Out Of The Box: Mobility

(In our “Out of the Box” series, you will find small things you can do outside of the CrossFit box to help you reach your athletic goals.)

Do you get little aches and pains after some workouts?

Maybe every time you do front squats you have a bit of knee pain?

Is your deadlift or squat snatch weight not where you want it to be?

Do you chicken wing your arm out on pushups or bar muscleups?

We have often been told (from conventional gyms) that if we work out three times a week, we will get stronger and faster. Any issues we have can be fixed if we just workout more. That was a lie!

In order to be good athletes, we need to do work outside of the CrossFit box.

I really wanted a heavier press and push press, but every time I added weight, I pulled my shoulder and couldn’t use it for at least a week or more. What no one told me, until I came to CrossFit Hale, is that I have limited overhead mobility. I could workout three times a week and never get a better push press because my shoulders could not even get in the right position to support the weight.

If you are not mobilizing for at least ten minutes a day, your strength and skills in the box will not improve as much as they can.

If you are frustrated because of a nagging shoulder injury, it won’t get better unless you are working on your mobility every day.

Heck, if you want to go on a road trip and still be able to walk all day to tour your destination (I would choose Disneyland), you need to work on your mobility.

Calf smash after class.

Here are some tips to getting in your ten minutes of mobility a day:

  • Get a mobility prescription from Coach Heidi. Set up a short mobility assessment with Heidi at the front desk (a 15 minute assessment is free for Hale members.)
  • Borrow “Supple Leopard” or “Deskbound” from our library to find mobility ideas.
  • Keep a lacrosse ball with you at all times. Seriously. I have a lacrosse ball in my car, purse, gym bag, my kid’s gym bag, and at least one lacrosse ball in every room in our house. You can easily sneak in a few minutes of mobilization while waiting for appointments or even for your cup of Starbucks. Mobilize while watching tv or playing video games. Any of the mobilizations on a lacrosse ball we have done in class, you can do at home.
  • Follow a general mobility program by trying out MobilityWOD’s Daily MWOD program. 
  • Keep your computer, phone, tablet, or books at the level of your eyes. This will greatly increase your shoulder range of motion and put your spine in better alignment. Put a PopSocket on the back of your phone so you can hold it up. Use a standing desk for your computer or elevate your computer on boxes on your desk. (Nike and Reebok boxes work well to prop up your computer, or you can buy a cardboard desk for $25 on Amazon. 

See you in the box,

Coach Katie

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