March Madness

Two exciting announcements today.

Mega March Metcon Madness

You’ve been loving our new 30 minute “Metcon” class. It’s short, it’s sweaty, and it gets the job done.

This month, we’re issuing you a challenge. How many “Metcon” workouts can you do in the month of March?

There are 22 possible “Metcon Class” workouts in March (1 every weekday). Can you do 10 of them? 15? 20?

ALL of them?

You can attend our Metcon class at 6:45am Mon-Fri, or 6:00pm MWF and get it done, or you can check the board and do it on your own.

The best part about the Metcon workouts is that they’re so simple and flexible.

We’ve seen people do them:
– after a regular CrossFit class to get some extra work in
– before a CrossFit class as an extended warm up
– in open gym for a quick sweat sesh
– as additional cardio before or after big lifting
– as travel workouts in hotel gyms
– as “at home” workouts when they can’t make it in that day

There’s no excuse to miss your workout when they’re so simple and easy.

The only rule is that you must log your results for the workout in SugarWod.

Miss one? No problem, go back to previous days and do them/log them in.

You can even do them all on the last day, if you want to be extra. #teamextra

We’ll be checking the logs and keeping track of everyone who’s done the workout at the gym on our big board.

This challenge is just for fun…BUT If you do at least 10, 15, 20, or ALL of them, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win FABULOUS PRIZES.

Monday is Day 1. Will you take the challenge?

Check out the overview here.

Hale Throwdown 2020

Throwdown Registration is now CLOSED. We’ve got a DJ booked, Tacos booked, teams set, and T-shirts in the works.


Are you?

Would it help if you knew some of the workouts?

Funny you should ask.

Workout 1 is here.

Workout 2 is here.

If you aren’t participating, but want to volunteer, we could really use your help. You’ll get free tacos, free hugs, and the admiration and appreciation of all your coaches.

Email if you’re interested.

Coach “madness” Jay


Guest Day Saturday, March 7th

8am and 9am classes. Free! Bring your friends!

Pre-Ordered Tees and Hoodies

Should arrive in about 2 weeks. We’ll get them distributed to you ASAP.

Mega March Metcon Madness

Looking for an extra challenge? A little extra sweat? A little something to do at home when you can’t make it in?!

Riding the tails of the unofficial row challenge, we’re starting March off with the MEGA MARCH METCON MADNESS.

We’ll have a board at the gym to track your progress, too!

10: silver (you’re awesome!)
15: gold (you put in extra effort!)
20: platinum (you got your Metcon on most days–big deal!)
22: shine bright like a diamond! You did ALL of the posted workouts

Hale Partner Throwdown: Saturday, March 28th

Start planning your outfits! Not into competing but still want to partake in the fun? We’ll DEFINITELY need volunteers to help judge, score, and organize. Email if you’re interested!

Workouts for the Week


A. Strict Press

Find a new 1 rep max! Start with a “SAFE” but solid attempt, and take as much rest as needed, especially as it gets heavy. As you near your max, take SMALL JUMPS! Maybe even just 1 lb.

B.” March Madness”
For Time:
40 Cal Bike
12 DB Strict Press
30 Sit-ups
30 Cal Bike
12 DB Strict Press
30 Sit-ups
20 Cal Bike
12 DB Strict Press
30 Sit-ups

There’s no prescribed weight for the strict press today. Your goal is to keep your ribs DOWN and midline tight. You should be stacked in a straight line, not leaning back to press. It’s ok to break them up a bit, but try to keep it cute!

The bike is… well… the bike. Try to keep a steady clip or work it in intervals–6-7 cals hard… a few easy… or you’ll be there all day!


8 minutes, As many rounds and reps as possible:
Ring Rows

-Rest 2:00-

8 minutes, As many rounds and reps as possible:
50m Single Arm Farmer Carry (Right Side)
:30 Plank Hold
50m Single Arm Farmer Carry (Left Side)
:30 Plank Hold

First part is an upper body strength/pump day + a good amount of cardio. Try to practice your double unders today, even if they’re not your strength. You’ll need some rest before hitting another set of ring rows, anyhow.

The second part is heavy on the midline–single arm KB carries should be heavy and force you to resist the lean for max benefit. Stay tight and move quickly 🙂


Every minute on the for 7 mins:

Death by Kettle Swings
6 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
Reps increase by 6 every minute. 6-12-18…and so on

(7 min cap)

-Rest 3:00-

Death by Box Jump Overs
5 Up-Down Box Jump Over (20)
Reps increase by 5 every minute. 5-10-15…and so on

(7 min cap)

-Rest 3:00-

Death by Kipping pull-ups/ chest to bar
4 Kipping Pull-Ups (C2B Optional)
Reps increase by 4 every minute. 4-8-12…and so on

(7 min cap)

*7:00 Cap on all “Death By” Rounds. If fail before 7 completed rounds, drop down at least 2 levels from where you failed and then continue.

Scale: Kettlebell 53/35
Jumping Pull-Ups

Goal is to work ON the minute for 7 minutes… getting to 42 HEAVY KB swings is not necessarily your end goal. Your goal is to push to get to the minute where you start to struggle–say that’s 3 or 4. The reps might take you most of the minute (and maybe 2 sets) and you’re REALLY NOT ready to pick it up again.

GO BACK 2-3 levels (i.e. from 24 to 12) and HIT THAT on the next minute. Build back up, repeat EACH MINUTE (without taking one off). This means that while you know you’re hitting your red line, you’re training your ability to bounce back and get after it again.

There’s no rep SCORE to count today, so again, use it to train your discomfort!


3 rounds For Time :
Plate Ground to Overhead
Burpees to Plate

-12:00 Hard Cap-
(Score is Time)

2-3 Rounds:
1:00 Plate Gun Hold
15 Overhead Plate Tricep Extensions

This one is a big challenge of mental toughness–that second and third round of 15 burpees might feel kind of rude, but be ready for it and keep pushing. YOU DRIVE YOUR BUS!

Finisher is another good arm pump–biceps & triceps


A. Back Squat

People who come regularly to Barbell Club, like last week, do front squats. Feel free to go heavy (you may have a heavier front squat from the past few weeks of back squatting).

This should be a chance to get a heavy, confident single, not necessarily a 1RM.

B. “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Front Squat (135/95)

(12:00 Hard Cap)

Scale: 95/65

OOOH! Fast and spicy–try to go unbroken for these squats. You’ll have to rest and re-brace at the top, but you should dig deep here.

That said, if you can hit these weights in 2 sets (or maybe even 3 on the last round), GET IT. The “longer” cap means that you have about 4 minutes per round. If you can push the pace on the run, that’ll leave you just enough time for a quick rest or two to get through these sets.

And, apparently, we’re color coordinating today. DO IT.


10 minutes, As many rounds and reps as possible:
8 Alt. V-Ups
12 Russian KBS

(Score is Rounds + Reps)

8 ROUNDS :20 ON / :10 OFF*
MVMT 1 – Banded Good mornings
MVMT 2 – KB Side Bends**

*Alternate movements for a total of 8 rounds **Switch sides every other round

Guts & butts today! The core work will make this a super sweaty one. Heart rate will be high for the swings–choose a weight you can do without hesitation

Barbell Club:

A. Clean technique work

Ba. Snatch grip push press + overhead squat
Bb.  W/Seated box jumps as superset

C. Snatch grip deadlift

D. Single leg accessory work

*all subject to change based on Sunday’s performance


In 15 minutes, as many rounds and reps as possible:
2 Rope Climb
25 Hang Muscle Snatch (75/55)
75 Double Under

2 rope pulls from the ground + 3 Kipping knees to elbows = 1 rope climb
Hang Snatch 45/35

OOOH a fun scaling for the rope climb today. Some interesting things in this workout: MUSCLE SNATCHES are great for working on explosive power through the legs AND working a sometimes sticky range of motion for the shoulders. Keep it as light as you need to in order to hit sets of 10+. This will be tough!

Dubs will keep your heart rate up and do you NO FAVORS on grip or shoulder fatigue. Move purposefully through all of this work today, and you win!


3 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
14 Alt. Lateral Box Step-Overs
1:00 Wall Sit
14 DB Curl to Press
600m Bike

-Time Cap 16:00-

(Score is Time)

Lateral step ups are a great challenge–little bit of extra balance and single leg strength here. The wall sit is gonna BURN! Accumulate this time with your thighs parallel to the ground. Pick a song to sing/dance to in your head. You’ll need the distraction.


20 minutes, every minute on the minute:
MIN 1 — 13/10 Cal Row
MIN 2 — 15 Burpee

Score is number of rounds completed

20/15 Cal Row

Simple. Sweaty. Row should take you no more than about :45s. Aim for a steady, smooth, efficient cadence. Any struggle or scramble will punish you.

For the burpees: if these are your jam, JUMP through them all and try to do them as fast as possible. It’s JUST enough reps to feel pretty rough for the last 5 in each set, and the “rest” before you row will be nice.

Good cardio burn today, no matter how you scale this!

Finisher: Handstand walking/handstand skills practice!!


Double Under Practice

12 minutes, as many rounds and reps as possible:
5-10-15…and so on
Med. Ball Squat Cleans

10-20-30…and so on

(Score is Rounds + Reps)

2:00 Couch Stretch
2:00 Quad Foam Roll

So. Much. Power. Med ball cleans will make you a better athlete. Period. Coordination, power, speed, change of direction. YES. Keep moving deliberately through your sets as you get tired!


Saturday Morning Throwdown:

In Pairs, Each partner completes (you go, I go FULL ROUND for duration)
In 30 min….

0:00- 10:00 AMRAP:
10 Push Jerks (135/95)
100m Run
10 Burpees

10:00-20:00 AMRAP:
8 Push Jerks (155/105)
200m Run
8 Burpee Over The Bar

6 Deadlifts (225/155)
6 Toes To Bar
300m Run

No rest between these triplets–your goal is smooth movement throughout, focusing especially on the push jerks. Keep em steady and stay composed.

Communicate! Talk to your buddy. Maybe text each other the night before to coordinate outfits. Who knows what Wendy has planned for the Hale Throwdown, but I wouldn’t rule out that we’re training for it.

Guest Day

In teams of 3. Score is individual, but you’re sharing equipment. One athlete starts at each station and has 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible before rotating. You’re keeping a total score for each round (9 minutes)

2 Rounds, For reps. 3 mins/station:
3 mins: Squat cleans (185/125)
3 Mins: Cal Bike/Row
3 Mins: Toes to Bar
3 Mins: Rest

*Fight Gone Bad Style. P1 starts on Station 1 / P2 on S2 / P3 on S3 and rotates down. Teammates rotate between stations 1,2,3 and all partners rest at same time for the final station. No additional rest b/t stations.*

Squat Cleans (135/95)/ Dumbbell hang power clean (ANY! weight)
Knees to chest

(Score is Reps in Each Set)

3 minutes is a LONG time. You’ll want to have a few different goals here:

Use your first minute to go out aggressive and confident. Don’t redline, but give it a GO when you’re fresh on that movement. You won’t be able to match/beat that pace in minutes 2-3, so make it count!

HOLD ON to a reasonable cadence for 2-3… maybe some smaller broken up sets or a count in your head (5 breaths and go again) or an rpm target on the bike.

Try to match or beat your score in round 2! Use your first minute of each set to go HAM, then settle in to whatever you can maintain.


Barbell Club:

A. Clean technique work

B. Tempo back squats

Ca. Pendlay Row
Cb. Superset with OH accessory work


Hips and back week 4! This will be the final week to pull allllll of the ideas together to address your mobility needs.

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