Athlete Spotlight: Shoshana K.

At CrossFit Hale, we like to give a public shout out to folks we feel epitomize our core values: consistency, hard work, positive attitude, overcoming of fears or obstacles and community spirit.

We are lucky enough to have a gym full of amazing people and today we are shining a spotlight on Shoshana!

Shoshana started at CrossFit Hale with a MissFit Challenge. She is so consistent to her classes that if she is not there, everyone asks where she is. You will usually find that she just took a different class that day in order to fit her workout in around her schedule. Shoshana has set goals throughout the year and crushed them, most notably her goal of bench pressing her kids combined weight. She also is a great encourager of other athletes, cheering them on during workouts.

Let’s get to know Shoshana a little bit better!

Age: 40, this month!

Day job:  Controller for a staffing company

Dream job: Astronaut, but I think that one has passed me by.

Can you give us some of your benchmark stats? Deadlift 105, Bench press 90, 4 rope climbs in one workout.

What is your athletic/fitness background? Grew up playing softball, pitched in high school.  (Thanks Dad for all the practice.)…… But not a whole lot since those days.

What’s your biggest strength in the gym? Showing up.  At the beginning of the year, my job downsized and I decided to take advantage and have been coming in 5 days a week.

Biggest weakness? Pushing myself to add more weight in my workouts.

What’s your drink? Coffee, wine and water not all together, although the other day I rediscovered the joy of lemon drops.

What is your current fitness goal? I really want to bench press 100 lbs. by my 40th birthday and maintain this drive. (UPDATE: Shoshana surpassed that goal, bench pressing 105 lbs.!) I would also love to get 5 toes to rings at one time and be able to kick up to handstand.

What do you enjoy most about Hale? The community and coaches. From the first day,  Hale members welcomed me in and cheered me on. I never felt so instantly welcomed. The coaches have been fantastic at teaching me the correct form and giving me the confidence to try everything.

What are some improvements you have made since joining Hale? I eat better and pay more attention when am out at a restaurant or party. When I started, I did the Whole30 for the first time and found I really enjoyed it. I’ve added some things back, such as creamer in my coffee, and a nice glass of wine sometimes, but I found my snacks are just as enjoyable now but much healthier.

Any advice for those new to or considering Hale? Do it, and do it now. Stick with it. You really do get what you put in.

Most importantly, what do you think is the greatest SPORT MOVIE of all time? Toss-up between Wildcats and Jerry Maguire.

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