• Your Program for Spring

    14 April 2019 Heidi

    Spring has sprung. The sun has returned and seems to be showing it’s face for more than a teaser day between storms. Yay! The change of seasons feels like it’s bringing in a wave of new things. Flowers bloomi…

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  • Train. Perform. Recover.

    7 April 2019 Heidi

    It’s Sunday. You’re looking at the workouts for the week ahead. You’re thinking about which days look fun, which days you want to avoid (go anyway!), and perhaps strategizing how you might approach each…

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  • Decision Time

    31 March 2019 Heidi

    The Hale Open was another close race this year, and it all came down to 19.5 and your LOGGING in SugarWOD. I knew your quads were sore, but what happened to your thumbs?! If you did the workout and failed to log, you sho…

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  • Beyond the Open

    24 March 2019 Heidi

    Oh what a way to wrap up the open–dang. We knew thrusters were coming. It was 100% certain, but wow. If anything, that SUPERGODZILLAFRAN was the best test of mental toughness I’ve seen in a while. With that o…

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  • Sometimes You Have to Try

    17 March 2019 Heidi

    We’re off to the Spartan Sprint today. Some of us prepped. Some didn’t. Some said “it’ll be fun either way, let’s try it!”. What we KNOW: Many of our workouts are more mentally tough (…

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  • Fun Facts

    10 March 2019 Heidi

    First things first: Scores have been tallied and hanging photos counted. Shout out to Lorie and Sarah for most interesting pets! Early birds: 121 Night Owls: 123 It’s a close one! Social media challenge this week i…

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  • How We Gather

    3 March 2019 Heidi

    Short one today.  The Open always reminds me how much I truly appreciate our community. You show up every day and put yourself into some fun, but often VERY uncomfortable situations. Like Open 19.2 and those of you that…

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  • Simply…. Terrifying

    24 February 2019 Heidi

    Open workout 19.1 is done and dusted. Looking back, it was a totally approachable combo. Reasonable weight. Movements that EVERYONE can do. That might make it… worse? For those of you that have done the Open before…

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  • Meet Dave

    23 February 2019 Jay

    You’ve seen him at the front of class. Maybe he’s cued you through a technical lift or high-fived you after a PR. Or maybe you’ve watched him overhead squat and wished you could move like that; be as at…

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  • Meet Cullen

    23 February 2019 Jay

    Look at the leaderboard on a given day, and you’ll likely see Cullen’s name somewhere near the top. When he trains, he moves at a different pace than everyone else. But he’s not a natural. Despite his athle…

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