• Links of the Week

    27 September 2013 Jay

    A grain-free pumpkin spice cookie. “Freedom disables networking on a Mac for up to 8 hours. Get some real work done.” –Tim Ferriss Athletes Perform Better Under Pressure When They Make a Fist With Their Lef…

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  • Why We Get Fat

    26 September 2013 Jay

    Please note: This is a book review with some interesting concepts related to health and nutrition. Neither this (or anything we post on the blog) should be construed as a blanket recommendation for everyone in every situ…

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  • Bone broth – the food of champions

    25 September 2013 crossfithale

    I must confess, I am a food nerd, if there is something I know of that can make me faster, stronger or fitter, outside of handing my ass to myself in training, then I’m onto it! Thus far, nutrition wise, here’…

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