Crossing the Line

My dad taught me to look for the good in everyone. He believed people were fundamentally good at their core and deserved the benefit of the doubt.

He also taught me to not be anyone’s punk.

When a line is crossed, you DO something about it.

We’re all waking up to the fact that a LOT of lines have been crossed in our country.

But the best part about all of this is seeing people I know and love taking a stand to say.

“We’ve ignored this for too long, and it’s not ok.”

I stand with you as we all fight against a system of racial injustice and inequality.

Here’s what you’ve been doing about it.

1 – Showing up

For the people suffering these injustices…
For your friends and family who need your support…
For yourself and your mental/physical health.

You aren’t hiding in the shadows. You may not say or do the right thing, but your effort counts.

2 – Listening with love.

People are scared to say or do anything right now. You’re giving the people you care about a safe space to share how they feel without feeling like they’ll be judged or shamed.

3 – Taking a stand.

Demonstrating, donating, registering to vote.

You’re getting out there and making change, doing something in line with what you believe.


It’s making a difference!

Demonstrations have gotten more peaceful, more bad people are getting arrested, more police departments are adopting “8 can’t wait”…

Most importantly, people who’ve historically been on the sidelines are questioning their indifference and doing something about it.

There’s still a long way to go, but progress is a beautiful thing.

Keep fighting the good fight.

We love you.

Coach Jay

PS – To that last point, the people in charge at CrossFit have said things that don’t represent who we are or what we stand for recently…

So we are dropping “CrossFit” from our name and will be known as “Hale”.

Nothing will change in our commitment to helping you live a better life through fitness.

We’ll be talking about this more in this week’s Haley show. You can catch the show live here and the replays here 

PPS – We’re opening for classes on June 22.

Workouts for the Week


Strength & Conditioning

10 Minutes, every minute on the minute:
Min 1: Perfect stretch
Min 2: 45 sec yoga push ups
Min 3: 45 sec shoulder taps
Min 4: 5 bicep curls + 5 bent over rows
Min 5: 20 sec passthroughs + 20 sec around the world

A. Strength

On a 12 Minute Clock:
80 DB Floor Press*
*Every 20 Reps complete 10
Diamond Push-ups

B. MetCon

18 min As Many Rounds & Reps as Possible:
200m Single Arm Suitcase Carry (switch arms at 100m)
20 Shoulder Taps against a wall (Rx + 50ft Handstand Walk)
1min Hollow Hold (accumulate 1min total)

*Sub 20 Pull Throughs uncomfortable doing upside down

Cool Down:
3 minutes/side quad smash

For Strength: 12 minutes goes by pretty fast once the clock starts. In order to finish, you must complete at least 20 Floor Presses and 10 Diamond Pushups every 3 minutes. While you don’t need to move fast, you will need to steadily keep moving in order to finish.

We’ve been working a lot on shoulder and midline strength over the last 2 months. Moving forward, you’re going to start to see movements we’ve been focusing on in the strength part show up in MetCons. Hopefully you see the hollow hold in today’s workout and think “I got this!” The suitcase carry and shoulder taps will also test that core strength. Break the hollow hold into manageable sets, especially after you have a few rounds under your belt. You have a couple options today for the shoulder taps. Coach will show you how to perform the taps against a wall. If you have handstand walks or are working on handstand walks, feel free to sub shoulder taps with handstand walks or walk attempts. If you’re uncomfortable going upside down while at home, sub plank pull throughs.


Warm Up:
Easy 400m jog/3 mins cardio

3 Rounds:
10 slow mountain climbers
30s hollow hold
10 good mornings

Ankle/Balance Prep
Stand on one foot, hold ball, DB, etc
Other foot:
as far forward as possible
as for to side as possible
as far back…
as far behind other leg….
as low…. etc… play with balance!


Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes:
min 1: 4x (2/side) Lunge Complex*
min 2: 20 Plank DB Row
min 3: 20 KB swing

Lunge Complex:
Front Lunge + Lateral (Cossack) Lunge + Reverse Lunge
Complete all reps on one leg, then switch. Hold DB in goblet position if needed. Focus on working into FULL DEPTH on lateral lunge!

No score, just move!

Cool Down:
2 mins/side adductor smash

Goal today is to work on balance and coordination with single leg lunges–these lunges are great for overall mobility (especially the Cossack!), single leg strength, AND a good work up to pistols. Scale back other movements to manage about 40s of work each minute.


Strength & Conditioning

3 rounds:
10 bootstrap stretch
100m run
1:00 bear crawl
100m run

A. Strength
Every 3 minutes for 5 sets:
10/10 Goblet Split Squats
20 Stiff Leg Deadlift

B. MetCon
5 rounds, 3 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
4 Pistols
8 Situps
16 Double Unders

-1min Rest b/t sets-”

Begin where you left off each set
Score is total Rounds + Reps

Cool Down:
3 min/side couch stretch

More pistols!! The best way to get better at a movement is to actually do movement, even in a modified form. This week, we have small sets of pistols (only 4 at a time), so I encourage you to try a more challenging variation then last week. You may find that you’re pistols get better as you go. Try to keep a consistent pace through each AMRAP. The goal is to be as fast in that 5th set as you are in the 1st set.


Warm Up:
Tabata: 8 Rounds: 20s on/10s off:
Alternating: Mountain Climbers +Woodpeckers
Alternating: Push Ups to Down Dog + Air Squats

Ab Set:
For Quality:
V Ups
Hollow Rock
Hollow Hold (seconds)
Arm Haulers
Arch Hold (seconds)
12 min cap

B. 6 Rounds for Time of:
8 Hang Power Cleans
8 Push Press
8 Thrusters
Rest as needed to do next round unbroken! (:20-:30 may be enough)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side trap smash
1 min/side lay-on-the-beach oblique stretch

Goal is to do each round of this workout SMOOTHLY and unbroken–weight should be heavy enough that you’re struggling to keep composure by the last few thrusters!

Focus today is on consistency–smooth is fast. Nail your footwork and breathing to pop into each next rep.


Strength & Conditioning

400m run

3 rounds:
4/side windmill stretches
10 strict press
5 burpee broad jumps

400m run

A. Strength
Handstand Pushup:
5 Sets of 3-5 Strict OR
2 Negative OR
5 Pike Pushups

B. MetCon
For Time:
Hang Power Clean
Push Press
Box Jump Overs

Sub Tuck Jumps for Box Jump Overs

14 minute Time Cap

*Weight should be light. If you only have access to heavy dumbbells, scale the reps down to 15-12-9-6-3-1 with full reps of box jump overs

Cool Down:

3 mins/ calves stretches

For Strength:
Hopefully you built some confidence being upside down in our previous strength cycle when we worked on handstand holds. Today, we’re working on strict handstand pushup strength. Grab some pillows. This will be a fun way to get in some gymnastics practice from your living room.

For MetCon:
This workout is meant to be light and fast. Remember that feeling when doing the last round of thrusters during “Fran?” The weight is light enough where you’re strong enough to do all the reps unbroken, but you’re tired and you’re brain is yelling at you to drop the weight and rest just for a second. This should feel like that. Stick to no more than 2 sets during the higher rep rounds, then go unbroken for the last rounds. Just keep telling yourself one more rep!


Warm Up:
8 min AMRAP:
easy 100m jog
5 bootstrap stretch
5 6 point (perfect, strict) burpees


5 Rounds:
2 min on, 1 min off:
20 plate hops
200m Run (15 up downs or :45s-1 min cardio)
Max slam balls in remaining time

(sub DB snatch or similar)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side calf smash/bone saw
2 mins/side glute smash

Goal today is SPEED and AGILITY through the plate hops and run. I don’t want you to “save energy” for the slam balls, but when you get back, try to rep out a big set or two. Feel free to sub in DB snatch, slam pillows, or even box jump overs.


Strength & Conditioning

3 rounds:
2 perfect stretch/side
5 yoga push ups
20 jumping jacks
3 up downs

A. Strength
In 12 minutes:
4 Rounds:
Max Single Arm DB Row from bench or chair (max 25, slow down tempo if more than 25)
Max shoulder hold: alternate between front hold and side hold

B. MetCon
8 rounds:
90 seconds on/1 min of:
50ft Bear Crawl
50ft Walking Lunge
Max Rep Single Arm Kettlebell Swing Right/Left (Alternating each round)
Score is Total Swings

Scale to 2-arm swing in needed

Cool Down:
3 mins/ side shoulder smash

For Strength:
Go as heavy as possible on the row. Start with your weaker arm as that will determine the number of reps you do on your stronger arm. If you’re able to do more than 25 reps, slow the tempo down for remaining rounds. For the shoulder hold, keep your ribcage stacked (no arching of the back to get the weight up). Only hold as long you can keep arms above 90 degrees. I suggest using very light weight (like a wine bottle)!

For MetCon:
The single arm kettlebell (or dumbbell) swing is a great shoulder and core exercise because your core has to work harder to fight rotation (i.e. don’t twist your body as you bring the kettlebell between your legs) and your stabilizing shoulder muscles need to work harder than the traditional 2 arm swing. The goal here is to push hard on the bear crawl and lunge then focus on quality positions during the swing. During workouts like this, I like to focus on connecting my breath to the swing…inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up.


Warm Up:
“Roxanne” (burpees)
“Sally” (squats!)

For Time:
100m Run
30 Push Ups
50 Sit ups
70 Air Squats
100 Doubles/Mountain Climbers (2 = 1)
70 Air Squats
50 Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
100m Run
(20 min cap)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash or lizard lunge
2 mins/side hip flexor smash

Just keep chipping away! Squats will be rude! Each movement should be completed in 2-3 big sets, with minimal rest. Try playing with some mental cues–1/4 turn every set of squats, or similar. NO PENGUINS today–go for the mountain climbers and get your heart rate up for the last half of the workout. SORRY!


Strength & Conditioning

2 rounds:
200m run
10 good mornings
10 strict press
10 front squats
20 sec plank hold

A. Strength
4 Sets:
5 Deadlifts +
4 DB Hang Squat Cleans +
3 DB Front Squats +
2 Thrusters +
1 Cluster

Rest as needed between sets

B. MetCon
14 min AMRAP
200m Run
5-10-15…Goblet Squats

20 Alt. Bicycle Kicks
20 Tuck-ups
20 Russian Twists

Score is the Goblet Squat Round you finished + number of Goblet Squats into the next round. The run counts as 1 rep. For example, if you complete the round of 20 Goblet Squats, 200m run and 22 squats into the next round, your score is: 20+23

Cool Down:
5 mins child pose

For Strength: If possibe, go light the first set or 2 and really dial in form. The goal here is to concentrate on hip extension and positions while under fatigue. Don’t forget leg drive when performing all these movements. If you rely on your arms to do the lifting, this complex will be rough.

For MetCon:
I love ascending ladders because really challenge your pacing and stamina. The common issue people have when performing these types of workouts is that they go out way too fast (it’s just 5 squats, then 10 squats…) the workout really starts when you get into the 20+ squat range. Think 70-80% pace on the run i.e. faster than a recovery pace but slower than a sprint. You will need to control your breathing before picking that weight back up. Once you pick that weight up, try not to put it back down.


Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
20 KB Deadlifts/KB Swings
5/side Turkish Get Up Sit Ups
20 Russian Twists

A. 8 min Turkish Get Up Practice
(work up in weight, try various objects! Goal is 6-8 reps/side)

B. 5 Rounds on the 3:00:
20s Handstand/Wall Walk/Plank hold
1 Turkish Get Up DIRECTLY into 10 Overhead Lunge
(per side)

No score. Scale lunges to lighter weight (or just arm overhead) if needed.

Cool Down:
2 mins/side delt smash
2 mins neck smash

Turkish Get Ups are so fabulous for coordination and stability. BONUS if you can use this and transition into another movement. Basically, you’ll start on the ground, stand up until KB/DB is overhead, then immediately complete 10 lunges. Reset and go from the opposite arm. This work is for QUALITY. If you need to scale back weight or number of lunges, do it! Each round should be done by 2:30.


Strength & Conditioning

3 rounds:
50m jog
25m running backwards
10 Alt Groiners
10 heel raises stretch
10 Plank to Pike

Buy- in:
1 Mile Run

“ Annie “
Double Under
Sit ups

1 mile run

Cool Down:
3 mins/side calf smash

Annie is one of those benchmark workouts that everyone loves because it’s quick, just challenging enough, and leaves you feeling ripped in the abs. But we’re making you work for Annie today with both a 1 mile run at the start and finish of the workout. You’ll really feel those abs during the second mile. My advice, coast the first mile, attack Annie (you should feel plenty warm) and focus on breathing for the last mile.

Saturday AM Throwdown


Eight rounds of:
• Run 200 meters
• 11 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts, 60 pound dumbbells

These burpee deadlifts will be more than you bargained for. Use whichever weights make sense, but DO be sure that you’re in a good position before picking them up. The 200m run will probably feel too short…SO MUCH TIME with weights! Keep moving, this one is a grind.


Strength & Conditioning

Warm up:
400m Run


4 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
6 Alt. Box Step
5 elbow punches
4 bent over rows
3 strict Press

21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
12 Dumbbell Thrusters
21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
9 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
6 Devils Press
*Rest in remaining time

Repeat the above for 5:00-10:00

21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
6 Devils Press
21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
9 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
21 Over-and-Back Dumbbell Hops
12 Dumbbell Thrusters

Repeat the above from 15:00-20:00

Cool Down:
3mins/ lat smash

The faster you move through the movements, the more rest you will get each interval. Try to do all the dumbbell movements unbroken and you’ll be rewarded with recovery time. The goal here is constant movement while getting the work done.

The rep scheme here is pretty rude–when you’re fresh(er), you get to decrease reps of the devil’s press/DB movements (12-9-6) each round. When you’re tired, it’ll be tougher to pick up your DBs for the increasing reps! (6-9-12).

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