Your Program for Spring

Spring has sprung. The sun has returned and seems to be showing it’s face for more than a teaser day between storms. Yay!

The change of seasons feels like it’s bringing in a wave of new things. Flowers blooming. More daylight. More motivation (Maybe it’s just me? Or maybe not. Looks like Coach Cullen is making GAINZ lately) to get out of the house and do things.

It’s a great time to focus on your training in prep for what Summer has to come. Vacations. Hikes. Alcatraz Swim (September 21st… join me!). Really, all of your outdoor activities.

This week, you get a preview of what’s to come in the next 12 weeks. Coach Jay has put together another great video explaining the focus of this cycle and a few specific workouts to look forward to. Check it out!

Some highlights:

  • Guest Day every 1st Saturday
  • Outdoor/park/beach WODs every 3rd Saturday (typo in the video!)
  • Testing week May 13th-15th
  • Memorial Day Murph (tradition 5 years running)
  • Hero Challenge July 1st-4th

Training days (3-4/week):

  • 2x/week strength. One dynamic (oly lift, push press) and one more static or strict (back squat, bench press, deadlift); one upper body, one lower body in MOST weeks
  • 1-2 gymnastics skills/week (pistols, muscle ups, pull ups, etc)
  • Metcons skewed to the longer side with moderate weight, because…

Perform days (1-2/week):

  • Hero WOD or benchmark 1x/week or more
  • Hero WODs like Murph, Sakai, DG, LumberJack 20, Tommy V
  • These are often tests of mental toughness and stamina, though a few are short and spicy.
  • “Hero Challenge” leading into July 4th. 4 Hero WODs in 4 days. It’ll be fun!!

Recovery days (2/week):

  • Start with active warm up; roughly 15 minutes of good quality movement, accessory work (some single leg/arm work, or variations to help complement main lifts), and often, core work
  • Each day will aim to work on a specific body part that either needs some work BEFORE some upcoming workouts or needs recovery after a particularly brutal day. Hips, back, knees, shoulders…let’s get all your joints moving better!
  • You’ll still get sweaty: usually a 15-20 minute piece designed to be done at 50-60% effort but still get you breathing hard. No heavy lifting. If you’ve missed days in a week, there will be options to scale UP.
  • We’ll end with some programmed mobility. You’ll learn some more tricks to add to your existing practice!

In last week’s video, Coach Jay explained a bit more about the general format for our upcoming programming. Train. Perform. Recover. If you missed it, check it out here. 


Outdoor WOD at Albany Middle School/Cougar Field: Saturday 4/20 at 8am and 9am. Guests welcome!

Guest Day at Hale: Saturday May 4th: 8am and 9am

Workouts for the Week:


Sit Ups
200m run between rounds

MissFit: Strict OH press (30/20)

Training day: goal is to test your skill with the HSPU or strict press under fatigue. Your ability to keep HS together will be challenged by the midline work (sit ups) AND breathing hard (run). If HSPU feel great, do them unbroken. If you choose DB press, choose a HEAVY weight (you can do 5, but NOT 10). Spicy! (25 min cap)


10 rounds:
Max effort bike/row in 10-15s
2 front squat at 70-80% 1RM

Score = heaviest squat

Training day. Can you squat when you’re tired? Work up to a “sporty” weight in the warm up, then grab a machine and go. Aim to start each section on the top of the minute. For “max effort,” we are measuring max wattage and SPEED. Get to your top speed as soon as possible, and as soon as it drops off, you’re done. Add weight as you go and aim to hit 70-80% of your 1RM, or until it becomes challenging to hold your midline together.


AMRAP in 20 minutes
30 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
20 Push Press (115/75 lb)
30 Pull-Ups

MissFit: step ups, (75/55), ring rows

Performance day! This is our first Hero WOD of spring. Pick a weight/scaling you can do for at least 10 reps of each movement–you’ll have to break this one up early and often, so have a strategy to keep moving QUICKLY. If you have a few pull ups, but not a ton, you may treat this as a practice day, doing sets of 2-5 until you get to 30 each round. If you’re great at these movements, aim for 3-6 rounds. 

Oakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Mark Dunakin, and Officer John Hege. Daniel is survived by wife Jenni and daughter Jojiye.


A. 5 rounds:
10 lunge w/reach
15 cal row
20 hollow rocks

B. 18 min AMRAP:
10 DB step ups (left)
10 bent over row (left)
5 strict T2B
10 DB step ups (right)
10 bent over row (right)
5 strict T2B

MissFit: Sub laying Toes 2 DumbBell

C. 2 mins/side lat smash & deltoid smash
5 min gut smash

Recovery day: move smoothly and slowly through each of the EMOMS. Your goal is about 50% effort. Pick a weight that allows you to go unbroken on all movements. If this is a training day for you, go heavier on part B to challenge the step ups.


A. Power Clean:
3-3-2-2 (warm up)


B. Power Clean:

In each set of (7) SINGLE power cleans, you’ll be adding weight and working up to a heavy single, then working back DOWN. In part A, aim for SUPER HEAVY or go until you are unable to lift the weight. In part B, aim to hit 90-95% of this top weight, then work back to start.

Goal of today is to work on POSITIONS and accumulate good quality work at heavy weights.


Meet at Cougar Field/Albany Middle School track. Guests are welcome to join!

6 Rounds For Time
24 Air Squats
24 Push-Ups
24 Walking Lunges
400 meter Run

Pair up as needed to tackle this one. This one is great for endurance and stamina (hi, legs!).

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on June 24, 2010 in Jelewar, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife, First Sergeant Jennifer Loredo; his daughter, Laura Isabelle; his stepdaughter, Alexis; and his son, Eduardo Enrique.


A. 5 Rounds:
10s ring hold (top)
5s ring hold (bottom)
5 strict ring dips

(add band/ring push ups as needed)

B. 20 min AMRAP:
10 seated strict press (45/35)
10/side 1-arm KB swings
30 cal row

C. 2 mins/side low back smash
2 mins/side hip smash
2 mins/side hamstring smash

Recovery day. Working on some basic ring work, accessory work, and smashing. The row will make up the bulk of your time on the AMRAP. Find a way to breathe!

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