Working your way back

Had a quick catch up with one of my favorite people yesterday.

She had taken December off of Hale and was telling me how hard the first week back was.

When you take a break like that, it can be tough to get back.

You feel fat and tubby.

After your first workout, you are more sore than you can remember ever being before.

And you get frustrated.
Pissed that you can’t lift what you lifted before.

Pissed that the 800 meter hill feels like a mountain.

Pissed that you can’t do more than a few push ups or pull ups…

You start to tell yourself “it’s not that important to be in shape, right?”

This is the reality that hits people around week 2 or 3 of their New Years resolutions.

They are working harder than ever before, and aren’t seeing immediate results, or aren’t as good as they had been in the past…

Before they know it, they’ve quit again.

telling themselves – “i’m not some fitness nut, those people are crazy”

“I’ve got other priorities right now…work is busy and my family needs me!”

Rather than changing their reality to match their expectations….

They change their expectations to match their reality.

^^^^^^^ (You’ve never done this before, have you?)

It’s a vicious cycle that I know all too well.

So what to do about it?

Here are a few tips that help me…

1) SHOW UP – Just get your ass to the gym…

90% of success is just showing up!

once you’re over the hump of a week or two, the shock starts to wear off and your body adapts

2) BETTER THAN YESTERDAY – focus on being a little better than yesterday.

not better than your best ever…

or better than you could have been if you’d done xyz.

Just do one more push up, lift one more pound, or go 1% harder than yesterday and you will see progress

3) GET HELP – I have a business coach, accountability partners, a mobility coach, a message therapist…

I can’t tell you how big of a difference it makes….rather than having to figure everything out on my own, I am able to set goals and just show up and do the work.

It’s crazy how many people say they want something but aren’t willing to invest in themselves to get it.


If you’re ready to get stronger, lose weight, and double your energy, let me show you how.

Book a free No sweat intro here –

Coach “changing reality” Jay

PS – construction starts today! New showers and changing rooms, as well as a treatment room and a bigger, better kids room! Should be done in 4-6 weeks…it’s gonna be epic!

PPS – Reminder, prices go up for new members by 20% in just 3 weeks.

Announcements: Construction has begun on the showers and changing rooms, note that you won’t have access to the bathroom and kids room for the month of Jan. Please plan accordingly.

Workout of the Day:

sit ups

Workout of the Day:
5 rounds

2 min on, 2 min off:

400m run
5 burpees
10 sit ups

score is number of reps you get each round
Coaches Notes:
this one is all about the run…even if you don’t make the burpees and sit ups, go for it on the run and write down your time.

If 400m in 2 mins is too aggressive for you, scale to 200m

with whatever time you have left, do as many rounds of 5 burpees and 10 sit ups as possible, and write down your number of reps each round as your score

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