Getting with the program!

Now that the Hale open is done, you might be wondering.

“What’s next?”

We’re glad you asked!

A big part of making progress is following a program designed to get you results.

That’s why we structure our workouts to test and retest your fitness over a variety of movements.

In fact, we made a video to explain what we are doing for the next 6 weeks.


Our workouts will include strength, stamina, skills, and lots of fun!

Check out the video to see what we’re planning!

Coach Jay

PS – The best part about this cycle of programming? It gets you ready for the HALE LIFTOFF! It’s our first ever lifting competition happening May 5.

Sign up for either the powerlifting (bench, squat, deadlift) or olympic lifting (snatch, clean & jerk).

It’s only $40, which includes the competition, a t-shirt and lunch + beer after the event.

Prizes will be awarded different categories, from “highest total” to “best beginner”, to “best technique”

This competition is designed for BEGINNERS, which means YOU!

It’s all about throwing down and having fun.

Sign up today at the front desk or by sending me a note and saying “I’m in”

P.S. Click below for a daily programming to help you plan ahead to hit all your strength, stamina, and Oly days!

Strength & Stamina Athlete Calendar

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