Thoughts from the OR

Had an emergency appendix removal the other day. (I’m fine, thanks for asking)

It’s not a serious surgery, and you KNOW it’s not serious going into it…

But your mind does a lot of funny things right before you are about to go under.

Think back to the last time you had to go under anesthesia (or just imagine it).

What are the last few thoughts you have before your eyes close?

“Could I have prevented this?”

“Is this the end?”

“Have I lived a good life?”

When you wake up and the fog lifts, what are your first few thoughts?

“Am I ok?”

“Does it hurt?”

“Where are my people?”


Really take a second to think about it..and shoot me a note to share them with me!

It’s a fun little roller coaster.

What I didn’t expect was what happened the next few days.

There was a sense of gratitude you don’t often get to experience.

All the little problems that plague our everyday lives just don’t matter as much.

You realize that you’re alive, you’re getting better, and there are people in your life who love you.

Close calls (or perceived close calls) make us stop, look around, and realize how good we have it.

It’s appropriate for the holidays.

For Thanksgiving this year – 3 things to be grateful for

1 – You’re ALIVE – Billions of folks didn’t make it to this day.

2 – You’re getting BETTER! – This is true if you’re showing up every day, or if you haven’t done anything that feels positive in 6 months!

If you’re reading down this far, you haven’t given up…you’re still looking for the answer.

Sometimes it takes setbacks, time off, or long layoffs for you to get back on track and find it.

You WILL get there…let us know if you need help.

3 – You have people in your life who love you – Your friends, family & especially everyone here at Hale.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coach “thankful” Jay

PS – After the workout this Thursday, the Cappello/Norris crew are hosting an annual Kickball game at noon at Washington Elementary. Kids/adults/dogs and anyone are welcome. Bring your own beverage, and bring a can of food or a donation for the Bay Area Rescue Mission. For more info, check their FB post here –


New Hale Tees & Gear!

Head over to to shop the fall assortment. We’ll have different styles and colors popping through for winter in the next month or so.

Thanksgiving/Holiday Schedule Changes:

8am and 9am classes ONLY: Thursday, November 28th-Sunday, December 1st.

12 Days of CrossFit and the Hale Holiday Party

12 benchmark workouts in 12 days from Dec 9-20th!

Break the trend of the holidays and challenge yourself to see if you can do 12 workouts in 12 days!

We will finish with our holiday party on Dec 20th at East Brothers Brewery.

It’s our most fun event of the year, tune in next week for more info!

Volunteer with Berkeley Food Network:

Berkeley Food Network (and Sarah!) could use our help to hand out holiday food distributions to families. We will have a crew for Saturday, December 21st from 8:00-10:30am.

We’re looking to do these more regularly–please email Heidi if you’re interested.

Workouts for the Week


A. Deadlift Based on % of 1RM

#1: 5 reps @ 35%
#2: 5 reps @ 45%
#3: 3 reps @ 55%
#4: 3 reps @ 65%
#5: 3 reps @ 75%
#6: 3+ reps @ 85%

Add on notes how many reps you were able to get @ 85%.

Goal is to go for as many reps as possible at 85%. We have one more week of heavy deadlifts before the 12 days! Get those turkey gainz!

B. 3 Rounds for Quality:
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Max Ring Dips/Ring Push Ups
400m Run

Pace on run.. hit 1st at 80%, and maintain. 1 burpee for every second +/- time.

This is your chance to work those strict gymnastics! Take one big set, or if needed, a few singles (until quality degrades). Ideally, pick a scaling you can do 5+ when fresh. If you’re not QUITE there, hit 1-2 at your harder scaling (i.e. strict pull up), then supplement with banded or similar. Ring dips, then burn it down with push ups, etc. Then, move on, and aim to hit run at a CONSISTENT pace today.

15 minute cap.


A. Every 2 minutes:

1-2 reps at 100% of previous 5RM back squat

The goal is to build confidence here, NOT fail reps. It’s ok to go by feel here–we just want you under some heavy weight a FEW times. You should start to feel confident picking up a heavy bar.

B. “DG”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
• 8 Toes to bar
• 8 Dumbbell Thrusters (35/25)
• 12 Dumbbell Walking lunges (35/25)

Missfit: Knees to chest

We’ve done this one in the 12 days before, so you’ll likely have a score to compare to. The thrusters and lunges should be unbroken every time. Try to hold on for big sets of T2B, or at the very least, fast transitions. 10 minutes doesn’t leave any time to stall!

U.S. Air Force Major Walter David Gray, 38, of Conyers, GA, assigned to the 13th Air Support Operations Squadron, based in Fort Carson, CO, died on August 8, 2012, from injuries suffered during a suicide bomb attack in Kunar province, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his wife Heather, daughters Nyah and Ava, and son Garrett.


A. Warm Up:

800m run
30 squats
10 burpees
400m run
20 squats
5 burpees
200m run
10 squats
zero burpees

Get moving! Get sweaty.

Score: Favorite pie/ cake?

B. “Mashed Potatoes”

5 Rounds, in stations:
45s on/15s off:
Shuttle Runs
1-arm KB swing (44/26)
Plank Quadriped Walk

2 min rest
Score: Total reps per round.

Mashed potatoes refers to your abs–they should be burning with the quadriped walk + kb swings.

C. “Smashed Potatoes”

Calf barbell smash
Forearm/bicep smash

Score: Tacos or burritos?

Thursday–TRAIN (8am/9am only)

“The Gauntlet”:

In teams of 3, against a 30 min clock:

1000M Row
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 Pull-ups

– then –

10 rounds
3 Snatches (135# Men/95# Women)
15 Wall Ball (20/14)

– then –

AMRAP of “Cindy” in the remaining 30 minutes

This is a fun mash up of a few of our favorite baselines. You’ll get plenty of work in before it’s time to eat ALL THE FOOD!

Friday–TRAIN (8am/9am only)

A. Shoulder Press Based on % of 1RM

#1: 5 reps @ 35%
#2: 5 reps @ 45%
#3: 3 reps @ 55%
#4: 5 reps @ 70%
#5: 3 reps @ 80%
#6: 1 + @ 90%

Get at least one! Get super tight and try for that second and/or third!

B. Bear Complex EMOM:

5 min EMOM:
• 1 Power Clean
• 1 Front Squat
• 1 Push Press
• 1 Back Squat
• 1 Push Press
* start empty BB to 65/55

Rest 2 mins

5 min EMOM:
• 1 Power Clean
• 1 Front Squat
• 1 Push Press
• 1 Back Squat
• 1 Push Press
*Medium, adding weight

Rest 2 mins

10 mins to take 5 attempts at your heaviest weight.

Barbell cardio! Most of the work is in the light/medium sets. The last 5 should be heavy (and fun!)

Saturday–TRAIN (8am/9am only)

15 min AMRAP of:
6 Toes to Bar
8 Calories, Bike or row
10 pistols (total)

Rx+ do the T2B unbroken–if you come off or miss a swing, 3 burpee penalty!

Try to go for that 2nd and 3rd T2B if you’re in the habit/struggling to link them. Use this as practice!

Sunday–TRAIN (8am class + 9am Open Gym)

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