Feeling normal

My sister showed up to a zoom call the other day dressed up with lipstick and earrings on.

She hadn’t left her house in 3 days.

She’d seemed down on a previous call, but on this one she was happy and talkative

When we asked her what was up, she said

I dressed up like I was going out because I wanted to feel normal

˄ ˄ ˄ Have you done this yet? It works!


Your circumstances have changed…

You’re stuck in the house…

You’re worried about money…

Your “normal” routine has gone to sh—

But YOU haven’t changed.

You still want to feel like your normal, capable self.

You know that if you do, you’ll have a much better chance of getting through this intact

The bad news is..

You can’t think yourself into it.

No amount of toughness or willpower is going to get you to normal.

You have to physically DO something.

Like dressing up.

Going for a walk.

Or working out

When we say you can live a better life through fitness.

It means that when you move your body, it moves your mind.

The strength you gain from taking care of your physical self spreads to everything you do.

When sh— gets hectic.

It’s time to take steps to build and preserve your confidence.

Take showers, groom yourself, dress up.

Train hard, eat well, recover.

Grab every bit positive energy you can generate.

Confidence is earned through action, not thoughts.

Get after it this week.

Coach “earn it” Jay



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800g Challenge bonus

It’s week 2 of the 800g challenge, and your bonus point this week is for eating leafy greens. If you’re signed up, don’t forget to log your scores, and watch the video in SugarWod to make sure you’re keeping up with the points!



Workouts for the Week



Warm Up:
2 rounds:
* 1 perfect stretch
* 10 bootstrap stretches
* 5 yoga push ups
* :30 high knees/:30 butt kickers

A. Strength:
3 Rounds for Quality
Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat-10 reps
Dumbbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift-10 Reps

**Perform both exercises on one leg before switching legs**

3 sets on each leg
Pick a weight that allows you to maintain integrity of movement

B. MetCon:
4 Rounds for Time:
400m run
15 DB push press
15 DB suitcase DL

Hard Cap 15 mins

Cool Down:
3 mins/side couch stretch
2 mins/side pigeon

Lots of single leg strength work today! It’ll be a fun superset to move from the split squat to deadlift on ONE side–this is a great opportunity to work on balance on your weaker side. The time cap on part B is fairly aggressive. Run HARD and try to keep your breathing steady through the push press. If 400m takes you longer than 2:00 when fresh, scale down the run to 200 or 300m


Warm Up:
100m Jog
Knee to Chest
Ankle to Chest
10 bootstrap
100m Jog
10 push ups to down dog

A. Push Up Test:
Push Up Test
ONE SET max push ups, at hardest scaling you can do with good form (note number and scaling in comments)

B. 5 Rounds for Time:
100m Run
20 KB Swings
10 burpee + lunge + lunge

Cool Down:
Pec Smash
Tricep Smash

We’re testing out your push ups today! Give it one big go (to failure!)–we’ll work on finally nailing down push ups from your toes (or MORE from your toes!) over the next few weeks. For part B, keep moving at a steady pace–the burpee is designed as a complex: Down, up (no need to clap), lunge, lunge. Then try to use your legs to run. HA!

Mobility: 6:30pm

Shoulders & Upper Body!



Warm Up:
Joint rotations:
* 10 head circles (5 R/5 L)
* 10 baby arm circles
* 10 big arm circles
* 10 shoulder rotations (5 front/5 back)
* 10 hip rotations
* 10 knees
* 10 ankles right/left

3 rounds:
* 3 burpee broad jump
* :20 sec squat hold
* :20 sec plank hold

A. Strength:
8 minutes, every minute on the minute, alternating between:
min 1: 8 DB Z-Press
min 2: 10 PVC pipe/towel OH Squat w/3sec pause

B. MetCon
15 min AMRAP:
50m bear crawl
15 DB hang squat cleans (rest in remaining time)
50 double unders
15 burpees

Tabata (8 rounds of 20s work/10s rest)
4 rounds in Hollow Hold
4 rounds in Arch Hold

We’re working on your shoulders and midline today. Z-Presses develop shoulder strength while making you stabilize with your core). The best way to get good at a movement is by spending time in that movement. By using a PVC pipe/broom/towel as you implement, your able to get more time in the overhead squat position than you would with a barbell. Work on keeping your chest at the bottom and fighting for good position.

15 minutes should feel like a lot on this one! Try to move quickly as you transition and be tenacious at chipping away. It’ll be a grind, for sure!


Warm Up:
Jumping Jacks alternated with 2 rounds each of
Quadruped & Crab Hold

Then: 3 Rounds:
5 Push Up Negatives (toes! best quality)
10 Pause Air Squats
10 Hollow Rocks

12 minutes as many rounds & reps as possible
10 plank down & ups*
20 goblet squats
30 dubs/penguins

*these are NOT up downs; this is high plank (on hands, push up position) to elbow plank. 1 = down to elbows AND back up

3 Rounds:
20 Russian Twists
10/side Side Plank w/1 Breath Pause at Top
1:00 Rest

Some push up practice today and a fairly straight forward MetCon. Get comfy with a good hollow position in your plank, even when moving! Try to keep hips steady throughout. Finisher today works on midline strength & rotation. Think: strength and protection in twisting, moving odd objects, throwing things, etc.

Yoga: 6:30pm

Recovering from Monday/Tuesday and winding down!



Warm Up:
5 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
* 50m Run
* 5 Ground to Overhead
* 10 shoulder taps
* 6 scorpion stretch

A. Strength:
10min Handstand Practice

B. MetCon:
2 Rounds:
0:00-4:00: Run 800m
4:01-8:00: as many rounds and reps as possible:
3 Wall Walk
15 Slam Balls (25/15) *

*Light object ground to overhead works here too. Pillow slams is another good substitution for slamming any frustration out 🙂

-Rest 4:00-

3 Rounds:
0:00-2:00: Run 200m
2:01-4:00: as many rounds and reps as possible:
2 DB Deadlift
4 DB Box Step-Ups

(Score is Combined Rounds + Reps)

Cool Down:
2 minutes nose in/mouth out to nose only breathing
2 minutes per side: BONE SAW!

Hustle on those runs!! The 800m should be an aggressive pace–if you don’t make the first one sub-4, pick up the pace (if you’re close!) or scale back to give just a few breaths before the gymnastics work. Get tight before those wall walks and go for quality–it’ll feel slow. You’ll probably lay on the ground. That’s OK.

Hit the 200s hard. Just try to keep moving with the DBs with minimal rest.

This all should be a fun and tough skill day!


Warm Up:


5 min AMRAP:
5 windmill/side + 15s hold
6/side reverse OH lunge
30s crab rocks

16 minutes, every minute on the minute:
min 1: 1 Turkish Get Up, Left + Max Heel Taps Over Object
min 2: 1 Turkish Get Up, Right + Max DB Pull Throughs

Cool Down:
2 minutes per side of each:
Deltoid Smash
Trap Smash

Today is all about being STEADY and stable. Turkish get ups are a big challenge for shoulder stability (one at a time!) in all positions. Try to breathe in your most challenging position–this should let you feel steady and confident in your position. If you find yourself rushing, THAT’S where to spend your focus!



Warm Up:
* windmill stretch (5/side)
* pike push ups
*air squats
10 of each movement, then 9, 8, 7, etc. Round up on windmills to even out the sides

A. Strength:
4 Rounds for Quality:
5 Lateral Tempo Step Ups
3sec lower and explode back up.

Try to minimize non-working leg contact on the ground, think driving through leg on the box in order to get back on box.

B. MetCon:
10 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible
10 Up/Downs
12 DB hang Snatch (6/side)
4 Candlestick Rolls
(landing with squat or pistol)

Tabata (8 rounds of 20s work/10s rest)
4 rounds in Hollow Hold
4 rounds in Arch Hold

If you’ve got pistols, try to keep non-working leg off the ground during step ups! Lateral Step-ups are a great scaling to practice pistols both in terms of strength AND giving a little extra room if the non working leg isn’t quite flexible enough to stay off the ground. Have fun with the candlesticks–they may feel silly, but they’re a great tool to practice footwork AND pistols with just a little help and momentum. PS, grab a yoga mat or plan to do these on a soft surface if possible!


Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
1:00 each
leg switches (jumps forward/back)
LIGHT Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Glute Bridge/Hollow Flutter Kicks

5 Rounds:
2:00 on; 1:00 Rest
20 plate hops
10 shuttle runs
Max squat clean

Score is total number of squat cleans.

3 Minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible:
V Ups (or tuck ups)

Interval day! A little bit of coordination in the warm up (foot switches) and workout (plate hops). Try to stay low and keep center of gravity the same throughout. Fast! Go! Choose a shuttle run that lets you save :45s to 1 minute for the squat cleans. Choose your own adventure here–if you have only LIGHT equipment, you should move the ENTIRE TIME. If you’re moderate to heavy, try to keep moving with 2-3 big sets.

Mobility: 6:30pm

Hips & Lower Body



Warm Up:
Alt. Tabata
8 rounds, 20 sec on, 10 sec off:
* Jumping jacks
* active squat hold

A. Strength3 Sets:
Bicep Curl “7s” **
10 Bench/Counter Tricep Dips

7 reps from bottom of curl (triceps LOCKED OUT!) to halfway up, immediately into
7 reps from halfway (90 degrees) to top of curl, immediately into
7 reps of FULL range bicep curl

B. MetCon:
20 Push-up
30 Air Squats
75 Double Under

-Rest 1:30-

40 Push-up
50 Air Squats
100 Double Under

-Rest 1:30-

60 Push-up
70 Air Squats
125 Double Under

*In each set, work until the clock expires or the work is completed. If the work is completed, rest the
remainder. Add :01 for every rep not completed to the total time.

(Score is Time Each Set)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side scorpion/bicep stretch
2 mins/side pec smash

The push ups are the BUSINESS end of this workout. Bust out your tank tops today!! Each part of the MetCon increases in difficulty as your arms fatigue. If you’re sore from double unders or need to sb out, go for mountain climbers–60/90/120 (single count!)


Warm Up:
400m Run/3 min dance party

A. Core Crusher:
With one DB/Soup Can/etc
10/side side plank rotations
20 Supported Tuck Ups to side of DB
30 Hollow DB Switches

*start in side plank, DB in top hand. Touch DB to ground in front of you, rotate back up to side plank with arm up to sky
**With hands propping you up and DB in front of feet, extend legs out to left side of dumbbell, then tuck back to supported seated position. Extend legs to right side of DB, then back to supported position. That’s ONE
***Hold hollow position (balance on butt) with DB in one hand; scissor legs and pass DB through, like you’re dribbling a basketball (one hand switch = one rep)

B. MetCon
10 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible
50 Slam Balls/Pillow Slams
40 Jumping Lunges
30 Push Ups
20 Up Downs
10 Sit Ups to Straddle

Score is total rounds + reps

Cool Down:
2 minutes per side of each
Gut Smash
Couch Stretch

The extended warm up should be pretty tough work! A few new and novel ab exercises to spice things up and get you sweaty. Be sure to BREATHE to keep your big sets going–these have huge carry over to gymnastics and other skills that require you to keep your belly tight (EVERYTHING!). The 10 minute metcon should be FAST! Go as hard as you can through each movement, as the next should be a little relief on the burning body part.


Saturday AM Throwdown:

“David Markland”
5 Rounds for Time:
5 Clean-and-Jerks (60/40 kg)
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Air Squats

*As written with barbell (135/95); Use heaviest dumbbells you have for clean and jerks–if you go lighter, feel free to scale up to 10. If no pull up bar, scale to alternating plank row with a medium heavy dumbbell.

There was this one video on IG of the coaches working out… Cullen had his game face, Jay was shouting, Wendy was crushing pull ups and stuff…. THIS IS WHAT WE WERE DOING.


Warm Up:
200m jog, then:

:30 seconds for each movement
* high knees ( slow)
* butt kickers ( slow)
* figure 4
* woodpecker
* inchworm
* high knees (fast)
* butt kickers (fast
* mountain climbers
100m jog


* 1 min pigeon pose right
* 1 min pigeon pose left

For Time:
800m Run
40 Supine Toes to Bar
40 KB Swings
40 Row/Plank Row
400m Run
30 Supine Toes to Bar
30 KB Swings
30 Row/Plank Row
200m Run
20 Supine Toes to Bar
20 KB Swings
20 Row/Plank Row

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash
2 mins/side lateral hip smash

Working on STAMINA here. The runs and reps should feel faster as you go, but that round of 30 should be tough! We’ll be super strict on quality on the supine T2B, so goal is to be mindful of your low back staying on the ground. If you have access to rings/towel/ring rows/resistance bands, you’ll use those for the row portion. If not, we’ll modify!



Warm Up:
3 rounds:
* 20 single unders or hop over Dumbbell
* 4 sit throughs
* :20 sec wall sit
* 12 Dumbbell pull throughs

In 25 minutes:

MIN 0:00-10:00
As many rounds and reps as possible:
15 Thrusters (DB/Ball/KB)
20 Russian twists(w/ ball/DB)
100m run


MIN 15:00-25:00
As many rounds and reps as possible:
15 Lunge + Lunge + Squat * ( no weight)
20 sit-ups
100m run

* Lunge R + Lunge L + Squat = 1

Cool Down:
3 mins/side shoulder/scap scrub

Two ten minute AMRAPS! Ouch!! Both should fee like a decent workout on their own. Both are leg and ab focused. Enjoy the runs as a little active “recovery” mid workout and try to keep moving through each movement with minimal breaks 🙂


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