sets if needed.

Your strategy on the double unders (don’t FRY YOUR SHOULDERS) and run will set you up for the push jerks. If barbell things are your jam, push on the cardio. If cardio is your jam, push for bigger sets on the barbell. Use part A to find your finesse–dropping under into a good receiving position and bringing the bar down to your shoulders will transfer over to your bigger sets well.


A. 10 min EMOM: 1 Turkish Get Up

B. For time (but for GOOD MOVEMENT)
30 KB Swings (53/35–Russian!)
30 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
3 TGU/side
20 KB Swings
20 Sit Ups
2 TGU/side
10 KB Swings
10 Sit Ups
1 TGU/side

The Turkish Get Up is the absolute BEST for exposing you to all of the challenging positions–overhead, lunging, sitting up, etc–all while requiring absolute focus and stability.

Goal today: own your positions. Ask yourself, “Can I pause here?” on each position in the TGU. You should be comfortable enough to pause for 2-3 breaths in each SET position, or it’s like you’re not quite stable enough. Do not rush today. 

Somewhat of a recovery day–you’ll leave feeling better, stronger, and more mobile. 


For Time:
21 – 15 – 9
Row Calories (Women: 15-10-5)
Front Squats (95/65)

15 – 12 – 9
Toes to Bar
Hang Squat Cleans (95/65)

12 – 9 – 6
Burpees over Bar
Thrusters (95/65)

This one is a total body combo of gymnastics and front squat movements. Legs! Yay!

Lots of movements today, but you’ll find a general pattern and flow with the barbell. Each movement is a transition into a slightly more difficult (but lower rep!) version of a front squat.  It’s a longer effort today–plan on a steady pace throughout. If you struggle with one movement (i.e. toes to bar), have a plan to keep moving!



Teams of 3
For Time (30 Minute Time Cap):
120 Power Snatches (75/55)
120 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
12 Rope Climbs
90 Power Snatches (95/65)
90 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 Rope Climbs
60 Power Snatches (115/75)
60 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
6 Rope Climbs
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
3 Rope Climbs

Another team workout with increasing weight today. Strategize to your teammates’ strengths as weight gets heavier. Perhaps it’s longer sets/longer rest on the barbell, or singles. Things may change as you go, but communicate and have fun!


For time:
800m run
30 slam balls (25/15)
30 walking lunges
400m run
20 slam balls
20 walking lunges
200m run
10 slam balls
10 walking lunges

This one is a simple, mostly bodyweight workout. Goal is to ACCELERATE under fatigue. With runs and reps getting shorter, muscle fatigue should be a little less mentally challenging, so you should feel like you can push a bit faster through each set. 


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