• The Twinkie Diet

    16 June 2019 Jay

    In 2010, Mark Haub, a nutrition professor, ran an experiment to see if he could eat 1800 calories a day—with Twinkies and snack foods as the staple of his diet—and lose weight. Turns out he lost 27 lb., and all of hi…

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  • The Hale Case Study Project: Week 2

    14 June 2019 Brittney Saline

    Success doesn’t happen all at once—and it doesn’t happen by accident. That’s why our Case Study participants have a plan. (Psst—if you haven’t watched our Case Study Overview and Week 1 episodes, click here!)…

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  • The Happy Game

    9 June 2019 Jay

    Whenever we get down on ourselves, my kids and I play the Happy Game. The rules are simple: You take turns asking each other, “What are you happy about?” The best is when they ask me, completely unprompted, &…

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  • 10 People, 12 Weeks: A Case Study in Fitness

    7 June 2019 Brittney Saline

    Nothing you’ve achieved in life has been easy. You’ve probably forgotten how much effort it took to earn your degree, save for your house, or raise your kids—and how scared and confused you were at the beginnin…

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  • Living Better Podcast – Ep. 37 – 500 Days of Food Tracking

    5 June 2019 crossfithale

    In this episode, CrossFit Hale coach Wendy Medina tells us about her experience tracking everything she’s eaten for the past year and a half. 500 Days of Food Tracking When Coach Wendy started tracking her daily food i…

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  • The Comparison Trap

    1 June 2019 Jay

    It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people. No matter how hard you try to avoid it … How many quotes you read … When you’re using an empty barbell while the person next to you lifts 200 lb. like it’s not…

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  • Summer Schedule Changes

    26 May 2019 Heidi

    We have SO many fun things coming up, so I’ll keep this short to minimize distraction. If you’re recovering from Murph, throw in a little extra mobility and EASY movement this week. I put together a quick vid…

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  • An Annual Tradition

    19 May 2019 Heidi

    So much to look forward to in the next training week. A few fun, sweaty workouts, a 3RM press, and… MURPH. I dread look forward to completing Murph every year for a few reasons: This is one of my favorite tests of …

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  • The little tricks

    13 May 2019 Heidi

    You ever set little goals while you work out? “Ok, i’ll just get through these next 10 reps, then I’ll rest” Or maybe when you study. “I’m gonna read the next few pages, or for the next 20 mins, then I’m go…

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  • The 4 things successful people do at Hale

    6 May 2019 Jay

    Getting in shape is not easy.  It can be challenging physically and mentally, and forces you to face some harsh realities that many people would choose to go their whole lives without ever addressing. People that see su…

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