• Checking in on ya

    9 February 2017 Jay

    How are you doing? This time of year can be really tough. Weather is bad, traffic is bad, work is busy, and you and the kids are dealing with some sort of illness. This year in particular, you also might be dealing with …

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  • Switched at birth

    8 February 2017 Jay

    A lot of silly movies are based on the premise “switched at birth” But did you know that on average throughout, 12 newborns are given to the wrong parents daily? Can you imagine that moment as an adult findin…

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  • Lessons from a strongman

    7 February 2017 Jay

    You ever watched a “strongman” competition? You know, the crazy guys who pull big rigs, throw kegs and lift stones. The comps are always held in kinda off-beat places like Indonesia, Malaysia, or Botswana, an…

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  • Super Bowl greatness and you

    6 February 2017 Jay

    What a superbowl! If you didn’t watch it, Tom Brady and the Patriots rallied from 25 pts down to win the game in overtime against Atlanta. This, after being suspended for four games earlier this season on some BS a…

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  • 2-6-17

    5 February 2017 Jay

    Announcements: 1) Hale Open starts Friday, Feb 24th — $20 to Crossfit.com + $20 for a team t-shirt — sign-up on the website and at the front desk. 2) Free Chiro consults/adjustments every other Monday evening and Sat…

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  • Best day of the week!

    3 February 2017 Jay

    Quick one today. Friday is fast becoming my favorite day of the week. I mean, it’s Friday…end of the work week, weekend and all. But the best part for me is seeing all the great stuff you accomplished all wee…

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  • The sport of fitness

    2 February 2017 Jay

    There is a BIG difference between competing in CrossFit and doing CrossFit for health and fitness. At the Norcal masters competition over the weekend, I got a chance to catch up with 2015 CrossFit games champ (60+ divisi…

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  • Your next 10 minutes

    1 February 2017 Jay

    Ever have one of those days where you feel SLAMMED?!? Up early making breakfast, dropping off the kids, driving all around the bay, making calls, having appointments, working….. Not to mention eating, writing, drop…

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  • The Hale open

    31 January 2017 Jay

    Since 2011, the folks over at CrossFit have done something called the CrossFit Games open. It’s the first step to qualifying to compete in the games. But for most people, it’s just a way to test your fitness.…

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  • Escaping the death trap

    30 January 2017 Jay

    “Dude, your car is a deathtrap!” Coach Mike and I swapped cars for a weekend so I could borrow his truck, and he gasping as he returned my old Honda. “The windows won’t defrost, so I had to stick …

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