No one is going to do it for you

Quick life hack: If you have something you want to remind yourself of 50x per day, put it in a photo on the lock screen of your phone.

You can write your goals, a reminder to breathe or be grateful, or your personal mission statement.

Bonus: add it to a picture of something or someone you care about and want to be reminded of.

Here’s what mine has looked like for the last year.

This weekend, the message seemed extra relevant

It reminds me to be a leader in my own life.

It feels like a lot of circumstances are out of our control right now…

But how you react…

How you feel..

What you do about it…

That’s up to you.

Not the news, the government, your friends on social media, or even your family.

None of them can live your life for you.

It’s up to you to figure out what you stand for and move in that direction.

For 11 years, my mission has been to help you live a better life through fitness.

I truly believe that when you feel strong, capable, and confident, your life is better.

The last few months have presented some major challenges to this mission…

But with an amazing staff and community of Halers like you, we’ve managed to keep it alive while doing our part to protect the health of our loved ones.

Living a better life is about more than having fun workouts or a good training program.

It’s also about being around a community of people who are all moving in the same direction.

It’s almost time to pull that community back together

We’re expecting guidance from the state and county this week about when we can re-open and what it will look like.

Between now and the day we can see you again, we’ll be:

  • finalizing protocols to help keep you safe in the gym,
  • creating plans for keeping you moving if you won’t be coming in
  • painting/cleaning up and making changes to the gym so it feels like a new experience when you arrive
  • planning our programming to help you ramp up the intensity slowly

(For insight into what opening might look like, check out last Thursday’s Haley Show)

Look out for a lot more from us in the next two weeks as we ramp up to get you back in here.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

Coach Jay

Workouts for the Week



1 Round:
30 seconds Toe Walks
30 seconds Over the Fence/Under the Fence
30 seconds High Knees
30 seconds Butt Kickers
30 secondsHigh Skips
30 seconds Broad Jumps

-Rest 1:00-

3 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
5 squats
5 hollow rocks
5/side one leg squat to couch/chair
10 sec superman hold

A. Strength
5 Rounds:
8 each leg Death March
10 Crossover DB Step-up (5ea leg)

B. MetCon
For Time:
Run, 800 m
25 V-Ups
30 Alternating Pistols
25 V-Ups
24 Pistols
25 V-Ups
18 Pistols
25 V-Ups
Run, 800 m

Out for last run by 16 minute markCool Down:

Cool Down:
5 mins gut smash

This is the last week of this strength cycle, stick with and be sure to spend time on mobility (Mitch’s class is this evening) and recovery. For the metcon, we have pistol squats showing up in a workout for the first time during this shelter in place. We’ve been working on single leg strength and various pistol progressions for the last few months. Now is the time to let that hard work shine. If you have pistols, but the reps seem like a lot, scale the number of reps down. You can also do one legged squats from a box (like we did last strength cycle) or to a chair. Coach will go over the different scaling options, but don’t be afraid to try a couple!


Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
200m Jog
5/side gorilla walk
5 bootstrap stretch
10 T Push Ups

2 mins/side couch stretch

For Time:
Wall Balls (Sub Jumping Squats)
Sit Ups
200m Run after each round

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash
1 min/side beach stretch

Simple few movements–if you have something to throw at the wall, do it! Working on an explosive squat today. Sit ups will be tough–getting your legs moving afterward will be even worse! Just keep moving.



3 rounds:
1/side perfect stretch
20 single unders
5 good mornings
5 strict press
5 air squats
5 deadlifts
5 front squats

A. Strength

5 Rounds
Overhead Press from Split Stance-10 reps OR 5 per side if using 1 heavy Dumbbell*
Sott’s Press w/PVC-10

*switch leg that’s forward each round

B. MetCon

3 rounds, 1 min per station, of:
Squat Cleans (can be done with Med Ball, light Dumbells or light barbell)
Sumo DL High Pull
Box Jumps
Push Press
Shuttle Run
Rest 1 min
Performed “Fight Gone Bad” Style

Tabata (14 rounds of 20s work/10s rest)
7 rounds in Hollow Hold
7 rounds in Arch Hold

Cool Down:
3 mins/side shoulder smash

Today we have a take on a classic CrossFit baseline workout “Fight Gone Bad.” This workout is meant to be light and fast with the goal of moving as much as possible during the 5 minute intervals of work, while saving the rest for the designated rest interval. Use the transitions to catch your breath and get ready to attack then next movement. Tip for keeping track of score: keep a running count rather than try to remember the number of reps you got for each movement or each round.


Warm Up:
8 min AMRAP:
10 burpees
10 dead bugs (per side)
5 candlestick rolls

2 mins/side hamstring floss

5 rounds for (total) reps of:

1 minute of dumbbell deadlifts
1 minute of push-ups

1 minute rest

Cool Down:
2 mins/side doorway/scorpion stretch (or pec smash)
2 mins/side pec smash

Dead simple. Keep moving at a steady pace throughout the deadlifts–flawless movement, and focusing on the PUSH through the legs. Option to add a band for resistance or banded good mornings as needed.

For push ups, aim for one BIG set, then to keep moving the entire rest of the minute. Short sets or hand release are fine.



4 rounds:
5 sumo inch worm
5 band/towel passthroughs
5 plank downward dog
100m run

A. Strength

L-Sit Work

B. MetCon

4 Rounds:
42 Double Unders
30 Single DB Reverse Lunges
18 Alternating DB Snatches

Every 2 minutes perform 10 burpees including after “”3, 2, 1, go..”

20 minute Time Cap

Cool Down:
5 mins child pose

Last week for L-Sit practice. Hopefully you recorded your longest L-Sit on week 1 (even if it was just 2 seconds). Look at your notes and compare your progress. If you started with 2 seconds and finish at 4 seconds today, that’s 100% improvement!! For the MetCon, we have a grinder today. There’s incentive for pushing through fatigue and getting the rounds done as quickly as possible in whatever time you have remaining after burpees. For this workout, rest is rewarded with more burpees.


Warm Up:
400m run/2 mins up downs
PVC pass throughs/arm circles

3 Rounds: every minute on the minute
min 1: 5 strict press + hold overhead until 40s mark
min 2: 20s hollow hold + 20s arch hold

6 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible:
10 Box Jumps
10 DB Hang Power cleans

2 minutes rest

6 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible:
8 Box Jumps
8 DB Hang Squat Cleans

2 minutes rest

6 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible:
6 Box Jumps
6 DB Hang Clusters (squat clean + thrusters)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side scap scrub
2 mins/side lateral glute smash

3 different couplets: reps go down but DB movement gets a bit tougher! Aim to hold on to DBs the entire time. If you have a moderately heavy weight, that’d be ideal! It should be tough by the later rounds. If no box to jump on, sub broad jumps. Score is rounds + reps in each section



5 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
10 goodmornings
10 shoulder taps
5/side windmill stretch

A. Strength
Every Minute on the Minute for 14 minutes alternating between:
Min 1: 5 Goblet Squats Tempo: 3 seconds down, 3 seconds in the bottom of squat, explode up, 1 second reset and repeat
Min 2: Front Rack Hold 20 seconds each side

B. MetCon
12min AMRAP
3 Dumbbell Deadlifts
3 Dumbbell Renegade Rows
6 Dumbbell Deadlifts
6 Dumbbell Renegade Rows
9 Dumbbell Deadlifts
9 Dumbbell Renegade Rows

Continue adding 3 reps each round to each movement until time expires.

Renegade Row= Row from plank position. Each row equals 1 rep.

Tabata (14 rounds of 20s work/10s rest)
7 rounds in Hollow Hold
7 rounds in Arch Hold

Cool Down:
3 mins/side hamstring smash

We’re focusing on the midline today. Both the strengh and metcon require control and stability in back and abs. Hopefully after weeks of hollow holds, you can feel that core engagement. Make sure you’re keeping a solid hollow body position during the front rack holds and renegade rows. Today is a great opportunity to feel out and focus on those hollow/arch positions in our regular crossfit movements.


Warm Up:
Alternating: Up Downs + Elbow Plank Hold

Alternating: Lateral Hops + Perfect Stretch


Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes:
8 Reverse Lunges
8 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
4 Burpees over KB

Sub 1-arm DB SDLHP as needed

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash (above knee)
2 mins/side calf smash

Goal is to get this work done as QUICKLY as possible. Sprint and recover each minute, but try to keep your cool. You should be moving FAST one the burpees, not just trying to get done before 60s. Go! Cut back number of lunges or SDLHP as needed to have about 20s rest each round.

If a round takes you more than :50…. or you run out of rest, take a minute off. Again, goal is SPEED, not just to survive! Score is # of rounds you complete



6 minutes,every minute on the minute:

MIN 1 – :40 Single Unders
MIN 2 – :40 yoga push ups
MIN 3 – :40 Single Unders
MIN 4 – :40 perfect stretch
MIN 5 – :40 Single Unders
MIN 6 – :40 crab rock/walk

A. Strength
4 rounds
25 Single Leg Glute bridge (elevated optional) directly into
25 Single Leg Donkey kicks

*perform both movements on 1 leg before switching sides

B. MetCon

5 Rounds:
8 Turkish Get-Ups (4 on each side)

Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Score is time for each 400. Look at clock when you get back from run. Turkish Get-Ups should be very light and completed in under 90 seconds.

Cool Down:

3 mins/side quad smash

Today’s runs should be hard. If you’re too gassed to do the Turkish Get-Ups after the run, skip them. The focus today is sprinting and recovering. The idea is to maintain a consistent split for each 400. The 2 minutes should be enough time to recover. If you do the Turkish Get Ups, they shouldn’t take no more than 90 seconds. Go hard!


Warm Up:
200m Run
Dynamic Warm Up: (choose any of following, or make up your own!)
Bootstrap Stretch
Ankle/Knee/Hip Circles
Gorilla Walk
High Knees
Butt Kickers


20 minutes, as many rounds + reps as possible:
200-meter run
20 Push Press
1 minute of plank hold

Cool Down:
2 mins/side deltoid smash

The push press is going to be tough! Try to keep it to 2 sets–it shouldn’t be so light that you can easily do 20 the entire time–you should be running up against fatigue. The plank hold is cumulative–front plank, side plank, and elbows are all cool, but stay tight!


CrossFit AND Throwdown

“Big Floyd”

800m Run
25 Deadlifts
25 Burpees
800m Run
25 Squat Cleans
25 Burpees
800m Run
25 Push Press
25 Burpees
800m Run
25 Clusters
25 Burpees
800m Run




6 Minutes, Every minute on the minute:
MIN 1 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 2 – :45 Scap Push-Up
MIN 3 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 4 – :45 Single DB Bent Over Row
MIN 5 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 6 – :45 Gorilla walk


5 rounds for time of:
10 Odd Object S2O
10 Odd Object Walking Lunge
100m Odd Object Run
Rest 1 min

Cool Down:
5 minutes T-Spine Rollout

If you did yesterday’s “Big Floyd” workout, take today’s MetCon at a relaxed pace. Use this opportunity to try working out with a new implement: a bag of soil, a case of water, get creative! If you didn’t do yesterday’s workout, or you’re feeling ready for another challenge, attack each interval like a sprint.

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